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Purcellville considering credit monitoring for employees after police chief investigation

The Town of Purcellville is considering offering credit monitoring services to employees whose personal information may have been compromised during the investigation into Chief of Police Cynthia McAlister.

Mayor Kwasi Fraser recently held a staff meeting with town employees, during which one of the items discussed was providing credit monitoring coverage for employees.

The meeting came after the revelation that Georgia Nuckolls, the human resources investigator examining claims against McAlister, has a criminal past that includes felonies related to credit fraud. Nuckolls, during her inquiry, may have had access to all town personnel files.

“The town will take every effort necessary to protect their employees and will provide credit monitoring coverage if necessary,” Hooper McCann, Purcellville's director of administration, said.

A credit monitoring service can cost on average between $10 and $20 a month, depending on the type of service.

According to McCann, Fraser told employees to monitor their personal credit reports and to report anything strange or suspicious.

Nuckolls' findings, which led to McAlister's firing, were called into question after Nuckolls' convictions were revealed by town officials, who also stated Nuckolls was having a relationship with a town employee involved in the investigation.

A review of Nuckolls' investigation is forthcoming, and McAlister has been re-hired but placed on paid leave while the review takes place.

In an interview on Nov. 29, Interim Town Manager Alex Vanegas, who hired Nuckolls, denied any relationship with her, other than “a friendship we developed because we worked closely together,” Vanegas said.

Vanegas has also been placed on leave.

Purcellville is in the process of retaining an independent investigator to conduct an audit and investigation of actions taken by Vanegas over the last several months.


And what about whether there were actually 3 bids or not? Didn’t 1 or 2 come forward claiming they didn’t bid on this? How does an investigator get a state license with a felony?

I agree with Fred Sanford!!!

Do these poeple do any work on behalf of the people of P’ville?

And to think this all started when McAlister reportedly “violated several town policies, procedures and Police Department General Orders.” Nobody knows what’s going on except those in this drama that were conducting the internal investigation.

pvillepeople1 .. this is why it is pronounced as
“Purse” a ville..$$ thanks for your support!!$$

I liked paying for water and fireman’s field better than paying for investigations on investigations, employeeS on paid leave, and credit monitoring. But hey, why we are at it, let’s make sure staff can’t hunt at the watershed anymore, because we don’t want to pay for “good ole boys hunting reserves”(Ryan cool).... so petty. Pretty sure the only people that were worried about that are on council now… it’s a watershed it should be private, and I’m not against giving a Town staff some sort of perk in this toxic culture instilled by TC. Yes, it’s too late now. So onto the next item on their agenda.

Purcellville, Purcellville. Every day there is something new in the news.

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