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Ramadan opponent, Bell, hits the airwaves

Virginia’s 87th House of Delegates District – comprised of portions of Loudoun and Prince Williams counties – is expected to be one of the tightest in the region. Del. David Ramadan won his 2011 bid by just 51 votes out of more than 10,500 cast. Graphic courtesy/VPAP


John Bell, the Democrat challenging Republican state Del. David Ramadan in the Virginia House of Delegates 87th District, launched a TV ad last week highlighting his experience as a finance officer in the U.S. Air Force.

Bell is the first local candidate for the House out with a TV ad.

The race for the 87th District – comprised of portions of Loudoun and Prince William counties – is expected to be one of the tightest in the region. Ramadan won his 2011 bid by just 51 votes out of more than 10,500 cast, and last year more than 56 percent of voters in the district cast ballots for Democratic President Barack Obama.

Bell's ad never mentions Ramadan, instead focusing on the Democrat's call to “cut the waste [in the Virginia budget] and keep what matters.”

“When voters hear about my history of streamlining government and managing budgets in the Air Force and get to know what we are fighting for – good schools, a robust economy and long-term transportation solutions – they join our team,” Bell states on his website. “This ad helps tell that story.”

Ramadan would not say Monday whether he plans to run any TV ads, but he did chime in on his opponent's spot.

When asked about the ad, Ramadan said his focus as a lawmaker has been on “jobs, stopping tax increases and ensuring that Virginians have more say in their health care.”

“If John Bell is interested in cutting waste – he would immediately oppose expanding Medicaid and oppose implementing Obamacare – which will cost Virginia families thousands of dollars in increased costs, and kill small business and employment,” Ramadan said. “Those are the issues that John Bell doesn't want voters in Loudoun and Prince William to ask about.”

In response, Bell's campaign manager Joe Hamill said, “It doesn't take an Air Force budget expert like Major Bell to see that Medicaid expansion will bring federal tax dollars that we have already paid back to Virginia, help get healthcare to folks who need it and save Virginia money – Major Bell will help fix our budget, not push a hard line partisan agenda.”

At last financial filing, which was compiled through August, Bell had an advantage in terms of cash on hand. The Democrat reported more than $131,000 to Ramadan's $116,000, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

This story has been updated from an earlier version.

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As I said I am not part of a political party but you are too busy trying to shoot arrows to understand that. Who is the liberal tax and spender, Liz? You haven’t been keeping up to date if that’s what you are implying. Maybe you are thinking of the other Miller and that would support your inconsistent facts about her money management skill set. It’s OK to take cheap shots but have your facts straight before you do.

Not a tea bagger, however I want less govt, less taxes and believe the woman should have a choice on abortion. I voted for Obama in 08 and Romney in 12. I wanted change and unfortunately didn’t get it from Obama and Romney was not a far right winger. yeah, the far right scares me more(Dick Black). I’m a 1% and can live with higher taxes because I budget my money.

Ah, the slings and arrows of—whatever! Anyway, I might, if I may be so presumptuous, hazard the guess that oranges869, and by extension thereof, all tea bagger types who have been commenting of late that they will happily vote for a left liberal tax and spend democrat, over a RINO republican, might be unhappy when someone wonders why the INCONSISTENCY!  Then to see that Liz Miller is “right” on money issues (like increased taxes and more government spending) really gives one pause.  And me wonders, oh yes I do, just what kind of infighting is going on right now in the republican party.  Looks pretty darn intense to me.  Oh, well, always fun, right?

Sooooooooooooo last I checked there is no R or D or teabag by my name on my voter registration card. Anyone who votes a slate because the candidates have a R or a D next to their name should have their voter privilege taken away. I’m sure that many here would vote that you have a face made for radio nevertheless extreme views you call them I call them strong feelings my not so funny fellow. I align myself with Miller on money matters and if that makes me a rat it’s Mr. Rat to you

I’m ready to vote again, anti-incumbant. Sorry Tag, you’ve done nothing for us in northern va. I’m not brainwashed to vote for you again. The few bills with your name were stinkers(School grades, something about motorcycles being able to turn left at red light….) Come on man, grow a pair. How about bring back more money to Northern va? Or finding ways to get the Dulles Toll road free since it’s been paid for many years ago?

Looooooooooooooove it!  But the story that I Looooooooooooooooove, is being missed.  That tea bag republicans like oranges860 and others, would rather back an extreme liberal democrat, than see a republican they don’t like, win.  Really?  Like, lets see.  The demo’s that oranges869 so very much wants to see win, will actually get his vote next time out?  No way!  So, I guess, rather than the tea bags going into the water, the tea bag voter wants the boat sunk.  Really, I thought the rats would want off the sinking ship, not ride it down to the bottom.

“...LaRock in a walk…”? Really? Sounds like someone’s counting his chickens before they’ve hatched…in my travels, I’m seeing more and more Daniel signs popping up. Seems folksa re realizing that Daniel is the one with substance, not LaRock. I do agree with you that Major Bell is highly qualified to serve; he and Mrs. Daniel will make quite a pair of freshman delegates in Richmond.

I cannot get upset with Ramadan because he stuck to his guns and was against the transportation bill. This Bill that Greason, Minchew and May voted for will increase in years to come kind of like the energizer bunny it keeps taxing and taxing. Thanks Tag, Randy and Joe. What about the Taiwan trip and not reporting it initially? We have a good start now that Joe May has been ousted in a primary. Liz Miller should beat Tag the taxman, LaRock in a walk and lets make it a sweep by ringing for Bell

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