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Purcellville looks to alleviate traffic concerns at 33rd and Country Club Drive

After months of discussion and a review of options to address cut-through traffic concerns in Country Club Hills and Catoctin Meadows, Purcellville Town Council has agreed to launch a 30-day pilot program to tackle traffic issues on North 33rd Street, Country Club Drive and Ashleigh Road.

The short cut-through in the two neighborhoods has been widely used for many years, but residents say it has worsened recently due to the closure of Allder School Road and drivers looking to avoid the intersection at West Main Street and 21st Street.

The pilot program will install delineators at the east end of Glenmeade Circle near its intersection with Country Club Drive, as well as new signage identifying the changed traffic patterns redirecting traffic from traveling eastbound on Country Club Drive as the first step in the pilot program, set to begin

Several community members spoke at the Feb. 13 council meeting to express opinions on the pilot program.

John Hildebrand of Oakleigh Court, located off Glenmeade Circle, said he was concerned the proposal would transfer the problem from one side of the neighborhood to the other.

“You have not taken safety into account,” he said. “If you have to use delineators, put the delineators on 33rd like you had planned.”

Hildebrand said he is “exasperated with the council's decision-making process.”

“We really did favor signage that would restrict traffic at peak times,” he said.

Hildebrand is referencing the town's initial discussion in November to place delineators at 33rd Street. That proposal was abandoned, and a community working group was formed to find other solutions.

Hildebrand said has been pushing for an “escalating methodology” starting with signage.

David Egee of Country Club Drive said the new route will bring traffic past his home. He asked the council to please reconsider this program and put the delineators at 33rd Street.

Walter Gibbs agreed.

“The idea of closing the east end of Country Club is the worst decision. I think we have transferred the safety concerns,” said Gibbs.

Tip Stinnette, a resident of Oakleigh Court, emphasized the community needs to meet in the coming weeks to coordinate and determine what to do after the 30-day program has been completed.

“It is important for the council to sit down with the community so we have steps in place. If we fail to engage the community, we fail to leverage the pilot,” Stinnette said.

Interim Town Manager John Anzivino said the 30-day pilot program will begin on Feb. 19, and police will begin to patrol and address any speed issues that may arise with the change.

The delineators will restrict non-emergency related vehicular traffic turning onto Glenmeade Circle from Country Club Drive, but will allow emergency vehicle access as needed.

During the pilot program, the town will be evaluating its effectiveness by monitoring traffic data, increased enforcement of neighborhood speed limits, and additional public comment.

Mayor Kwasi Fraser said this is an important matter for the community and requires a solution.

“This is a pilot program. We can always scale back to another solution,” Fraser said.

Vice Mayor Nedim Ogelman said, “I don't know what we are doing is a solution. We are testing potential solutions. Safety to me is more important than convenience,” he said.


The current setup wasn’t our design, but that of our neighbors who did not take the traffic volume seriously.  Now they are seeing a fraction of the problem firsthand and will hopefully now recognize that 1,200 cars need to be kept on the main roads and not allowed to drive through residential areas (sidewalk or not).  It’s very simple.  Safety over convenience.

Ameriken05, You now have the safety you desire. A private public road for you and a few of your closest friends. So please take the credit for it. You worked hard. Stop giving credit for your victory to individuals, neighborhoods or HOA’s.  Would you really expect anyone to believe that this new traffic pattern was the brainwork of anyone living on the path of the new cut through?  So have a BBQ to celebrate, but I wouldn’t expect your “friends” on West Country Club to show up. They will be busy dealing with the new problem that has been created for them.

Curious to see Mr. Hildebrand’s claim that residents of Catoctin Meadows prefer closing Country Club and 33rd intersection now.  This was originally proposed by residents on Country Club - but the solution was blocked by their HOA board in favor of solutions that would be “less extreme”, aka less impact on convenience. 

Glad to report the current measures are working, but that Country Club remains committed to eliminating ALL traffic (not simply redirecting), and hopefully now the entire neighborhood will get on board with the originally proposed solution.

Clearly a good place to add tolls to limit traffic congestion.

It’s a state maintained road funded by & used by taxpayers.  Sorry they don’t like it.

More ineptness, haplessly incompetent and clumsy

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