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President Trump, cabinet members hold working lunch at Trump’s Loudoun County golf club

President Donald Trump on Saturday praised the U.S. Secret Service for doing a "fantastic job" apprehending a "troubled person" who climbed a fence and was approaching a south entrance to the White House while Trump was inside the executive mansion.

It was the first known security breach at the White House since Trump took office nearly two months ago.

Washington, D.C., police identified the intruder as Jonathan Tran, 26, of Milpitas, California.

When approached by a Secret Service officer on the south grounds about 11:38 p.m. Friday and asked whether he had a pass authorizing him to be in the restricted area, Tran replied, "No, I am a friend of the president. I have an appointment," the police report said.

Asked how he got there, he said he "jumped the fence."

The Secret Service said in a statement that the intruder, whom it did not identify, had climbed an outer perimeter fence near the Treasury Department and East Executive Avenue. He was arrested without further incident, the agency said.

Authorities found two cans of Mace on Tran, including one inside his jacket pocket, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court. Tran was also carrying a U.S. passport, an Apple laptop computer, a book written by Trump and a letter he had written to the president, the complaint said.

"Secret Service did a fantastic job last night," Trump said Saturday from his golf club in Northern Virginia. He described the intruder as a "troubled person" and the situation as "very sad." Trump was briefed on the matter Friday night, said his spokesman, Sean Spicer.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was also briefed on the incident, the Secret Service said. Kelly was among several Cabinet secretaries and senior White House staff members who attended a working lunch with the president at the Trump National Golf Club.

In the letter found on Tran, he mentioned "Russian hackers" and said he had information of relevance, according to the criminal complaint. He alleged that he had been followed, that his phone and email communications had been read by third parties, and that he has been called schizophrenic.

The Secret Service said a search of the north and south White House grounds found "nothing of concern to security operations." Standard practice is to turn intruders over to the local police department.

Video surveillance footage shows Tran jumping a fence near the Treasury Department adjacent to the White House security fence, the complaint said. At one point, Tran is seen hiding behind a White House pillar before proceeding to the South Portico entrance.

Friday's security breach follows a series of similar lapses that took place during the eight years that Barack Obama was president. An especially embarrassing breach came in September 2014 when an Army veteran with mental health issues scaled a fence on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the White House and made it deep inside the building, to the East Room, before the Secret Service could detain him.

The Obamas were not at home at the time. The incident was one of several breakdowns by the Secret Service that ultimately led to the resignation of the agency's director, Julia Pierson, the following month. Trump has to find someone new to lead the agency: Joseph Clancy, a former agent who came out of retirement to succeed Pierson and stabilize the law enforcement agency, announced his second retirement last month.

Trump said he brought the Cabinet secretaries, White House staff and some of their spouses to the club for a working lunch to discuss the military, the economy, health care and other issues.

Besides Kelly, joining Trump were Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, chief strategist Steve Bannon and Spicer. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was absent.

"We're having some great discussions," Trump said. "The economy is doing very, very well. Generally speaking we're doing very well.'' He talked about inheriting "a mess" when he took office, but said everything would be "straightened out fast."

Associated Press writer Matt Barakat contributed to this report.


notapajamboy: Clinton is gone. The relevance of Clinton is…..none.  It’s Trump’s turn on the rack.  To use your phrase: get over it.

You are woefully off track if you think the opposition to the current administration is based on election losses.


Many questions unanswered? Just like the questions that were never answered by Hillary Clinton and the Obama regime.

notapajamaboy:  Excellent point.  Trump should release at least 12 years of returns.  They would serve the dual purpose of putting to bed all the suspicion about potential foreign links AND increase the trust of the American public in his abilities.

There is nothing to “get over;” there are however many unanswered questions.

Give them 1 year then they want 5 years, then 12 years. It will never end. Get over it nonsense!

Loudoun4trump:  Using Trump’s logic, the less taxes you pay, the smarter you are.  So I don’t understand the intelligence of the comment that Trump paid more taxes than Bernie or Obama.

Trump needs to release at least 5 years of full tax returns, not just summaries, so we can see just how smart he really is.  What is he afraid of?

Great to have the cabinet here in Loudoun….and Trump paid more taxes than Obama and Bernie…BAHAHAHAHAHAH

I wonder why he didn’t use the White House for them meeting? It is a lot more convenient to the Cabinet members offices. I’m guessing that a weekend meeting is part of the reason.

There’s roughly 35% of America that thinks Trump is just great.  I get that.  Of course, that number’s going to have to drop a bit as some of them start dying off as health care is yanked away from them by the GOP…but still, I’m sure Trump will have 30-35% support by the time 2018 rolls around.  But 35% only wins elections when there’s an electoral college in the mix and that’s not in play in 2018.

So, Jack, don’t go getting a big head thinking you’ll be enjoying the Mango Mussolini for 8 years.  Won’t come close to that.  He’ll continue to get a pass for all the self-dealing stuff he’s doing now for roughly 18 more months…then with more Democrats on the Hill, Trump and his inner circle will have to take off their tin-foil hats, raise their right hands, and start answering some hard but fair questions.

I look forward to it like you can’t imagine,.

The folks that post comments that the opposition is “GOP haters,” “whiners,” “sore losers (or just “losers”) serve little purpose with their comments.  Why don’t you folks make reasoned arguments on the facts instead of simply taking up space with name calling?

From the time of these comments I hope someday you LiberL GOP haters can grow up. Trump is not getting rich over having a luncheon at his country club. Rejoice you have someone in the WH that actually LIKES America.

whiners’ only got 7 years 10 more months to whine. Then lot of crow to eat.

Loudoun Independent…Did these other presidents pocket the fees paid by us taxpayers to support the President and his entourage?  Nah, didn’t think so.    You can think what you like about this state of affairs but you do have stay grounded in facts.

Chameleon - He does not have a hotel in Sterling.  It is the Trump National WDC Golf Club.

Previous presidents have been there too…

Corruption in rapid motion!

Trump had run his businesses into the ground. Now that he can charge the taxpayers exorbitant fees when he dictates that the government use his facilities, he is going to quickly be rich again.

More revenue for the Trump empire.  Unbelievable!  Sad!

Wonder how much Donald Trump charged the government to come to his hotel to hold the meeting that he called.  I hope someday the GOP grows a spine and calls out this self-enriching behavior.  Right now they’re just enabling his fleecing of America.

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