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Poll: Obama approval continues to slide in Va.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- President Barack Obama's job approval continues a nine-month slide in Virginia, particularly his handling of the conflict in Syria in a new statewide poll released Thursday.

A Quinnipiac University poll showed that 52 percent of 1,405 registered Virginia voters disapprove of Obama's performance overall. That compares with January, when 52 percent approved of his performance and only 44 percent disapproved. Just last November, Obama became the first Democrat since President Franklin D. Roosevelt to win Virginia in back-to-back elections.

But when asked specifically about the president's response to the alleged use of chemical weapons on Syrian civilians by that country's government, 54 percent disapproved. By a ratio of 69 percent to 29 percent, poll respondents opposed the use of cruise missiles to attack targets in Syria linked to chemical weapons. Even those in military households opposed U.S. action in Syria 63 percent to 30 percent.

Support, however, was strong -- 72 percent to 18 percent -- for averting military intervention by having international monitors take control of Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles.

Embattled Gov. Bob McDonnell's job approval remains low, but not as low as that of the General Assembly. Forty-six percent approved of McDonnell's performance to 36 percent who disapproved. Forty-two percent approved of the legislature's work while 41 percent did not.

Yet when asked whether they were satisfied with the way things are going in Virginia, 60 percent said they were satisfied.

U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner, a Democrat who seeks re-election next year, got the highest performance rating at 61 percent, unchanged from Quinnipiac polls in July and August. Fifty-three percent approved of how the state's other Democratic senator, Tim Kaine, is handling his duties. That's roughly the same range where it stood the past two months.

Forty-one percent approved of the job Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling is doing to only 18 percent who disapproved, also in roughly the same range as the past two months.

The poll, conducted in live interviews with people on land lines and cellular phones from Sept. 9-15, has a margin of sampling error of plus-or-minus 2.6 percentage points.


I’m shocked it’s that high, although like I’ve stated before the ones losing out the most are the ones that voted for him. I learned my lesson after voting for him in 2008. Obama is as corrupt as all the others in both parties. I’d like to see him lead and stop campaigning. The top priority has always been the Economy/Jobs.

For obstructionists that conducted hostile takeover for five years, Sen. Chap Petersen says it best:

“Look, if you believe that the U.S. government is totally worthless and should be shut down, then please go buy a Che Guevara tee shirt and begin the revolution.  Start an on-line petition.  Create your own talk show.  Or move to the mountains and live off wild nuts and moonshine.  It’s cool.  That’s what a free country is all about.

But do not run for Congress.  That elected position presupposes a belief in the Federal government, its purpose and necessity. Otherwise, why are you pulling down a Federal paycheck (and putting all your loved ones on Federal benefits)?

Voting to shut down the government should be a “one and done” for U.S. House Reps. (Better yet, classify them as “non-essential” employees and freeze their pay, while the shutdown is continuing.  That will bring them to the bargaining table.)”

Bet governor Oops would be glad to have you in TX, or for everyone who praised Putin last week, be an ex-pat in Moscow or support anarchy in the mid-east. Take your pick but stop messing with VA.

Virginians have come to realize the impact of Obama’s leftist policies. People have just started to see the impact of ObamaCare, in which employers will start dropping medical coverage and telling employees to seek their fortunes with ObamaCare. I’m sure those at UPS, Trader Joes, Home Depot, and many others to follow will find this pill hard to swallow.  SOCIALISM DOESN’T WORK!!!


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