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Planned Parenthood to spend $3M on Virginia governor’s race

Planned Parenthood is planning to spend $3 million to help Ralph Northam win this year's closely watched race for governor in Virginia.

Planned Parenthood Advocates for Virginia CEO Jennifer Allen said Thursday that the group is backing Northam because he'll work to protect "every woman's right to make the best choices for herself and her family."

The abortion-rights group's political action committee plans to knock on more than 300,000 doors and send mail to more than 400,000 people.

Northam, a Democrat, is facing Republican Ed Gillespie in a contest viewed as an early referendum on President Donald Trump.

Outside groups are expected to spend heavily on the contest. Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group backed by billionaires Charles and David Koch, has spent more than $125,000 in mailers attacking Northam.


I don’t think the author misrepresented anything.  The article says it’s a PAC.  The problem remains. Getting people to give you money that you don’t need to use for your business operations because Uncle Sam is paying for those, is the core issue.

“Political action by NRA = political action by Planned Parenthood Both use private funds in an attempt to influence public policy.”

Again, the NRA doesn’t receive any public money. Both the NRA and the NRA’s PAC are completely funded by consenting donors.  Planned Parenthood gets our tax money. They should have to give it back to us if they, or their affiliated PAC want to lobby the government. 

Can you even imagine the NRA getting $500 million in tax payer money each year to run it’s programs and then being able to tap into all the people who agree with them for donations for their PAC?  The Left would stroke out.

I am 100% against using Federal money to help: abortions, the elderly, the middle class, the poor, the sick, and the handicapped.  If these people would just work harder and be better people then they wouldn’t need these corrupt organizations that basically launder money for Obama and Clinton.  This is such a joke that it literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Although many here want to fan flames, the conclusion, as confirmed by “A GUY IN STERLING” is as follows:

Political action by NRA = political action by Planned Parenthood Both use private funds in an attempt to influence public policy.

Welcome to 1st amendment.

so pp action funds are NOT taxpayer donations

but that truth doesn’t fit into the narrative of screaming posters below

so we get alternative - fake - news

GUY IN STERLING…. well that would make a lot more sense….

I think the author may have misrepresented who is signing the check and doesn’t understand that a subsidized entity can not put money into an election.
After doing a bit of research, I found that this is the not Planned parenthood themselves, but, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) which is privately funded by donations.

When the subject is guns or abortion or Trump we see a nearly perfect reverse correlation between the degree of fact supporting an argument and the decibel level devoted to its presentation.

Isn’t abortion already legal?  I’m not sure what Planned Parenthood is attempting to accomplish.

federally funded??? and using tax money to promote a candidate ???  how can ppl not see the issue with this?  not to mentions the 6 figure income of director

Doesn’t Northam support abortion up until 9 months?  I would classify that person a monster, someone akin to Gosnell

This is a shady group that tries to sell baby parts to boost revenue for their organization.  I real sick lot of people…if this is PAC money, then fine, they certainly can use their funds to try to elect politicians who are fine with a group of people selling baby parts….sick group

Loudouncommonsense, the NRA does not receive taxpayer money from the govt.  Huge difference. Planned Parenthood receives 500+ MILLION from the govt (i.e. taxpayers).  NRA receives 0 zero.

AreYouKidding, are you kidding?  As long as a group is getting handouts for their bills, they will be able to use other raised money for whatever they choose.  The taxpayer is indirectly funding their campaign contributions.

If you have a $200 utility bill, and your parents give you (read taxpayer govt funding) $200 to pay it, and then you turn around and buy a TV with your paycheck, your parents helped you buy the TV, no matter how dishonest your accounting is.

I love how some people pretend that money is not fungible.  If Planned Parenthood gets money for the government for their operations, that frees up the money they raise to be spent on political warfare.  This is no different than paying the rent of a deadbeat drug addict.  No, you’re not directly buying him drugs, but because you pay his rent he has free money to buy drugs. So you are contributing to his drug problem.

The NRA’s PAC activity was mentioned. You know, one major difference between the NRA and Planned Parenthood is that the NRA doesn’t receive ANY taxpayer money.  Planned Parenthood receives about $500 MILLION EVERY YEAR from American taxpayers.

Your analogy would work if the NRA was also appropriated money by Congress to run their operations.  They’re not.  Every dime they spend on PAC activities AND their operations was freely given to them by people who agree with them.  The same is NOT true of Planned Parenthood. 

I think that any organization that receives taxpayer money should be forced to pay that money back before they engage in political activities.  I’m fine applying that same standard to the NRA as well.


That’s a false equivalence.

The NRA doesn’t receive gov’t subsidies, Planned Parenthood does.

Of course they’re interested in the VA governor race.

If Gillespie wins it could seriously impact their profit margins.

LoudounRes and Loudoun4Trump no tax money is being spent. This money comes from Planned Parenthood’s political action committee which is funded by donations.

oh boy.  Here goes the folks confusing political action contributions with money used for services. 

I thought if the NRA can use contributions for supporting politicians, other organizations can do the same with contributions so designated, right?

or do you have different standards based on who you agree with?

So this crap group is allowed to take tax payer money and put it to a candidate of their choice?

Great, taxpayers funds being used to campaign against half the taxpayers….time to defund this shady group.  I though they were supposed to provide health services not contribute their federal funding to influence political campaigns…..talk about the deep state….

Blood money.

Comstock voted to fund Planned Parenthood. Just saying.

Glad to hear that Planned Parenthood has so much disposable income. Perhaps they aren’t as needy of government handouts as they like to portray.

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