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Purcellville town manager steps down

Purcellville Town Manager Robert Lohr announced tonight he is retiring from his post effective July 1.

Purcellville Mayor Kwasi Fraser proposed the motion that Lohr would retire from his post before a crowded council chambers, with Town Council members voting unanimously in agreement.

Lohr spoke to confirm he was announcing his retirement after almost 25 years on the job. He thanked the community and said it was a difficult decision. Lohr said his wife and children had encouraged him "to take this leap of faith."

Council member Doug McCollum said the majority of council members had decided to "separate the town manager from his position." He went on to say Lohr had ideas to address issues raised in his evaluation but those ideas weren't heard.

Two Purcellville Town Council closed-session meetings were held as part of a employee review process involving Lohr.

The first closed session was a three-hour meeting held April 11. During the second, on April 18, a motion was made by McCollum to enter into a closed session to discuss the “annual performance, demotion, disciplining, separation agreement from the Town’s payroll by retirement or resignation or other appropriate action based on this evaluation.”

It was indicated at the time that the motion was related to Lohr.

According to town sources, it has been several years since Lohr’s last full review.

There was speculation that it was more than a “normal” review process because of the manner in which the special meetings were called.

Lohr is one of the longest-serving town managers in northern Virginia, having served in local government for 30 years. He has been town manager in Purcellville since March 1993.

Former Mayor Bob Lazaro issued a statement following the vote, saying Lohr "has served our community with distinction for nearly 25 years."

"When he first arrived in Purcellville the town routinely borrowed money to make payroll -- today it is a thriving, sustainable Triple-A rated community with $5.6 million in its rainy day fund," Lazaro said. "More importantly, Rob has been involved in the community whether as a youth football coach, volunteer firefighter or other volunteer activity. He also demonstrated time and time again no job was too small for him to be involved."


I guess the little Town ain’t so little anymore.

very sad. Did not even let him stay on til 2018.  That means the taxpayers are going to give Bob Lohr a big payout.  Citizens came out in droves according to the other newspaper to support Lohr.  But this is a very very wierd group of councilpeople in Purcellville.  But there is an election next May to throw out some of them for what they did here.


Those are the TC members who decided for the past 24 years majority of the citizens were wrong about our Town Manager and Staff.I don’t know about you, but I may not have agreed with every COUNCIL decision over the past decades but I have never had an issue that wasn’t addressed professionally both by staff and/or Rob himself. 

We will deeply miss Rob Lohr’s leadership.  And greatly look forward to the next election when we can wave these 5 goodbye!

Retiring at age 57 with I’m assuming a full pension.
Not bad for government work.

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