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Ramadan files complaint on Greenway rates

State Del. David Ramadan (R-87th) filed a complaint Dec. 3 with the State Corporation Commission (SCC) requesting current toll rates along the Dulles Greenway be investigated for possible compliance failure.

Ramadan also wants a current application for a rate hike from Greenway’s owner, Toll Road Investors Partnership II (TRIP II), to be suspended.

In November, TRIP II applied for the maximum-allowed rate increase along the Greenway.

“I believe that an investigation by the SCC of the tolls on the Dulles Greenway would find that the current two-axle toll rates are not in compliance with the Code of Virginia,” Ramadan stated in an email. “Any further increase in these tolls would be inappropriate until after this compliant is property considered and resolved the SCC.”

-Trevor Baratko


You forgot religion

@Spark, The Virginia Corporate Transportation Act of 1988 is the bill that allows the privatization of roads in Virginia. When it was written, one of the clauses stated that the rates cannot be set so high as to discourage people from driving on the road. I and many people I personally know do not drive on the road because it is way too expensive. How many people have to not drive on the road before it’s considered incompliant with the law?

If there were better alternative public road routes, no one would drive on the the Greenway at all. Yet even though Loudoun residents pay some of the highest taxes in the state, our public road improvement going East-West is nearly non-existent because the Greenway is seen as a solution available to all, when it’s really only available to those who can afford $11 a day to avoid the ill-suited public roads that we already pay for.

I think the mantra is that the Constitution/Law rules, and then private enterprise.

I’m confused.  Ramadan is a Republican.  I thought their mantra was private enterprise rules, and the less government intrusion, the better ?  Well, the Greenway is a private toll road.  They are making a buck (lots of them !).  Isn’t that the objective ?  If you think it’s too high, then don’t drive on it.  (Then maybe they’d lower the price).  Now, he wants Government to step in and effectively control the rate.  Sounds Democratic to me.

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