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Proposed Purcellville property tax rates remain flat

The Purcellville Town Manager presented the proposed town budget for fiscal 2015 at a March 24 Purcellville Town Council meeting.

Lohr Jr.'s proposed operating budget, which includes the general fund, special parks and recreation fund and the utility funds, will total around $17.5 million.

The capital improvement program is reduced to $800,000 as the Town of Purcellville has just two projects in the general fund planned for the year.

Still, while spending has gone down in Purcellville, the property tax rate remains the same. For every $100 in personal property tax owned, residents will continue to pay .225. Those in the special Fireman's Field tax district will pay .035 per $100 in real property to help support the new Special Parks and Recreation Fund.

The property value for fiscal 2014 was assessed at more than $1.06 billion, a number that's likely to grow, projected 2 percent annually through 2018.

“The proposed fiscal plan adheres to the Town Council’s guidance, maintains critical services for Town residents by maintaining essential public safety, infrastructure, recreation and utility services,” a Town of Purcellville press release says of the new budget.

With decreases in the general fund, the water and waste water funds, just the parks and recreation fund sees an increase in spending in the proposed fiscal 2015 budget. Additionally, projections indicate an increase in revenues in the general fund. In total, Lohr's presented budget would reduce the grand operating budget by nearly $300,000 from the current budget.

While Lohr's proposed budget addresses problems of unfunded mandates, he does note that for the first time in decades, the town will see new funding, thanks in part to last year's monumental transportation bill passed by the General Assembly.

Lohr noted, however, that the town quickly is reaching the ultimate build-out of existing corporate limits, though the town may be able to increase boundaries.

"Town will probably cap-out at a residential population of 8,000 to 10,000 serving a greater commercial and business area of over 60,000 residents," the budget reads. "This means that there are financial limitations to projects and programs that we can feasibly offer and make it sustainable in the future."

Work sessions and public hearings on the proposed budget are scheduled to take place over the next couple months, with Town Council expected to vote on the budget in May or June.


Fred- I agree with your post. At the end of the day Joe pays more in taxes. Joe does not care if the rate is the same.

I really don’t see this changing. I have talked to a LOT of people from NJ/NY and other parts of northeast who were paying TWICE as much in real estate taxes before moving to VA. They claim its a bargain.

On the other hand, I think it is outrageous and expenses should be reduced in the school system as they get most of the monies from taxes. Fire, Police, parks, etc..get a small fraction.

Tax Rates are (1) side of a two sided coin. The stealth tax comes from property assessments being increased.

FY1: $0.01 tax * $100,000 = $1000
FY2: $0.01 tax * $110,000 = $1100

This is how you raise taxes on people while you thump your chest and proclaim you aren’t raising taxes.

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