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Popular German grocer Lidl to open in Ashburn

Rendering of Lidl prototype store in Fredericksburg, Va.Courtesy photo.
In just about a year’s time, more than 100 Lidl stores – a popular German discount grocer -- will open across the East Coast.

The grocery chain, which operates 10,000 stores in 27 countries across Europe, has already cut into a number of EU country competitors’ market shares with its no-frills, low price, private label approach to grocery shopping. The store sells everything from produce to pants.

Lidl’s decision to move to the U.S. market was simple, officials say, noting they saw a problem among American customers they thought they could fix. That market plan suggests shoppers “compromise” when it comes to their weekly experience.

Virginia in particular, including Loudoun County, is slated to play a key role in Lidl’s U.S. strategy. The commonwealth will serve as a hub for the company’s tried-and-true approach toward discount grocery shopping.

Last week the Loudoun Board of Supervisors approved a 13-acre commercial and retail development in Broadlands at the northwest end of the intersection of Broadlands Boulevard and Claiborne Parkway.

Loudoun County and a handful of other locations around Virginia and across the country are already home to Lidl’s main European competitor, the German grocer Aldi, which has been in the U.S. since the 1970s and now has 1,600 stores across 35 states, including in Sterling.

In June 2015, Lidl opened its first U.S. headquarters in Arlington, and the company has since announced its regional distribution centers in Spotsylvania County.

Lidl spokesperson William Harwood told the Times-Mirror it has been a “huge advantage” for the company to have its headquarters in Virginia, one of the reasons he thinks the company has been able to attract a “capable workforce” that has helped launch its U.S. expansion ahead of schedule.

This summer, Lidl will begin its “first wave” of 20 store openings in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The company will then open as many as 100 stores across the East Coast over the next year.

The company expects to create about 4,000 new jobs by opening its first 120 stores, including 800 new store associates jobs in Virginia.

Although Harwood could not disclose the exact locations or opening dates of the stores Lidl will open this summer, its website currently shows nearly 100 job openings across Virginia for corporate and store associate positions -- the highest volume of jobs the company has announced compared to other parts of the East Coast.

Thus far, company officials have kept the store’s plans mostly under wraps.

The grocery chain had mostly been referred to as a “German grocer” during public Board of Supervisors meetings.

“We think that we can deliver a simplified shopping experience that customers will be able to feel confident that they can get the best quality at the best prices,” Harwood said. “That’s really what we’re seeking to deliver.”


“A sneaky German way to steal good American jobs”

Well, if American companies insist on paying their execs so much money and rewarding them based solely on profits instead of rewarding them on the pay levels and working conditions of their workers, then we get what we deserve.  Remember, the US has one of the highest rations of pay differential between CEOs and their lowest level employees.

@ChocolateDinosaur The good news is, 70% of all Germans already speak English.  Almost as high as Canadians. So at least they’ll be successful.

How long will it be before someone has a local store you can virtually shop online, then go to the store, swipe your credit card and your items are picked, and boxed up for you by robots?  I’d say about 5 years.

The idea is basically here (Amazon Pantry) just not locally.

A sneaky German way to steal good American jobs.  I’m sure these places will be staffed with immigrants that Germany is struggling to deal with as a plan to get them out of their country.  Sad!

I know plenty of attorney’s, CPAs, Web developers, that make around 100-150K per year and barely can save any money and live in 20 year old townhouses valued around 350K in just average neighborhoods.

point is HUGE mismatch between salaries and the cost of housing. We are educated people and we deserve better than this. Something has to change with interest rates going up making borrowing more expensive for a house. That might push prices down but I doubt it.


$60,000 for management so that is maybe 1 employee at that store. Even at that salary your not going to afford much in the way of housing unless you split the mortgage/rent 4 different ways.

$17.50 for supervisor, so maybe 3 of those positions in total (1 for each shift assume 3 shifts). That is about $36,000 a year…not getting you much of a house (again).

Your avg employee will get less than 17.50 that the “supervisor” earns which is how I derived my $15.00( if that).


Many counties (right in the DC area) are going towards a livable wage (phased in over years) therefore eliminating the minimum wage and paying people what they DESERVE!! and are ENTITLED to!! These big corps are pure GREED and have plenty of profits to pay more than $8.00 to an employee of Exxon (working as cashier). Have you seen the financial stmts of Exxon? Read them it is sickening that they pay employees garbage wages of $8.00. What is that $6.25 after taxes.

More competition means lower prices across the board.

Last I checked, the economy of the United States is a free market.  That means that Everett and Co. could buy land they see as very valuable and headquarter their company on said land.  Next, they could hire highly qualified people to work at said company and pay them a “living wage” so they could buy property in Loudoun County.

Oh, wait, you actually don’t want to put your own capital at risk?  Or you don’t have the skills and ability to run such an enterprise?  But you do want to complain that a company that does make money wants to use that land for their purposes to pay rewards to their stockholders?

Just checking…it seems many people who comment here would like a centrally planned economy where “they” ensure that life is wonderful for all.  (Hmmm, hasn’t that been tried somewhere before?)

If you’re a big company and you need a talented workforce, you want to be “closer in” to pull from the best pool of talent.  There’s plenty of empty space in Fairfax County right now, so not much pressure to move west…

some company is building a massive data center off the 28 near the pet hospital. very prime real estate to employee like the other poster said maybe a dozen employees. what a waste of land.

I did some quick math and if husband and wife make $15 an hour (a major stretch here) at this grocery store they make a combined annual salary of around $63,000. A bank MIGHT approve you 4 times your income (most likely 3) which means you would qualify for a $252,000 house. That MIGHT buy a 1 bedroom beat up condo in loudoun .

Hey Everett,

So what if Loudoun can’t attract any big time employers.  We’ve got data centers.  Over the next few years data centers will occupy hundreds of acres of prime real estate along major corridors.  And provide literally DOZENS of jobs.  DOZENS.

“a grocery store that most likely will pay hourly wages of MAYBE $15 an hour.”

Here’s your answer, “Richmond grocery store offers $60,000-a-year jobs” January 4, 2017):

“The starting salary for store management positions will be up to $60,000 per year, plus benefits, which can include health, dental and vision plans, and a 401(k) retirement plan with a generous company match,” a Lidl spokesman said. “Starting salaries for store supervisors will be up to $17.50 per hour, plus benefits. Accepted candidates will play an important role in introducing Lidl to customers in the area when the retailer opens its first stores in the U.S. no later than 2018.”

“Plus benefits”.  So that’s not a shabby salary, even in Loudoun County. If you’ve been to Aldi, you know that they do not hire people to bag your groceries or collect the shopping carts from the parking lot. Your refundable quarter for the shopping cart is what saves you money, and it saves Aldi money as well, because they don’t have a need for as many employees to begin with.

What do Wegman’s, Giant, Safeway, Food Lion, etc., pay their employees (and they have more of them)?

a grocery store that most likely will pay hourly wages of MAYBE $15 an hour. With those wages you cannot buy a house in that neighborhood which the median house in loudoun county is around $500,000. what a joke. Loudoun county is mostly retail and restaurant jobs. very few office jobs that pay even $50,000 or more a year.

Fairfax and Montgomery counties attract real employers such as Marriott, Big 4 CPA firms, Audi/Volkswagon/ Mantech the list goes on…Loudoun county = min wage jobs for all the non educated ppl in west VA to drive over here

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