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Racist graffiti reported on campaign signs

Not all Election Day news is good.

The Sheriff’s Office was contacted this morning with a report that campaign yard signs had been defaced near the intersection of Broad Run Drive and Dairy Lane in the Broad Run Farms section of Sterling.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, racial epithets, profanity and a swastika were painted on the signs and nearby street.

The Sheriff’s Office has been unable to contact the homeowners, who are believed to have not been home at the time of the incident.


What has this to do with Mitt Romney. Quite a jump you make you are a loon.

Isn’t every district represented by a republican? If so I don’t see the jump from a republican district to losing elections. Are you implying all residents are racists clowns or just the ones who disagree with you. Sounds like powers is predijuiced against any and all republicans to me. Stupid, you be the judge I have my independent view.

Classy yes, but was not from Delgaudio’s district.  This was Broad Run Farms, so it was in one of Delgaudio’s Republican friends’ district.
Exactly the kind of mentality that loses Presidential elections.  Yet the pundits cannot figure out why minority populations wouldn’t vote for their candidate.

Keeping it classy in Delgaudio’s district as always

The other local paper provided photos.  Not sure why the LTM wouldn’t mention which candidate.

gee I wonder which candidate’s signs were defaced with racial epithets and swastikas.

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