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UPDATE: Purcellville man seriously injured after Route 287 crash

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photos/Beverly Denny

A Purcellville man is in critical condition after the truck he was driving on Wednesday struck a utility pole on Route 287.

Chad Christopher Horton, 34, was airlifted from the scene, just north of Wheatland near John Wolford Road, to Inova Fairfax Hospital.

As of Wednesday night, he was listed in critical condition, according to Kraig Troxell, spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities said Horton was driving south on Route 287 around noon when, for unknown reasons, he drove off the right side of the road and lost traction. He then overcorrected to the left while crossing the northbound lane of the road and went onto the east shoulder where his truck flipped onto its passenger side and struck the utility pole.

The pole was broken in two places, authorities said.

A motorist traveling north on Route 287 came upon the crash moments later and called for help.

Rescue crews from Purcellville, Lovettsville and Leesburg and the Virginia State Police responded to the crash which closed at least one lane of traffic for hours while deputies with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office investigated.

Authorities said a preliminary investigation suggests Horton was speeding at the time of the crash.

He was not wearing his seatbelt, but authorities said his airbag did deploy.


to the editor….is there any update on the Horton boy….hows he doing

Any update on the Horton boy…hows he doing?? nothing posted for awhile…god bless him

To the Horton Family:  Our prayers are with you and Chad.  Our prayers are also with Sheila.  Slandering and pointing fingers will not aid in his healing process.  Now is the time to come together ... swallow your pride ... and allow Chad the respect he deserves to be with whom he truly loves and has chosen to share his life.  Chad and Sheila were very good friends, close to us and very dear to us.  Both Chad and Sheila deserve much more respect than shown in the comments below.  Our prayers go out to all of you.

Jeannie, Jerry and family: Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this tragic time of need.
It’s God’s time now to work on Chad. To fix him and give him back to your family. With much love from family to family. Mom wanted to say that her and Dad are praying for Chad. Missy(myself) and the family are praying and thinking of him always.Keeping Chad on our thoughts and minds until he recovers. With love Missy and family

From the reporter:

The story is up to date. Chad Horton is still in critical condition as of April 11, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

Crystal Owens

Sheila, we are so sorry about this devastating event. Our prayers are with you and Chad and all family and friends. Stay strong and God bless you.
Susan and Elena

The bigger the city you live in,the more people are much ruder, Thats one reason I moved from there.My prayers are with Chad and his loved ones.

Jeanie this is renee janice meeks (edwards) daughter we just heard about chad. We hope all is weill. We love yall and we will keep chad in our prayers.

terrible accident

I hope this man recovers quickly and fully, and I hope he, his family and all effected pull through this terrible ordeal.

These comments . . . goodness, what possesses people to judge and assume as some have here?  How can things like AIDS and hate be mentioned in comments after a story like this?

LTM, for decency

@ Shiela,
  You are NOT part of the Horton Family and NEVER will be..You are a sick,immature,a liar,thieving witch.This Family is going thru enought with out your simple mind writing comments that are Not true.

“After reading all the negative and rude comments I now remember why I hate people!  Get well soon Chad!”

I agree, “FTW.” I have never seen the amount of rudeness and non-caring attitude that I see here everyday. Guess it is par for the course when you are from Northern VA. Thank the Lord that there are STILL some kind people in this area (and on this board), and I am glad to hear that Chad is doing well and on the road to recovery. Prayers for him, his family, and the ugliness that is common in this area.

To all the wonderful and caring individuals who are requesting an update on Chad ... Chad is recovering slowly.  He needs rest and quiet time in order to heal.  Let’s respect his family and loved ones’ requests to make announcements when the time is appropriate.

can anyone update us on Chads condition?

Chad, Its a miracle that you survived and I think that God has a plan for you. You will come back home soon and you will be able to walk again just like you did when you stepped out of you house
God bless you and your family

Sorry for the typos…and email is
roos1107@aol.com for the below question…thanks!
If anyone can answer asap it would be greatly appreciated.

Would someone PLEASE update me on this man’s condiotion? My sister was the first on the scene and has been traumatized and crying since. She said it was a helpless, horible feeling to wait for help after she called 911 and with HIPPA laws, no one can give her answers on his condition. She wanted to at least hold his hand so he was not alone but couldn’t because of the transformer. Please email me at   roos1107@aol.co asap.  Everyone is in our prayers. Thank you.

Chad and Family,
It is times like this that seperate the true caring and loving people from the selfish motivated people.
My heart and prayers go out to the entire family.
If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
For those whom cast judgement, a familiar passage says ” let he who is with out sin cast the first stone”!

On behalf of all our worshipers here at UMC, our prayers go out to Chad, Sheila, and the Horton family.  If we can provide any assistance please do not hesitate to let us know.

This is a human being with a very loving family. Whom has lived in Loudoun County for years. Those of you judging probably think you are perfect.. Well NO ONE is perfect… My prayers go out to the Horton’s…

My friend was in the path of this car. Yes it was very frightning for her for the reason she had to almost hit another car to avoid being smashed from behind by this car at a high rate of speed, then less than a minute after,he had his accident. Thanks to the lord that her and her 2 small children were not hurt by all this. And all she had to say was poor man. And her idea of this Horrible, Horrible accident is that it looked to her as if his accelerator had been stuck or something else was wrong by the FEAR in his face. Did anyone ever think of that instead of all the the NASTY BS thats been written. You all should be ashamed of the person you see in the mirror, and get yourself to church.Say a prayer for Chad then say a prayer for yourself. Sheila and family your in my daily prayer. Also Congratulations Sheila on you engagement.

After reading all the negative and rude comments I now remember why I hate people!  Get well soon Chad!

all this banter sounds very much “west virginia”. am i right?

Dear Horton Family, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Chad.  You’re a strong family, don’t let the negative comments get to you. Chad is a fighter, he’ll get through this.  If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.  God bless you all.

I have been a close friend of the Horton Family and have gotten the privilege to know all of the handsome Horton boys. Chad came into my life about a year ago he was my best friend and partner he will always be a part of my life. I can always count on him to be there in my time of need to make my day brighter. We have shared many wonderful memories and days together. I will now carry him in my heart in his time of need. I hope someday that everyone gets to know the Chad I know.
Forever in my heart!!

Jay = idiot.
  Jay = no paying attention.
  Jay = nap time.

“Jay : i hope you get aids and spread it to your family before you die”

Now there is an intelligent comment.

Christopher like all of us may take the wrong turn. This single turn will cast a shadow on our
privlage of being human. To those of you who have found it soooo easy, try looking through the mirror and see if you might be better than he.
Mabye? I realy don’t think so. We are all so fragile that in one iota of a second we can & will be gone. This human being has friends & family that WILL stand at his side in his hour of need and rather than criticising him take at look at yourself. (Isn’t it ugly?)

I pray Mr Horton makes a full and speedy recovery!

Also I would like to add:

I am ashamed of the way some of the people on this website behave. Its a crying shame that their mommas didn’t teach them any manners. They are problably the same mannerless, arrogant people I see in the stores. I guess us lowly peons can only hope to attain the level of perfection that some of these people have attained. It seems that they only have enough drive to attack the dead, weak or illegal. None of which seem to be deemed worthy of their pity or sympathy. All I can say is I hope your perfect enough to walk through those Pearly Gates!

To the family of the vicitm, pay no attention to these cowards that post anonymously. God Bless.

Hey Sheila! We can’t believe this horrible news. Chad called from your condo Monday.  He was so excited.  I haven’t heard him so happy in a long time.  He always says he feels complete when he is with you and then he told us the news. I can’t imagine what you and his family are going through.  My heart goes out to you, him, and his family.  Dont let all these other fools get you down.  They aint worth it. All of you are in my prayers.  Stay tight.

Why do you supporters care what strangers type on this website? That’s what I don’t get. Just do your own thing, ignore it. This happens everytime there is a story about a car wreck or death. You supporters take the bait every time.

What is wrong with people these days? Chad is very close to me and know one knows him better than his family and I. He is a amazing person and this was a horrible thing that happened to him. People need to stop postings lies and leave him alone. Right now he needs his family and the ones who truly love and care for him. Talking about where he was,what he was doing, pictures, being engaged and nasty comments is nonsense. All I have to say to all of you is grow up and get a life!!!!!

Sheila, my prayers are with you and Mr. Horton’s family. Please do not pay attention to ingorant people” “Bless this family, Lord. This is my fervent prayer. Hold us safely in your arms, and sustain us by your care” Amen

I agree completely with those comments.  My dad had a seizure WHILE driving on Rt. 15 one day on a trip out of town and the comments were very much similar, people were pulling up to him (and my mom who was with him) yelling out their windows he shouldn’t be texting etc.  Did any of them stop to see if he and my mom were ok? NO.  Luckily, my mom was able to stop the car before it flipped as she reached over and steered it (and thank God his foot hit the brake when he seized not the gas) Nobody thinks of those things on an accident, always because they did something wrong, but people are so rude and ignorant in this area.

It is obvious this guy “Jay” doesn’t have any maturity or morals.  Why don’t you just use some judgement and say kind words instead of judging.  you have no idea of the situation, and should stop blogging to ANY site until you investigate your own inner human self.

Unbeknownst to anybody other than God, Chad left my home yesterday morning immediately before the accident.  I am extremely sickened and shocked that people can be so horrible.  If you were to see the photos we took these last few days you would not see a “fool”, you would see an individual with a mountain of pride.  Now is a time when people should come together and pray for Chad and his family.  Rude, snide, and insulting comments have no place in his world nor his family’s world.  They have no place in my world either especially since he was waiting to announce our engagement.

This is the second tragic accident in this area this week, and the second time that I’ve logged on to the LTM website and been really embarrassed and disappointed by my fellow citizens.  No matter what your OPINIONS may be or your SPECULATIONS of how and why an incident has occured, we are talking about human beings with families.  These families are all dealing with unspeakable tragedies that I pray never find their way into your life.  If they do, I hope you don’t have to endure the extreme disrespect that you are showing these people.  We are all better than this, it’s very disappointing.

My thoughts go out to Chad and his family.  He has always been a very nice guy, and hopefully he will have many more years to bring happiness to so many people.

Several people have been killed in the exact spot—long before cell phones and even before the new guard rails.  Just ask the owners how many times they have had to replace/repair the fences.

God bless and I hope he makes a full recovery.

dont judge someone till you have walked in their shoes.  my girlfriend here at work said that she has a friend that seen this guy just before and he had a very frightened look on his face.  Noone but the victim knows what happened leave the situation alone.  If you dont have something nice to say dont say anything - didnt anyone ever teach you people that - oh wait its called respect and so many ppl now a days dont have that

Who knows, maybe he had a medical emergency.  You all would feel terrible if that were the case, wouldn’t you?  I hope he recovers.

“This was a freak accident that could have happened to anyone at anytime. So please think before you make any comments about this accident. If it was one of your family members would you want all of these nasty comments said”

What is so hard to understand that it was not an “ACCIDENT”.  It was the result of some fool going way too fast for conditions.  He is lucky that he did not kill someone else.

I CANT BELIEVE ALL OF THE RUDE COMMENTS!!! He didnt have a phone!! Im glad that anal bleaching is more important than saving a persons life!!! Please keep your rude comments to yourself my family really doesn’t need to read this!! we are struggling though this as best we can!!I appreciate all of the positive comments!!! Know one knows what really happened but us!! This was a freak accident that could have happened to anyone at anytime. So please think before you make any comments about this accident. If it was one of your family members would you want all of these nasty comments said?

Wow, there is a lot of rushing to judgements in these posts. Any number of things could have happened to cause the accident, from the driver texting, to, sun being in his eyes, to, an animals running out in front of his car. Just so many possible reasons that no one should judge him.

Steve soccer jerseys

“It is called an accident for a reason.  You have no information to base these stupid remarks on your just running your mouths to get in print.  Pray for the driver

I think it all goes back to the old saying, when you Ass-U-me.  The man in this truck was someone’s son, brother or father. You might be in the same situation yourself some day and hope that others offer to pray for you instead of making cruel jokes.  God doesn’t like ugly!!!!

RYAN - I was with your friend until help arrived. Glad that he has friends. Please contact me at chtree1999@yahoo.com to let me know how he is. I’ve been trying to find out how he is but can’t since I don’t even know his name.
RUSTY - he’s not from VA
LONNIE - You’re right on.
This man is extremely fortunate to be alive, I was there with him.

For all those being disrespectful, just think if it was you or one of your family member….would you be cracking jokes about it???? What goes around comes around.

Some of the comments here are pretty surprising…full of speculation, and lacking the compassion that family members of the VICTIM deserve.  This man is my life long friend, and I ask politely that you consider your comments before posting here.

It is called an accident for a reason.  You have no information to base these stupid remarks on your just running your mouths to get in print.  Pray for the driver’s life!

Sheriffs department investigated the wreck from what I heard and state police assisted with traffic control. From the picture shown and from people I talked to this guy is extremely lucky to be alive

Umm, why are there pictures of the State Police investigating the crash? Did they investigate it or the Sheriff’s department?

Judging by the condition of that car he’s lucky to be alive.  Let’s hope he/she remains so.

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