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Potential grand jury case against Delgaudio in the works

Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) could soon find himself before a grand jury in Loudoun County Circuit Court, a source close to the situation told the Times-Mirror Feb. 6.

A Washington Post story published Feb. 12 also asserts a grand jury case is possible, or even likely. The Post article has two potential jurors as sources – one by name, Scott Findley, and one anonymously. Both Findley and the other source have been dismissed from the investigation, according to the report.

Arlington Commonwealth's Attorney Theo Stamos, who was appointed in late 2012 to lead a special investigation into allegations of office misconduct against Delgaudio, would not comment on the case when speaking with the Times-Mirror Feb. 7. Stamos did not deny nor confirm a possible grand jury case against Delgaudio, who is accused of improperly using his county office and other county resources for political fundraising. Stamos, a Democrat, said it would be inappropriate to comment on an ongoing investigation.

Delgaudio, a four-term county supervisor, has said the accusations against him are unfounded.

One of Delgaudio's former county aides, Donna Mateer, brought the claims against Delgaudio to light in a September story in the Post. In addition to the misuse of county resources, Mateer described Delgaudio as prone to verbal abuse against his county workers and colleagues on the board. Moreover, Mateer said Delgaudio exhibited racism toward minorities.

In a signed document, which passed through the hands of Board Chairman Scott York (R-At Large), County Attorney Jack Roberts and Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney James Plowman in March, Mateer claims Delgaudio was obsessed with the compilation and care of the “Igor” list, which was used to make appointments with potential political donors.

“Nothing was to take me away from the my Igor list project,” Mateer states in her recollection of working for Delgaudio.

The Sterling supervisor “constantly put the other aides down verbally, the other supervisors down as well,” she notes.

Mateer’s recount is expansive in its details of Delgaudio as an elected official, claiming the supervisor said he “didn’t have time for any of that” when it came to representing the people and the area they live in.

Referring to the other Loudoun supervisors, Mateer said Delgaudio called them "all idiots.”

“He told me that due to their political views, they were all idiots, and he was the only hope for Loudoun County,” Mateer states.
Mateer says Delgaudio was “extremely against homosexuals” and he “spoke about them with extreme hatred.”

“He also made racial remarks about Asian people, making fun of the way they speak, mimicking them. He called them names, as well as he did with Hispanic people and black people,” Mateer notes.

Compounding matters, Delgaudio in his day job serves as the president of Public Advocate of the United States, a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group. The Southern Poverty Law Center claims Public Advocate targets and ridicules the gay population.

This is a developing story. More information will be provided when it becomes available.


MarkQ sounds like you have first hand knowledge of the Larry Craig bathroom escapades. Stay out of the public bathrooms and keep your mouth closed.

Troy’s right on the mark. Gotta love the fake Christians like Eugene, and his fan boys, who whine when they’re called out for being hateful bigots toward gays and/or other minorities. They’re also classic anti Americans who hate liberty.

I guess these fake Christians never got the memo about not judging or that “God” would take care of these “issues” if, in fact, they are issues.

Maybe the SPLC “gets away with it” because most Americans would agree that the groups they target do nothing but spew hate. 

This is America, so you are free to be a bigot hiding behind the Bible (keep pretending Jesus would agree with you), but don’t cry when you get pointed out for what you are.  I’m sure if you go ask the Grand Wizard of the local Klan, they would say the same thing you did about being “smeared”.  They think they are right too.  Again, most Americans disagree.

Since you brought them up, who does the Occupy group advocate violence or discrimination against?  They camp out like idiots and protest things.  No flyers with “blood” under the door.  No lobbying against equal rights.  If anything they are lazy and selfish. 

As Mark Q said, if you want religion as law, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would probably love to show off an American who ditched the States for Iran.  They may be Muslim, but I think your brand of “Christian” would find a lot of common ground with them.

How long will it be before Eugene and his bigoted fan boys like Chris N and Oranges get their “Larry Craig” on in an airport mens room.

This country is all about different beliefs and freedom to hold them. It has nothing to do with restricting the liberty of others who don’t fit their extremist, religious, agenda. If you want to live in a theocracy try Iran. They’ll love you guys there! :)

Chris N - Have you ever read the stuff the Family Research Council publishes. It is not simply “The bible says gays are wrong” it is a hate groups that says hateful things and uses derogatory terms and targets gays for unfair treatment. However compared to the stuff Delgaudio says they are tame. I think Mark Q Public is right, Delgaudio is a self loathing in the closet gay man.

Chris N, there’s nothing “political” about bigotry in any form. If you believe that the GOP share your lack of values and denial of liberty (to people you don’t like) you’re dead wrong. The only connection you and DelGaudio have with the maintream GOP is that your imagined inclusion is preventing them from gaining any traction. Sad, very sad.

“Finally, this may be one of the few Delgaudio stories where a Weinberg hasn’t piled on in the comments section. But I suppose it’s only a matter of time.”

I mistakenly wrote “Weinberg,” when I meant “Weintraub.” But apparently David was in the “comment approval” queue and beat me to the punch. Sorry David.

LOL @ Chris M. and his “family” groups. Fake (evangelical) Christians who hate everyone calling anyone who opposes their bigotry “the far left” is just precious. These are the same type of people who constantly whine about “social programs” and “people on the dole” who happily accept child tax exemption handouts for their supersized families, at the expense of people with fewer or no children. You guys are just a constant source of humor. :)

I am all for any “partisan” group that fights the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church or organizations like Public Advocate.

I see the bully boys are out in force. If the CA does not bust Eugene’s butt there is going to be some people looking worse then they normally do, David, Satchmo, Markq.
Sorry Chris they are kind of like stick bugs aren’t they!

“Delgaudio in his day job serves as the president of Public Advocate of the United States, a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group.”

Does the LTM have special software that inserts the above into just about EVERY Delgaudio story?

Remember that the Southern Poverty Law Center is far from non-partisan. Well-respected groups like the Family Research Center, who happen to support traditional marriage, are smeared with the “hate group” label, while far left groups like the “Occupy” movement get a free pass.

Finally, this may be one of the few Delgaudio stories where a Weinberg hasn’t piled on in the comments section. But I suppose it’s only a matter of time.

According to the Post, Stamos told potential jurors “there were a lot of documents to be reviewed.” Which many of us already know, so it’s not accurate to imply that *nobody* has seen significant parts of the case. But yes, it’s outstanding news that he’s getting his due process and a full hearing. That’s exactly what those who find him unfit for office want.

Monk, ummm I think you are forgetting the view of the Commonwealth Attorney Stamos.  She apparently has a view which justifies this move to chat up a grand jury.  That ain’t just one lone point of view.  It will be interesting to see how many recollections she has gathered from her investigation of the coveted IGOR list.  Betcha it’s going to be more than a handful.

Sorry about your friend;  Eugene is about ready to take a dive.  Hard to see the elder statesman of the LCRC getting into this much ethical trouble.  Probably better to stop trying to defend him.

This is outstanding news.  Finally justice is on track after a long long period of cover-up.

Time to write another check Eugene. 

This is going to get very entertaining.  If we are now convening a GJ there must be some juicy evidence awaiting the indictment. 

Actually the most compelling sign things are looking up for justice is the muzzle Delgaudio has put on.  Not a peep from the carnival barker.  Nothing, not a whimper.  You got to believe acting the mute is tearing him up.  Especially as being bombastic is his only defense.  I predict an epic meltdown is a comin’ and it’s going to be fabulous.

LOL @ Eugene: Closet, self loathing, homosexual.

Hopefully we’ll finally rid ourselves of this psychotic bigot and his well heeled, bigoted, supporters. LOL @ “Public Advocate” supported by well heeled idiots.

Gee… We’ve got one point of view and recollection against another.
Grand Juries convene and one notable quote reads : “A Grand Jury could indict a ham sandwich”

I’m not a Delguadio cheerleader, and all I want is to see the law given time for due process without a rush to judgement before anyone has even seen the case.
Like it or not, in America, Delgaudio is innocent until he’s PROVEN guilty.

If Delgaudio is the only hope I will need to move. Clearly he is wrong since he is the one on the way out and the county is doing great.

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