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Purcellville hires new interim town manager

Purcellville Town Hall
Purcellville Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to hire John Anzivino, a former town manager in Warrenton, to serve as interim town manager.

Anzivino, who recently worked as a government consultant, is expected to serve for roughly three months and be paid approximately $30,000.

“This is another step forward in resolving the challenges we face and strengthening and transforming our organization,” Mayor Kwasi Fraser said in a prepared statement. “Mr. Anzivino will work with the department heads, management team and staff to keep the Town moving in a forward direction serving our citizens and ensuring proper function of services.”

The town manager post became vacant in late November after Interim Town Manager Alex Vanegas was placed on administrative leave pending one of several investigations into town management and administration. Vanegas took on the role on an interim basis after longtime town manager Rob Lohr resigned in April. Councilman Doug McCollum said at the time the majority of council members had decided to "separate the town manager from his position."

Vanegas' leave came after Chief of Police Cynthia McAlister was fired Nov. 2 following a town-funded investigation that claimed to substantiate accounts that the police chief abused her powers and failed to adhere to town procedures and policies.

That investigation, conducted by private human resources investigator Georgia Nuckolls, was called into question after Nuckolls' criminal history, which includes felony fraud and forgery convictions in North Carolina, was revealed by town officials. Town leaders also stated Nuckolls was having a relationship with a town employee involved in the investigation.

McAlister was re-hired but remains on leave while an audit of Nuckolls' investigation is ongoing.

Anzivino was among the names Vanegas passed on to conduct the investigation into McAlister, according to a document provided by the town.

Purcellville has been mired in controversy for the past month following McAlister's firing and eventual re-hiring and Vanegas' leave. Shortly after he was placed on leave, Vanegas filed a sexual harassment complaint against Town Attorney Sally Hankins. That complaint is among the claims being investigated by a retired law enforcement executive, the Wilson Elser law firm and Loudoun County staff.

Council voted last week to spend up to $80,000 in public funds for an investigation with several branches: an audit of the investigation of the police chief; a review of the actions and job performance of Vanegas; and an inquiry into the sexual harassment claims.

A retired police chief and colonel, Thierry Dupuis, was hired at a rate of $125 per hour to assist in the investigations. Loudoun County staff is also expected to aid in the probes.

Meanwhile, Purcellville is currently accepting applications for a permanent town manager. The town hopes to have a permanent new manager in place around February or March. The deadline for candidates to submit applications is Jan. 12.

The town has also brought on a local public relations firm, Leesburg-based The Casey Group, to help manage media requests and public perception during the turmoil. The firm's founder and CEO, David D'Onofrio, is steeped in local politics and has served as a spokesman for the Republican Party of Virginia.


Mayor is an elected official (politician). Town manager is a professional employee, hired by and service ‘at the pleasure of’ the Council, who heads (administrates) all the other Town staff. Think CEO. And the Council is the Board of Directors (who like in the private sector, make hair-brained decisions all the time based on politics, illegal actions, blackmail, etc.). Or maybe I watch too many movies; or read these articles about Purcellville.

I agree Roy Moore would be an excellent choice he would give residents what they deserve!! Although it is s shame Andy Taylor & Barney Fife are no longer available.

Roy Moore is available

Honest Question - Why does Purcellville have both a Mayor and a Town Manager?

Heck, why not save tens of thousands simply by letting Ryan Cool oversee / complete the investigations while running the town administration and town council…now that Kelly Grimm has departed, Cool has certainly assumed her role as the council member running the show up there. And his narcissistic and self righteous attitude / behavior is very consistent with hers. Purcellville, we are in a heep of trouble with these yahoos in charge.

So on top of continuing to pay all these people while on Admin. Leave now they are paying people to do their jobs - 1 position 2 people being paid, 1 on leave 1 on job - PVILLE wake up oh and let us not forget that they also hired a firm at $80k to redo the investigation.  Plus you keep throwing Georgias name out there, are you doing this to see how far she will allow you to go because she refuses to give you an interview?  Heck none of my posts are posted anyway why bother, LTM does not believe in freedom of speach unless its in their favor.  NO worries I have saved them all and will make sure they are all posted else where - LTM one way news

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