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Purcellville Festival a grape turnout

At least 7,000 people attended this years Purcellville Wine and Food Festival. Times-Mirror/Rick Wasser
While event organizers are still counting the final numbers, they estimate it is likely there were more attendees at the 2014 Purcellville Wine and Food Festival than last year's 7,000 attendees.

"It was a beautiful evening with comfortable temperatures. People enjoyed having picnics, tasting the local wines, food and the music," said Melanie Scoggins, event specialist for the Town of Purcellville.

The new mayor, Kwasi Fraser praised event organizers for their hard work.

"The planning and coordinating by all levels of town staff resulted in this being a very successful event to promote our town. The entire DMV was fully represented indeed; I met folks from D.C., Alexandria, Bethesda and Gainesville, just to name a few. I am confident that next year will be even better. Our events specialist Melanie Scoggins and her team, and our police department did an excellent job in making this an enjoyable and safe event for our citizens, neighbors and guests."

Former Mayor Bob Lazaro attended the third annual event, which he helped create during his time in office.

"Kudos to the town staff, JP Events and sponsors for all their support. The event is doing exactly as we planned: to bring folks to Purcellville to enjoy our wonderful town. The local food, beer, wineries, shops and restaurants. And the added benefit this year of enjoying Fireman's Field which we purchased, protected and invested in," said Lazaro.

Mara Bauserman, event manager at JP Events, said the feedback so far has been great, with some vendors saying it was their best sales day ever.

"It was a nice mix of old and new faces, with the event drawing people from all over the area. People were able to get a feel of everything the town has to offer," Bauserman said.

"It is one of those moments that highlighted the town very nicely and was a proud day for Purcellville," Bauserman added.

Event sponsors included Harris Teeter, Fuog and Dulles Motorcars.

Catoctin Creek Distillery and Magnolias at the Mill ran a shuttle between the two locations so people could enjoy tours at Catoctin Creek and the beer fest at Magnolias.

"I heard the downtown was busy all night," Scoggins said.


We left at 8:30 and the downtown was empty. Who does this make money for the vendors? I don’t think but a handful operate a business in Purcellville. We came from Leesburf and the traffic was crazy. Didn’t the town have an alternate way to get to the event? I was surprised ar the number of children and pets. Kind of gave it a circus atmosphere. (Balloons and popcorn). I can only imagine how crowded it was before we got there at 6 pm because i didn’t find it that crowded when we arrived. This was the first year we attended and I was surprised it was free. Don’t think I will be back because parking was a zoo. I guess that goes with the circus.

Is it legal to push a baby stroller while drinking?

Don’t mind ol’ Ev. He’s LT’s resident troll. A few months ago, he was claiming that he personally paid for every restaurant that opened in Loudoun County through his taxes. At least he’s changed his tag line.

Good old Everett. The “cost of everything and the value of nothing” guy.

Everett do you ever do anything for fun, your are always negative. Some people like this sort of thing and it makes money. Don’t be such a stick in the mud.

seems like a waste of time and money…

I could walk to either Giant or Wegman’s and get a 6 pack and a decent prepared meal for less than $20.

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