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UPDATE: Political action committee sues for Delgaudio records

A political action committee on Wednesday filed a petition in Loudoun County Circuit Court, asking the court to order County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York to reveal documents that they say confirm Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio ordered former aides to assist in his campaign and fundraising activities in March 2011.

Elizabeth Miller, director of Real Advocate Political Action Committee, filed the request following a Washington Post article that claimed several former aides of the Republican supervisor said they believed they were tasked with unethical political duties while working for Delgaudio.

“Scott York had these items for months and did nothing with them. Suddenly, when the Post reports he has them, he orders up a closed-door, underfunded investigation, and refuses to reveal what he has,” Elizabeth Miller said in a prepared statement.

The Post story alleged the aides spent hours as county employees raising funds for Delgaudio’s political campaign.

Loudoun County policy dictates that political activity must not occur using county property or during county paid time, according to a county spokesperson.

County supervisors on Oct. 3 voted unanimously to hire an outside investigator at a price not to exceed $15,000 to look into the allegations against Delgaudio.

The vote came after York, Vice-Chairman Janet Clarke and County Administrator Tim Hemstreet requested that Loudoun Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowman investigate the allegations.

Plowman referred it to the Arlington commonwealth attorney to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. After review, the Arlington commonwealth attorney did not recommend pursuing charges against Delgaudio.

Elizabeth Miller is being represented by her husband Stevens Miller, an attorney and former Loudoun County supervisor.

Stevens Miller said in a prepared statement that the board’s Oct. 3 vote to investigate Delgaudio “is a sham.”

“That’s an obvious attempt at a cover-up by an all-Republican board. Real investigations name a subject, specify charges, and set forth deadlines. This board didn’t do any of that,” he said.

York said Wednesday that specifics of the vote to investigate Delgaudio were not revealed because County Attorney Jack Roberts was tasked with hiring an outside investigator and details at the time of the vote were not available.

” … It’s not a sham. We’re investigating the matter and proceeding forward and if [Delgaudio] is guilty I’ll be the harshest one to come down on him,” York said.

Under Virginia law, the county has seven days to appear in court and show why the material Real Advocate has asked for should not be produced.

A hearing is set for 8:30 a.m. Oct. 24.

– Staff Writer Trevor Baratko contributed to this report.


I think most Loudoun residents are embarrassed by the fact someone like Delgaudio is in an elected position.  He is a bigot, plain and simple.  Spin it how ever you want.  The Bible says this or that.  Try and convince someone that if Jesus returned today he would treat homosexuals like second class citizens.  There is zero evidence he would join up with the so-called “Christian Right” and their hate agenda.  So that is why so many people outside of Sterling care.  Delgaudio thrives because of voter apathy in Sterling, not because of some widespread support.  If he abused his office, and it sounds like he did, then maybe his removal won’t have to wait for another election.

Delgaudio is a bigot and it seems ‘Loudoun County’ is too.  The only ‘pro homosexual agenda’ anyone wants is equal rights for gays and lesbians. Denying them those rights is discrimination. The crap that comes out of Delgaudio’s mouth and group is bigotry.

Chris I sleep very well, thanks for your concern. It’s only a hate group to you and the SLPC. If he is unfit for office yet keeps winning his position guess it just has to do with the poor opposition.

You know, it’s funny to be lectured by some anonymous commenter about how I should use my “headspace.” I’ll take that as confirmation that we’re on the right track.

The thing is, for years we’ve watched as frustrated comments build up from people who are disgusted and amazed that this fellow is allowed to be an elected official, from which perch he continually embarrasses the county and denigrates citizens. They always want to know why somebody doesn’t do something about a sitting elected official who is so obviously unfit for office (he is the only elected official we are aware of in the entire nation who also runs a hate group). However, running a hate group in and of itself is merely unethical and immoral, it’s not against the law, and that is as it should be.

But now there is compelling evidence that he has been not only running a hate group - which he also can’t seem to do without violating copyright law - but that, among other projects that are not the county’s business, he has been using county resources to do it. And now somebody is doing something about it. So, all you folks who have for years been appalled at the fact that this creep has been able to win some small turn-out elections, you who frequently wonder “what’s in the water in Sterling,” here is an effort to which you can contribute in a meaningful way: Exposing the truth about what this guy is really like and what he’s been doing with your money, as well as those who have been protecting him, lying for him, and apologizing for him all this time. Go to the Real Advocate PAC site to see how you can turn your frustration into action. It’s remarkable what you can find when you’re willing to follow through with a FOIA demand.

“I don’t believe Stevens Miller lost anything.” @Joe Maloney: Yes Stevens Miller did indeed lose his Delegate House race.

I still don’t get why the Millers and Weintraubs (mainly David, but Jonathan, too) are renting so much headspace to Eugene Delgaudio. He’s not in your district. Let it pass and you’ll sleep much better.

Delgaudio’s group is a hate group and used hateful language. You ever read the nonsense they send out. Delgaudio is an embarrassment for civilized educated people living in this county if they are pro gay or not.

The conflict of interest is when Delgaudios day job is enhanced and he personally benefits financially by embroiling the taxpayers of loudoun in expensive lawsuits and unflattering public scandals. I don’t think his constituent service is good enough to compensate us for being used as props for his theatre. How do I opt out of this show?

Eugene, you can post as Loudoun County but your goose is simmering…soon to be cooked.  What a gay time we’ll have watching your perp walk :)

What hate group? Designated by who. ain’t buying into your southern law poverty center. Satchmo is correct leave the hate speech for another thread cause it ain’t hate speech boys. Mr. Weintraub you have a agenda against Eugene, why? What is it that lays under the surface that you refer too? C’mon i can take it lay it on me. Speaking out against gay marriage and the lifestyle is not hate speech it’s a differing opinion I don’t agree with Eugene but that in and of itself is no reason to deny his right to free speech.

Loudoun County (in your imagination):  When an elected official violates the public trust by 1) asking illegal personal and religious questions as a condition for employment; 2) requires county-funded aides to enroll in fundraising classes and spend most of their time setting up meetings with political donors when they are supposed to be conducting county business; and 3) places the office manager of an outside group (in this case, a hate group that advocates against the interests of a significant portion of county residents) in charge of county-funded aides, that is not in any sense a “minor issue.”

Furthermore, the above only scratches the surface of Mr. Delgaudio’s activities. You may want to rethink your position of defending him now, as it will be too late once the information obtained by citizens is exposed. Not all FOIA requests require court petitions and press releases.

If Eugene is on the up and up he should not have anything to hide. If that bears out then apologies by the Millers need to done as publically as this lawsuit is being done.

@ Loudoun County

Eugene… is that you?

Loudoun County, this County has way too many, even though the are few, apologists for Delgaudio.

This isn’t about the Millers.  It’s about finding out the truth on what Delgaudio did or didn’t do with taxpayer funds.

It’s about finding out why the county has tried to keep this covered up since March.

So far the secrecy on this issue is enough of a concern to welcome the support the Miller’s are offering to help county citizens get some legitimate answers.

Oh and how you can think this somehow is about a pro-homosexual agenda is very bizarre.  Check yourself next time before commenting.

Bravo.  I am not surprised to see that it takes individual action to get the ball rolling on this one.  You can’t ask the GOP board or our GOP Commonwealth’s Attorney to step up and investigate something that will likely get them all in trouble before it’s over.

‘Loudoun County’ - I don’t believe Stevens Miller lost anything. If memory serves, he decided not to run for a 2nd term.

In addition, you reveal yourelf to be a bigot in YOUR rant because the article never mentions homosexuality so heaven knows where you came up with your ‘pro-homosexual’ reasoning…

The only one embarrassing themselves is you. And I’d ask you choose another moniker because you definitely do not speak for all of Loudoun County as your screen name implies and I’m offended that you are allowed to use it.


Nothing wrong with shedding light on the truth in this case.

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