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POLITICO: Bolling out of governor’s race

Politico.com reported late Tuesday that Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R) will exit the 2013 governor’s race, leaving Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli with a clear path to his party’s nomination.

Bolling’s announcement sets up what is likely to be tight race between two vastly different candidates, the Tea Party-branded Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a former Democratic National Committee Chairman who lost his party’s bid for the gubernatorial nomination in 2009.

Read Politico’s story here: Bolling to exit Virginia governor race


Guess which county is going to lose another religious display on public property case, we are.

Also way to be a freaking tool Reid. Normally you are level headed in business matters, you are dead wrong here. You are going to waste more of our tax dollars fighting a case you can’t win.

Loudoun County - You are such a hypocrite. You call McAuliffe a carpetbagger but support Allen. Both moved here during college, Allen transferred here after 2 years and grew up in CA and Chicago. Both have lived in the area since the 1970s.

As for Cuccinelli he is way to right wing to take the north or Tidewater. He is not even a fiscal right winger he is a religious right winger, people looked at McDonald sceptically because of his religious right wing ideology but his voting record reflected moderation; Cuccinelli cannot claim a moderate stance on his record. He will not fly.

McAuliffe needs heavy turnout to win and in a off year election, his supporters will be at home sleeping.  The GOP just won the Governor’s seat for another 4 years.

Ken has done nothing but waste tax payer dollars and embarrass himself with his partisan crusades as AG.  He got into state office last time because no one knew who he was.  Now everyone knows.  He’ll get the hillbilly and religious lunatic vote and that will be it.  Zero appeal to moderates and zero appeal to fiscal conservatives who are tired of the religious nonsense that hijacked their party and probably caused Romney to lose. 

I don’t want to vote for Terry McAuliffe either, and Bolling could have won my vote.  Too bad the Virginia GOP doesn’t seem interested in giving him a chance to win the nom.

My only hope now is that someone runs against McAuliffe, but he is so well connected, I am sure the party would nudge any legit challenger aside so Terry can have his chance at glory.  They probably owe him a lot of favors for his fundraising efforts. 

Looks like the GOP just gave Virginia a Dem governor again.

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