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Purcellville elects first black mayor, three newcomers to town council

Kwasi Fraser

In June, Kwasi Fraser will become the newest mayor of Purcellville -and also, a historic one.

With his 868 votes in the May 6 town elections, Fraser defeated vice-mayor J. Keith Melton to become the town's first black mayor.

Fraser will replace outgoing Mayor Bob Lazaro, who served four terms at the helm through a booming growth period.

All in all, Purcellville proved to be the place to be, with competitive elections for both mayor and town council and a voter turnout of close to 27.8 percent and 1,381 people coming to vote on Election Day, according to Loudoun County's unofficial election results.

Lovettsville will welcome one new member to its town council with the election of Jennifer Jones, who, along with incumbent Tiffaney Dawn Carder was the highest vote-getter with 135 votes. Current council member Kimberly Allar was also re-elected to a second term.

Lovettsville Mayor Robert Zoldos earned 180 of the 200 votes cast for mayor in the unopposed election.

With both absentee and live election ballots, 200 people voted for a 15.5 percent turnout.

In three towns, the elections were uncontested, with fewer candidates running than available seats.

In Middleburg, Mayor Betsy Allen Davis ran unopposed in her re-election bid. Vying for the four town council spots were current Vice Mayor Darlene Kirk and council members Mark Snyder and Kevin Hazard. Other candidates will rely on write-in votes to snag the fourth available seat.
In total, 99 people voted in the Middleburg election for a 17.7 percent turnout, a marked improvement from the just 7 percent turnout the town experienced in 2012.

Hamilton councilman David Simpson will replace outgoing Mayor Greg Wilmoth as the lone candidate in the race. Councilman Mike Snyder is the lone candidate in the general race, which has three open seats, though signs for several write-in candidates littered the Hamilton Baptist Church precinct. In total, 85 ballots were cast in the election for a voter turnout of 20 percent.

In Round Hill, just 47 of 424 registered voters came out to vote. Incumbent mayor Scott Ramsey ran unopposed and Janet Heston was the lone candidate for town council, though fellow incumbents Christopher Prack and Frederick Lyne mounted write-in campaigns.

Though votes for those on the ballot have been tabulated, Middleburg, Round Hill and Hamilton won't know who will fill their town council seats until all of the write-in votes are added up.


Fedupdude:  please don’t put words into my mouth.  Read my post carefully.  I did NOT say that, “Christian always means a good person.”  I said, “Leaders who are TRULY guided by Christian principles” and “a TRUE Christian leader…”  Plenty of people can say they are a Christian, but are they really walking the walk? Absolutely not.  They are plenty of hypocrites and “Christians-in-name-only” out there.  That’s why I was very careful to use the word “true” in front of Christian.  That’s why I also used McConnell and Reid (a Republican and a Democrat) as examples in our current Congress of non-Christian leadership.

LOL being a Christian does not make one a good person as our congress shows us over and over. No slander meant to Kwasi, only the idea that Christian always means a good person.

John Adams once said, “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected, in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.”  He also said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  He made these observations because governments easily turn into tyrannies unless guided by leaders who cannot be swayed by greed, power and corruption.  Leaders who are truly guided by Christian principles understand that they are called to be servants, are less tempted by power and greed, and are ready to step aside when they have finished their service (a good example of this is George Washington as opposed to leaders like Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid who just don’t want to give up their power).  A true Christian leader should put others before himself, is humble, and values God’s wisdom in dealing with others.  That is why I am thankful that Kwasi Fraser is a Christian.

@ Jehovah
Why exactly is his faith the most important aspect of his qualification to be mayor?

I was angered when I read the Loudoun Times Mirror article about the new Mayor in Purcellville being referred to as the “First Black Mayor of Purcellville.”  It is no wonder our black community are always up in arms over their race being referred to as though they do not rate or whatever.  Race has nothing to do with a person’s ability, character, etc.  It never fails that the newspapers/reporters always have to create sensationalism to boost sales.  In this day and time, this needs to stop and give “everyone” respect.  The Loudoun Times Mirror newspaper is actually just disrespecting themselves by continuing to report news in this manner.  I think the newspaper should apologize to the Mayor.

Kwasi will make a great Mayor.  He’s a savvy businessman, a caring father and husband, and most importantly, a man whose heart is led by God’s Word.  I only wish the newspaper didn’t feel it necessary to pigeonhole him as a “black mayor.”  Kwasi doesn’t define himself by the color of his skin.  Why are we still doing that in this day and age of supposed “colorblindness”?

I think Tom Dunn of the Leesburg Town Council needs to take a lesson from this election in Purcellville.  The voters had enough of angry pols in Purcellville, and Tom Dunn is the very definition of the angry little politician in Leesburg.  It appears civility has made a comeback.

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