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Purcellville town attorney denies sexual harassment claims made by on-leave town manager

Alex Vanegas
Purcellville Interim Town Manager Alex Vanegas, who is currently on paid administrative leave, filed a sexual harassment complaint against Town Attorney Sally Hankins on Dec. 1.

Mayor Kwasi Fraser confirmed he has received the complaint.

Hankins denies the claim.

“The allegation against me is not true, and I will cooperate fully with the town’s investigation of the complaint,” she said.

Fraser said “the town takes all allegations of sexual harassment very seriously."

“Immediately, we have begun working with our HR team to promptly review and investigate this and other recent allegations,” Fraser said.

Fraser added that Hankins remains on staff as town attorney while Vanegas' complaint is under review.

“If upon our review, there is a need to readdress that, we will,” he said.

Fraser said the town is committed to learning what has occurred, being transparent with the people of Purcellville and “putting into place systems to ensure best practices moving forward.”

Hankins has been the town's attorney since June 1, 2012.

Vanegas was placed on administrative leave Nov. 21 pending the outcome of an independent investigation regarding police chief Cynthia McAlister.

McAlister was fired Nov. 2 after a town-funded investigation claimed to substantiate accounts that the police chief abused her powers and failed to adhere to town procedures and policies.

The investigation was conducted by private human resources investigator Georgia Nuckolls. The findings were called into question after Nuckolls' criminal history, which includes felony fraud and forgery convictions in North Carolina, was revealed by town officials. Town officials also stated Nuckolls was having a relationship with a town employee involved in the investigation.

In an interview on Nov. 29, Vanegas denied any relationship with Nuckolls, other than “a friendship we developed because we worked closely together,” Vanegas said.

Purcellville is in the process of retaining an independent investigator to conduct an audit and investigation of actions taken by Vanegas over the last several months.

The town's director of administration, Hooper McCann, is currently serving as the interim town manager until a new interim town manager is appointed.


In today’s society, once you’ve been accused, no proof is needed - YOU ARE GUILTY.

@Loudoun4Trump - You seem to be making the assumption that the Purcellville Town Council is in their right mind.

No one in their right mind would sexually harass this guy.

I never get to say this so I’m going to try and soak this up…... I agree with Fred Sanford!

The story fails to remind us that the HR investigator apparently received the contract (or lack thereof) after beating out two other alleged bidders that never actually submitted bids in the first place. Yet another bid of weirdness…

And if anyone’s waiting for Jimmerson to show ANY leadership whatsoever, I hope you’re not holding your breath. Here’s a Facebook post from her just today regarding the sexual harassment allegation by Venegas…

Karen Hieber Jimmerson
I have PTSD!

Someone wrote earlier that Ogleman was/is an idiot. Not saying you’re wrong, but Jimmerson is the biggest idiot of them all.

Does anyone know where they can find an HR Investigator, felony convictions are not required but a plus.

There once was a television show based on a Stephen King novel called “Under The Dome” about an invisible and mysterious force field descends upon the small town of Chester’s Mill, Maine trapping residents inside, cut off from the rest of civilization. Can we please have this happen to Purcellville. I worked in local government for over thirty years and this is the most bizarre and ridiculous set of circumstances I’ve ever seen. This is way beyond the initial release of Chief McAlister. And as for Alex Vanegas….wow just wow every-time you are quoted it just looks that much worse player.

Wow, the hits just keep on coming. Maybe Nuckolls can do the investigation into this one as well.

word on the street is that Jimmerson and Grimm are pursuing yet another investigation within the Town of Purcellville, upset that they weren’t named in Vanegas’s sexual harassment complaint. This has gone beyond absurd.

How about some of all the old fashioned theater candy too!  Since all of these folks, age wise, are adults can we have beer and wine sales also?  In all the places I’ve lived this is better than any of the daytime soaps.  J. R. Ewing would love all the twists and turns of this plot.

Meanwhile, we’re the fools left footing the bill for this disaster.  What an absolute embarrassment of a town government.  Yet, how soon things will be forgotten…most likely by election day.

We need some more popcorn in Purcellville. This soap opera is getting good.

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