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Plans for O’Toole property in Purcellville include retail, hotel, senior living center

The developers of a proposed mixed-use development in Purcellville outlined their plans at the Jan. 9 Town Council meeting.

Packie Crown, a principal senior planner with Bowman Consulting, presented an update and plans for the O'Toole property located at the southeast intersection on the traffic circle at the corner of Business Route 7 and Druhan Boulevard.

Plans for the 12.3 acre property – which is owned by local resident Beverly O'Toole -- include a mixed-use development with 28,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, 10,000 square feet for a daycare center, a three-story, 60-room hotel, a 70-bedroom assisted living center and additional housing.

Crown said the project is currently in the application stage.

The property was annexed into the town in 2008. It is currently zoned as transitional until the property goes through the re-zoning process with the town.

Area residents and town officials have previously expressed an interest in building a senior living community in Purcellville.

“There are very few options for seniors to age in place in Purcellville, and we have incorporated an element that helps address that,” Crown said.

Crown said she has been working with the Virginia Department of Transportation to address any traffic concerns since the development will be located off the traffic circle near Purcellville Gateway and Catoctin Corner. Planners hope to create two access points on Druhan Boulevard and Business Route 7.

The 60-room hotel would be located on the Druhan side of the site. Crown said it would “greatly benefit the wine and wedding industry, which has become very popular at this end of the county.”

The proposal includes one and a half acres of wooded space, which “could be dedicated to the town as a passive recreation area,” she said.

There are also plans to incorporate a pedestrian network to connect across the street to Catoctin Corner with sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks.

Purcellville Mayor Kwasi Fraser asked Crown if she has received any comment or sentiment from the community about this project.

“We held a meeting last year with about 40 people in attendance, and there were some concerns about traffic. We have worked with VDOT so the plans do not degrade the level of service in this area,” Crown said.

Vice Mayor Nedim Ogelman said he appreciates that Crown has worked with the town staff, but that this is just the first step.

“The question is does our community want this. In the past, people have had concerns about traffic and development,” he said.

Crown said Beverly O'Toole would like to move forward as the plans have been outlined, and she will work with the town to address any issues along the way.

Last year, a senior living community developer, Buckeye Development, withdrew its application to build on the Stupar property at the corner of Hirst Road and North Maple Avenue in Purcellville.

“Due to specific market demands and high construction costs related to bringing utilities to the site, the project was not financially feasible,” said Dana Smariga of Buckeye Development in a written statement.

Buckeye's proposal included a senior living center with active adult housing, continuing care, memory care, adult daycare and other complementary uses.
An application for the proposed Catoctin Creek Town Center on the Stupar property -- which was slated to include an apartment complex and a mixed-use entertainment facility -- has also been withdrawn, according to Patrick Sullivan of Purcellville's department of community development.

Correction: This story has been updated to correct that the discussed property is currently zoned as "transition," not mixed-use.


Better to have needed services than more houses.

How long before the age restriction is pulled?

Good to see that the town is making good use of that land they took by eminent domain from the long time farming family to build the road.

Purcellville needs a hotel.  Badly.  Like most productive places in America.  The complainers would be complaining about the tract houses they now inhabit but for the fact, they live there now.

gross, another reason to avoid Purcellville and that roundabout.

Pretty soon, Purcellville will be Leesburg west, with a bunch of strip malls and incompetent leaders.

Purcellville continues on its downward spiral into overbuilding itself. A hotel? That is truly funny…who would stay in Purcellville? Maybe for some events, but not the entire year…that is plain dumb. Another bit of open space that only benefits the owner of the land and the greedy developers who don’t care a wit about any quality of life….Pville has Leesburg big time….the leaders think putting buildings on every piece of open land makes sense and adds to the town…it doesn’t just makes the town look like every other town in America….boring…

Good planning - this will be the third re-do for the traffic circle in the last few years.

I hope there will also be plans to upgrade the intersection at 287 and 7. It’s horrible now, I can’t imagine with increased traffic going to this area.

Plenty of parking…

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