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Randall changes course, will use private funds for women’s commission

Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D) at the dais in the board room. Times-Mirror File Photo
After Loudoun Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) vowed last month to continue with plans for a Commission on Women and Girls with funds from her district budget, Randall announced today she will only use privately raised money for the group.

Additionally, the chairwoman announced she is now accepting applications for the initiative.

Randall said the idea of the commission came at the request of citizen and nonprofit groups as a way to tackle issues facing young women, including domestic violence, internet and social media safety and bullying and human trafficking. The initiative will also encourage young girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

In January, Loudoun supervisors voted along party lines against creating the new commission and argued it was not the role of the county’s governing body to implement such a commission.

Despite the vote, Randall said she would still use county facilities to hold meetings for the commission, use taxpayer money from her district budget to fund it and post information about the initiative on county websites and through her newsletter.

“I very much intend to do this initiative from the office of the chair,” Randall said from the dais in January. “I don’t want to be unclear, and I don’t want to be coy, and I want to be upfront with you all. I want to be up front with the people in Loudoun: This is too important for me for it not to happen, this will absolutely happen.”

Today Randall said she will only use privately raised funds for the commission.

The Commission on Women and Girls will be made up of 15 citizen appointees from various fields of expertise. Randall said she intends to appoint individuals with experience in the following industry clusters:

-A Development Director - One position
-A Liaison from the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative - One position
-A Financial Planning Specialist - One position
-An Educator - One position
-An Employment Specialist - One position
-An Etiquette Coach - One position
-Social Media Experts (One with knowledge in social media safety) - Two positions
-Experts in the STEM and/or STEAM fields - Two positions
-Domestic Violence Prevention Specialist - Two positions
-At-Large Seats - Three positions (One Student position)

The deadline to apply is March 17. The application can be found online at https://www.Loudoun.Gov/DocumentCenter/View/126107.

For more information, contact Chair Randall’s office at 703-777-0204 email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Politicians using government and tax payer money to push good intentions for a select few = Progressivism.

Will we see who these private funds are from?

Buffacuse, that’s the point. She can use her office funds as she sees fit (other than for personal or partisan purposes). She doesn’t care about the will of the county and should be voted out.

If she is using her phone, accepting applications on the county-sponsored Loudoun.gov website, and using her office to support the effort—she is in fact using county funds…which is what the Board voted against.  Reminds me of Emperor Palpatine saying “I love Democracy.”

Funny how Democrats love to become dictators when they take power. There is nothing about the Commission on Women and Girls that is beneficial to the county. It is a special interest that is attempting to be funded with the public funds of hard working county residents.

I’m abhorred that she is still trying to follow through on this sexist and intolerant idea.  Randall needs to spend less time daydreaming about a club and more time solving real issues that Loudoun faces.  This is just disgusting on all levels.

I think President Trump should do exactly what Chairperson Randall is doing. The BOS voted against it and she’s going to do it anyway. Trump should take the same approach. Let’s see how that goes. There would be a flood of liberal tears deep enough to stop the drought in California.

Randall claimed in federal court pleadings that she doesn’t have the authority to coordinate such activities out of her office. Each of these emails is just added as an exhibit in her civil rights violation trial.

Just what is going on here?!  This is a COUNTY commission, and this article says only Chair Randall will pick the people on it?!  Really!  Since when does a county commission get run by the sole and dictatorial power grab of one supervisor?  Clearly Ms. Randall needs a time-out here.

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