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Purcellville woman’s leg grazed by bullet

A Purcellville woman had a bullet graze her leg Saturday afternoon as the result of the reckless discharge of a firearm, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies responded to the 3700 block of Chappelle Hill Road at 2:14 p.m., where a woman had reportedly been grazed in the leg by a bullet.

It was later determined two suspects had been target shooting in the area that day. According to LCSO, the round that had been shot off originated from the 3700 block of Cooksville Road, the address where suspects Elijah Balleweg, 21, and Merrill Balleweg, 23, both of Purcellville, lived.

Both Ballewegs were arrested and charged with reckless handling of a firearm. They were released on a personal recognizance bond.


The percentage of being hit by a stray bullet in the country is about the same as being hit by a meteorite of falling doodoo from a plane.

If so many rounds are fired per weekend, why aren’t there more stories of people being hit by bullets. The answer is , because shooting on private property in the Western end is not a problem. also, A lot of these people are not untrained. Most are prior Military, LE or have undergone hunter safety. It’s not an issue, this was an accident.

MP1C88, great comments and reveals the problem more clearly.

First “doesn’t happen more often” assumes you have an acceptable wounded or killed number in mind? Is it 1 or 10 or somewhere higher?

The only Virginia law is to be 100 yards from a highway. There aren’t any specific to zombie target practice. Ranges can be built without zoning oversight. (oversight not regulation)

I will let you educate yourself but civil war muskets could fire about 2 rounds per minute. Semi auto pistols and AR15 with 30 round clips probably beat that firing rate don’t you think?

Deflecting to the airlines and remote city crime has nothing to do with western Loudoun,the LTM story or the next victim of a preventable accident.

froggen, where do you get your statistics on rounds fired? This type of thing doesn’t happen more often because most people do use common sense… duh.

You want to regulate something that the government has no business regulating on private property? There are already laws and ordinances that restrict the location, in what direction, and how far from a residence people can fire guns in Loudoun. If any of those laws are broken, people can be charged.

It is incredibly ignorant for you to engage in scare tactics without a valid reason to do so. It’s like saying 300 people died on an airplane the other day, planes are so unsafe and you should avoid them at all costs… when in reality the likelihood of dying in a plane crash is only 1 in 29.4 people.

I’m sure you’d feel more safe in Chicago or NYC where gun laws are extremely strict.

What a tragedy! Surprisingly this isn’t a more common occurrence in western Loudoun. For those who don’t live here, more rounds are fired each weekend than in any of the past civil war battles fought here.

As a long time gun owner myself , the time is overdue for target ranges (not gun owners) to require approved zoning permits that include a safety inspection, posted laws and warnings to simply protect the people, animals and property of nearby neighbors or visitors. Common sense stuff similar to the process that the county requires for private swimming pools on private land.

The assumed God given right of the second amendment does not include dangering fellow citizens by ignorance or plain stupidity with firearms. 

What we have today are unprofessional weekend warrior target shooters most anywhere they can find 1 acre of land firing away without formal training or an approved backstop by a regulating authority.

If you visit western Loudoun beware you may become the next person wounded in the battle of the western Loudoun zombie targets.

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