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The latest of the killing of Nabra Hassanen

Darwin Martinez Torres
Update: June 21, 1:13 p.m.

Tawny Wright, a spokeswoman for the Fairfax County Police Department, said the department's investigation into the killing of Nabra Hassanen's death is ongoing.

Wright would not give specifics on whether detectives believe Hassanen was sexually assaulted during the attack and killing. But the FCPD spokeswoman said that possibility is part of the ongoing investigation.

Detectives have also not released exactly where Hassanen was killed, whether in Loudoun County or Fairfax County.

A vigil for Hassanen will be held tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Lake Anne Plaza in Reston.

At the ADAMS Center Tuesday, Chaplain Joshua Salaam said Hassanen was a beautiful and thoughtful woman who encouraged her friends to “give to people who are in need, even if it’s your last dollar” and “befriend people who other people don’t like.”

“When you knew her, you might possibly begin to understand why this is so hard for this community -- because an angel was taken,” Salaam said.

While Fairfax County officials have said they don't believe the incident is a hate crime, they have not ruled out the possibility.

Mahmoud Hassanen, Nabra's father, said he believes his daughter was targeted because of her religion, according to NBC 4 in Washington.

A LaunchGood.com fundraiser for Hassanen's family has raised $313,000.

Update: June 20, 4:45 p.m.

The prosecution of Darwin Martinez Torres in the killing of Nabra Hassanen will be handled by the Fairfax County commonwealth's attorney, according to Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman.

Authorities with Loudoun and Fairfax counties had been deliberating over which jurisdiction would lead the prosecution of Torres, who allegedly killed the 17-year-old Hassanen early Sunday morning. (Read more details below.)

Plowman said either jurisdiction could have handled the case, but given the investigation began in Fairfax, it made more sense for the prosecution to be handled there.

Hassanen's body was found in a pond in Sterling in eastern Loudoun County.

Update: June 19, 6:26 p.m.

Fairfax County Police detectives believe road rage -- not race or religion -- played a role in the assault and murder of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen of Reston Sunday.

Fairfax officials released the following information Monday night:

"An autopsy this afternoon revealed the body recovered from a pond in Loudoun County is that of a Reston teenager who went missing early Sunday morning. The victim has been identified as Nabra Hassanen, 17, of Reston. The autopsy results show Nabra suffered from blunt force trauma to the upper body after a road rage incident. Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, of Sterling, is charged with her murder.

The preliminary investigation reveals at about 3:40 a.m. on Sunday, a group of as many as 15 teenagers was walking and riding bikes on Dranesville Road. The group of teens had been attending an overnight event at a mosque, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society or ADAMS Center, and had left to go to a fast food restaurant. As they were returning to the mosque, some were on the sidewalk and others were on the road itself. Detectives believe Torres came upon the teens while he was driving. The investigation reveals a teenaged boy on a bike began arguing with Torres. Torres then drove his car onto the curb as the group scattered. Witnesses say Torres caught up with them a short time later in a nearby parking lot and got out of his car armed with a baseball bat and began chasing the group. Torres was able to catch Nabra. His anger over the encounter led to violence when he hit Nabra with a baseball bat. Torres then took Nabra with him in his car to a second location nearby in Loudoun County.

Patrol officers were notified of the incident and began to investigate. Torres later was taken into custody at about 5:15 a.m. Sunday by a Fairfax County Police Department patrol officer who noticed what he believed to be the involved car. FCPD Underwater Search and Recovery Unit members recovered Nabra’s body from a pond in Loudoun County yesterday evening.

There is nothing to indicate at this point this tragic case was a hate crime. No evidence has been uncovered that shows this murder was motivated by race or religion. It appears the suspect became so enraged over the traffic dispute it escalated into deadly violence. If during the course of this ongoing criminal investigation, information or evidence later surfaces that would indicate this was hate-motivated, detectives would certainly ensure appropriate charges are filed.

Detectives believe Torres acted alone and are not looking for any other suspects in this active case. Torres remains held without bond.

This is a complex criminal investigation and we always strive to only release factual information. We know there was a lot of misinformation circulating, but we ask for your patience as we work diligently to share the facts rather than speculation. We’ve recently learned that this case may be prosecuted in Loudoun County due to elements of the various crimes and where they occurred."

Multiple media outlets are reporting the killer, 22-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres, was living in the country illegally.

Original story plus updates:

Remains believed to be those of a missing 17-year-old Muslim girl from Fairfax County were found in a pond in Sterling Sunday afternoon. A 22-year-old man, Darwin Martinez Torres of Sterling, has been charged with murder in connection to the case, according to Fairfax County Police.

The remains were found in a pond in the 21500 block of Ridegtop Circle around 3 p.m.

The girl, a member of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, went missing after she was walking with friends in the area of the ADAMS mosque in Sterling around 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. Sunday.

ADAMS is one of the largest mosques in the D.C. region.

According to Fairfax County Police, an investigation determined she was walking with friends and got into a dispute with a man driving a car, who exited his vehicle and assaulted the victim. Multiple sources have said the attacker wielded a baseball bat.

Fairfax County Police spokeswoman Tawny Wright said authorities do not believe the victim was targeted because she was Muslim. The incident is not being investigated as a hate crime.

While detectives believe the remains are those of the missing 17-year-old, a medical examiner has yet to confirm that, according to Fairfax police.

Media outlets have reported the girl's name is Nabra. Muslims are currently observing the holy month of Ramadan, a month of sunrise-to-sunset fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief. This annual observance is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

An ADAMS official told the Washington Post members of the mosque regularly go to 24-hour after early-morning prayers to eat before fasting for the day.

Fairfax County Police are leading the investigation in the incident because it began as a missing person case in Fairfax.

"We are devastated and heartbroken as our community undergoes and processes this traumatic event. It is a time for us to come together to pray and care for our youth. ADAMS has licensed counselors on site to assist anyone in need of counseling during these difficult times," ADAMS officials said in a statement.

The Anti-Defamation League is encouraging Fairfax police to investigate the incident as a possible hate crime.

"Such incidents send shock waves through the entire community and have the potential to make communities feel unsafe and vulnerable," said Doron F. Ezickson, the Washington D.C. regional director for the Anti-Defamation League. "We must come together to send an opposing message that all people, regardless of their religious or ethnic background, are safe, welcome and protected. The Muslim community should know that we stand united with them during this extremely difficult time.”

A LaunchGood.com campaign for Nabra's family raised more than $50,000 for the family within several hours of its initiation.

This is a Times-Mirror news alert. Check back for more information as it becomes available.


@Loudoun4Trump, you forgot the soon to be felon in the White House on your side.  Wait until the Mueller report comes out, then and only then will you understand the power of the dark side.

Cindy - yes it is left and right…one side allowed 1000s of thugs, gang members and the like enter our country illegally and the other side is trying to stop this and correct the terrible policies of the past.  What is disrespectful is allowing criminals into our country and community that does this type of stuff ..very sad for the victim and their family, we now have leadership that will throw out these bad hombres instead of inviting them in…and yes the left will continue to attack and resist and call those that want safe communities as being hatefilled and xenaphobic and racist because they do not want to live with these thugs. Wierd in my opinion.

I am wondering if an investigation is going to be done on the mosque. They have minors come in and out without supervision. These children should have never left the mosque without parental supervision. Parents would be smart enough to know not to let their underaged children be out at 3 in the morning.

Public schools should teach self defense even if it requires bringing outside martial arts teachers into the school system for classes.
Bob O__ Esq.

Leave it to SGP to see the random murder in our community, and raise the question of how he can get some of the donations (via taxes) and hope that the family that lost a young life gives away some of the funds to others….smh

“A Loudoun County police officer from New York made me clear of a very important issue that I don’t think many are aware of. He said that a large number of the crimes being committed in Loudoun (particularly Sterling) are from young Hispanic men that are entering the country “illegally”.”

The hell you say?  No, I don’t believe it!

If $270K (or any sum) could have saved this girl’s life, then it would be worthwhile.  Nothing will bring her back.  Unlike the single mother in Leesburg who was killed, nobody is dependent on this girl’s financial earnings.  So while tragic, the thought that we donate $100K’s to the family to heal their loss seems odd.  In fact, I’m guessing the family would rather that most of that money (beyond the funeral costs, etc.) go to a worthwhile cause that might prevent such tragedies.

But leave it to Equity to deflect from the true meaning of a comment.

No, the contributions to the LaunchGood site are NOT tax deductible, and for ADAMS to make such a claim is a misuse of their tax exempt status.

Look at IRS Publication 526, which states, “You can’t deduct contributions to specific individuals, including contributions to individuals who are needy or worthy. You can’t deduct these contributions even if you make them to a qualified organization for the benefit of a specific person. But you can deduct a contribution to a qualified organization that helps needy or worthy individuals if you don’t indicate that your contribution is for a specific person.

Example. You can deduct contributions to a qualified organization for flood relief, hurricane relief, or other disaster relief. However, you cannot deduct contributions earmarked for relief of a particular individual or family.”

The LaunchGood site is a fund specifically set up for the Hassanan family. As such, any contributions to the fund are not deductible as charitable contributions.

Tax deductibility should never be a motive for giving, and people should be encouraged to contribute here as their hearts lead. They just should not do so with the expectation of a tax deduction as a result.

To the person who says he doesn’t look guilty, what? This guy was obviously in a fight.

A Loudoun County police officer from New York made me clear of a very important issue that I don’t think many are aware of. He said that a large number of the crimes being committed in Loudoun (particularly Sterling) are from young Hispanic men that are entering the country “illegally”. Read on… This blew my mind. So these people under 18 get to US border. They tell the border control that they have a relative in say- Baltimore. The “uncle” is called and he says, “Yeah, that is my nephew. Send him up.” In reality this is a ring operation that is being used to bring in young Hispanics illegally. So instead of gathering up these young people and busing them back to Mexican authorities, they spend our tax money to transport these kids to scammers here in the US, which should also make us question how many of these youngsters are exploited as sex slaves. This is a very, very serious issue which needs to be addressed. As one can imagine many of these young people could have some serious childhood problems, could be gang members, etc. I would not be surprised if this was the case in this particular incident. No matter where this girl is from, or her religion, this is an absolute tragedy. This could have easily been anyone’s mother, sister, daughter or even son, seeing that he was running after all of the children. To me this girl is as dear as my own daughter. In fact, although I don’t let my daughters out at night, they do go to the same mosque on occasion. I keep repeating the same thing again and again to all of my children, the younger ones and those over 18. You have no business out after dark. I understand why these children were out, as they thought they could all get some breakfast before starting their fast at 4 am. However, at the mosque I personally would tell the kids not to go out, and they had no business out at night. Of course this never excuses a perpetrator, however it lessons the likelihood of being a victim under the cover of darkness.

“omg - did someone just say that a dead 17 year is not worth $270k raised?  callous”

Equity, the fund-raising site is described as “Crowdfunding Incredible Muslims Worldwide”.  It appears to be a project of the ADAMS Center that funds Islamic causes.

Furthermore, if you check out the donation site, the goal is actually $350,000, of which $292,160 has already been raised. It’s fair to ask if the family is actually going to get that entire amount. The donation site says this:

“The funds are being collected by ADAMS center, the community where Nabra is from and will be provided to the family upon completion of the campaign. Imam Magid, the leader of ADAMS is working closely with the family during their time of need. Nabra leaves behind three younger siblings and a grieving family. Your donation will inshallah take a financial burden off their shoulders as they begin the healing process and prepare for the future. ADAMS is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and all donors will receive tax deductible receipts. Thank you for supporting the family during this difficult time.”

The donations are tax deductible because ADAMS is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The funds are going directly to the ADAMS Center, and then to the family….

what worth does each of us put on our own children? just asking

“it’s the notion that one life is more important than another that just strikes me the wrong way” really?

omg - did someone just say that a dead 17 year is not worth $270k raised?  callous

What is with you people that want to blame everything on Obama??? get a life! Do you have any clue when he got here or why? It could have been under Trump. Take a little responsibility and find out facts instead of the lazy way a scapegoat. Yeah, I know it is so much easier to blame someone you hate.

I think they refer to her as “Muslim girl” to help explain her circumstances. Some people who skim articles would wonder why a 17 year old was hanging out with a bunch of kids at that late hour figuring that they were up to no good.

Leave it to “Loudoun4rump” to trash the liberals.  This isn’t a liberal or a right wing conservative thing.  This is a human thing!!!!  This isn’t a Obama or Rump thing!  White Americans commit these crimes everyday.  This punk as kid had no business being here just like many other nationalities that are here.  The racial remarks are just low class. Leave, race, politics and religion out of this.  It’s just disrespectful.

May Nabra’s family somehow find peace.  Prayers.

This was horrific.  Nobody deserves to be touched, much less struck or killed, for what they say.  Ever.

But this article and event open several questions.

1. Why is the victim constantly referred to as a “Muslim girl” as if her identity is solely that of a Muslim.  Seems like she is an American and it doesn’t matter her race or religion.  The perpetrator was not referred to as a “Hispanic man” or “illegal alien”.  It’s almost as if some media outlets have established certain groups as separate and protected classes.  A murder is sufficient to warrant outrage, support for the family and determination to remove those violent aliens who should never have been here.

2. The fundraising site has raised $270K with a goal of $300K.  Nothing is sufficient to cover the pain of the family but this is an extraordinary sum.  Other minority victims raised only a fraction of that amount such as the single mother who was killed by her ex in Leesburg.  And ADAMS appears to be claiming that it’s all tax-free.  As long as you funnel money through their mosque, you can apparently funnel money to any individual tax-free.  I don’t understand how that’s legal with the IRS.  I would hope that after providing the family with a sizable sum, part of that collection could fund other worthwhile needs.

3. The Anti-Defamation League appears to believe that if a minority is killed, extra penalties should apply.  I don’t really have a problem adding extra sentences for illegal, Hispanic aliens who kill Muslim Americans.  But it’s the notion that one life is more important than another that just strikes me the wrong way.  If the Anti-Defamation were serious, they would support tighter enforcement of immigration from violence-prone regions.  They do not.  Thus, we understand their pronouncements are just political.

Very sad. Nothing good happens at 4AM. The type of rage this guy had, he was probably on some drug? Shocked an adult or two wasn’t with the teenagers when they went off to get food at that time of day, just for safety issues.

I don’t know FredSanford.  I think being some big guy’s personal hand puppet for 50 years to life isn’t bad either.

Daily mail & Daily caller reporting that he is here illegally.

“Multiple media outlets are reporting the killer, 22-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres, was living in the country illegally.”.....thank you Obama for opening the door to these thugs and making our neighborhoods less safe…I remember Obama bringing in this element by the trainload….thank you President Trump for trying to correct the wrongs of the liberals…

Death Row is the only justice for that dirt bag.

LoudounIndependent, Loudoun courts haven’t sentenced anyone to death since 1943.

Jeanne T - According to other reports I’ve read, it sounds like they were exchanging words, this guy got out of his car and the kids scattered.  She was the only one not to regroup, so it is assumed that is when he grabbed her.

bet he got some kind of legal status.  loudoun should get the trial as he is more likely to get the deth sentence.  henious crime and he would be no loss to society.

FTA:  “According to Fairfax County Police, an investigation determined she was walking with friends and got into a dispute with a man driving a car, who exited his vehicle and assaulted the victim. Multiple sources have said the attacker wielded a baseball bat.”

So did she get separated from her friends before this happened? This was a vicious attack. It sounds like the perpetrator was out looking for trouble. My condolences to this young woman’s family.

Sterling and Herndon are now basically El Salvador North.

Duncan - The initial disappearance occurred in FFX and the body was recovered in LC.  It is unclear at this point as to where the murder occurred.  Therefore it defaults to the initial reported jurisdiction.

I read these commments expecting to see someone jump to conclusions with a xenophobic comment. Sadly, I was not disappointed. Some of us here believe that people are only guilty if that’s proven and generalizing from how someone looks or what their last name might be to proof of guilt or guilt by association does additional harm to our society – beyond the horrific act itself.

@Duncan - From what I understand, the initial contact occured on or near Dranesville Road, which is in Fairfax County. ADAMS straddles the border of Ffx and Loudoun counties; it’s a good thing for the two departments to be cooperating with this.

Welcome to Central America.  Thanks Obama.

Not to jump to any conclusions, but simply looking at that guy’s mugshot…does anyone think he ISN’T guilty?

That blank “screw you” expression is not a great look right after you’ve been charged with murder.

Sad to hear about this, not far from my home. Wondering if she and her friends knew this guy.

Also, if this all took place in Loudoun, why are Fairfax police involved?

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