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Purcellville Town Council: Police Department not at risk of reduced funding

Purcellville Town Council met and discussed the coming year's budget during a public hearing Tuesday.

One of the main topics was funding for the police department -- there has been speculation the department's budget may get cut.
“This is not the case, and we are not de-funding the police department,” said Purcellville Mayor Kwasi Fraser.
Fraser said council did not target the police department for a lower budget for the coming year.
“Contrary to the statements made by a few, this Town Council is actually pursuing enhancement to the police department with this budget. We have proposed funding for a new vehicle, equipment upgrades, 3 percent raise, and an opportunity for bonuses,” Fraser said. “We have also proposed adding a new patrol officer, while three are going through the academy. I encourage every citizen and business owner to review the budget document for the facts and not rely on the false narratives posted on social media.”

Council member Ryan Cool said all town staff members, both full- and part-time, can expect to see a 3 percent increase in salary.

Cool suggested that – as a way to eliminate the politicization of pay raises – he will introduce a proposal to link raises with those on the county or state level.  This proposal will be on the agenda for discussion May 23, he said. He said this would make Purcellville unique because very few localities, if any, take this approach.


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