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Protesters gather outside Trump National ahead of Va. GOP fundraiser featuring Sean Spicer

A small group of protesters outside Trump National in Sterling ahead of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s appearance at a Virginia GOP fundraiser. Times-Mirror/Chantalle Edmunds
A small group of protesters gathered outside Trump National Golf Course in Sterling Thursday night where White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was the special guest at a Republican Party of Virginia fundraiser.

Among the protesters were representatives from ProgressVA, a progressive advocacy group, and members from the anti-Trump Indivisible VA District 10.

Transgender patient Jonas Creason had come along because of his concerns over the proposed American Health Care Act.

“For the past seven years I have struggled to find affordable health care. I am a trans patient and not a lot of insurance companies cover trans patients. I went into debt paying for hormones before I was able to find cover thanks to the Affordable Care Act,” he said.

“Spicer should head back across the Potomac and start working for a health care solution that won’t spell disaster for Virginia women and families,” said Ashleigh Croker, program director at ProgressVA.

Speaking to the Times-Mirror ahead of the fundraiser, Loudoun County Republican Committee Chairman Will Estrada said he hoped those protesting wouldn't be aggressive toward attendees.

“They have their First Amendment rights, and I appreciate their right to speak out," Estrada said, before speaking about health care. "Doing nothing about the Affordable Care Act is not an option. The Democratic Party [is] not doing anything."

Tickets for the fundraising event began at $125 per person, with the cost rising to $5,000 for six tickets to both the general reception and a separate VIP reception, according to the invitation to the event.

The Republican Party of Virginia fundraiser comes ahead of the Senior PGA Championship to be held at Trump National Golf Club over Memorial Day weekend. Up to 50,000 spectators are expected for the tournament.


Look at you all tripping over each other to agree with yourselves. Who’s the triggered snowflake now? All you hypocritic repubs make me Lol….

Wow…four people showed up. Guess they didn’t request funding from George Soros.

There are now twice as many comments here compared to the protestors there.

SterlingLocal has it right.  They’ll also vote Democrat to deny school choice to less affluent parents who can’t afford to move to a “good school district”.  Hypocrites.

LoudounResident010: I could not agree more. At the very least, these foolish protesters will get a republican elected in 2020.
Despite what the media tells us, these “protests” and “resist” nonsense actions are just hurting their own causes. To me, it shows the true nature of those people- hypocrites, just as SterlingLocal says, go back to your McMansions and whine about how bad life is. Ha!

How is this even a story????  More fake news.

THis paper LOVES to cover Democrat protests and play them up , too

Shirt and tie required, no slobs allowed!

Headline, Entitled special interest snowflakes whine about the cause du jour. Then go back to their $600K houses in Loudoun.

“Spicer should head back across the Potomac and start working for a health care solution that won’t spell disaster for Virginia women and families,” said Ashleigh Croker, program director at ProgressVA.

Last I checked Spicer is the Press Secretary and is not involved in any policy making.  So unless there is a press briefing he need not be in DC.

Under normal circumstances Trump’s chances of re-election in 2020 would be remote.

But the Democrat’s childish antics during the first few months of his presidency are actually going to give him a chance.

So its going to be a race to see which side can self-destruct first, should be fun to watch.

I’m all for dump Comstock, but differ and love Trump and what he has accomplished in such a short amount of time despite the “resist” movement…Trump gets an A+, Comstock F….

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