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Rep. Comstock introduces legislation to combat gang activity in northern Virginia

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R) has introduced legislation to establish a grant program that will provide resources to state and local entities working to curb the rise in gang activity in Northern Virginia.

There has been a marked rise in transnational gang activity in Northern Virginia from gangs such as MS-13. Since November, at least eight murders have been committed and tied to MS-13 and other gangs, representing a 166 percent increase over last year, according to Comstock's office.

The act, H.R. 3249 -- the Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act -- authorizes $70 million annually for fiscal 2018 through fiscal 2020.

Twenty percent of the $70 million would go directly to already-established gang task forces, like the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force.

Jay Lanham, executive director of the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force, commented on the proposal.

“Criminal gangs pose a serious threat to our communities and financial support is immediately needed to address their illegal activities," Lanham said in a prepared statement. "In order to continue to proactively address the mobile and changing nature of gang violence and crime, the Task Force and its member jurisdictions urgently need this funding to address the violent street gangs that are present in the Northern Virginia Region through suppression, intervention and prevention efforts.”

Comstock said the new grant program authorization act would help steer federal funding toward front-line regional gang task forces like the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force so they can continue working to remove MS-13 and other gang members off the streets.

“Recently, I went on a ride-along with the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force where I saw firsthand the MS-13 gang problem in our community. In just one night, the Task Force removed four suspected MS-13 gang members off the streets. There is an estimated 4,000 gang members from MS-13 and other gangs in the Northern Virginia region,” Comstock said.


Isn’t the sheriff paid to deal with gangsters already. How is she to pay for this after spending all the money on dopers and human traffickers. Is she going to raise taxes, find tax savings to pay for these political football talking points?

Serious question and not political - I continuously here about MS13 and “OTHER GANGS”.  Who are these other gangs?

cowbell, after the murder in Lansdowne in 2009 by known gang members, it became public that it’s not a crime to belong to these gangs.  I say why?

They have passed laws to record who is a member of the gangs so that when they do commit crimes, additional sentences can be imposed.  However, until they commit an actual crime, belonging to MS-13 or 18th St is not a crime.  It is a crime to belong to Al Quaeda.  What’s the difference?  Both are terrorist groups.  But the state legislators won’t change the laws on the books.  Delegate Tag Greason and others just sit on their hands.  The real answer is for our state lawmakers to change the laws and allow the sheriff to proactively put these folks in jail.

Note that at public hearings, law enforcement noted they were aware of gang members in our schools.  Let me repeat that.  We have known gang members in schools but law enforcement is not allowed to put them in jail.  But nobody forces the state representatives to be accountable for their inaction and indifference.

Why does congress or any politician need to write a bill about known gangs? If the police can’t handle, call in National Guard…. If law enforcement is understaffed, why? 4000 known, just pick them up. Oh, that’s right, don’t know where they live…..Then how do you know there are 4000? made up number to make it seem worse.

I can tell you one person who cares about what I think pacer. After I pointed out Phyllis Randall lied about encouraging folks to come out to discuss supervisor pay raises, she creates a post on her Facebook page within mere hours of my remark. I don’t think many people care what I say but your Indivsible “leader” Randall sure does.

For the record, note that pacer doesn’t deny he and the Indivisbles are counting on Dreamers for future Democrat votes. That is what leads a POTUS to accepting 100k’s of 16/17-yr-olds on the border as “refugees” without any background check. But hey, it’s not their kids who will be murdered by the MS-13 gangsters.

Former Rep. Frank Wolf poured millions poured into anti-gang programs that suppressed MS-13 a decade ago.

Rep. Barbara Comstock literally did nothing after she replaced him. Check her record at congress.gov and you will see.  MS-13 has resurged.

Comstock is now trying to cover up with some federal grant money because there is an election in 2018.

She dropped the ball. Can she recover her own fumble?

Maybe we need to start someone who takes better care of the ball?

I love when a person posts that another person should stop posting.  Why do you think we care what you think pacerguy00.

SGP, what compels someone like you to think people care about what you think? The audacity to assume that any needs to hear your nonsense thoughts is baffling.

Future Democrat voters? Indivisibles? What are you talking about dude? Please, i beg you, put down the computer. Clearly you’re a living example of how too much internet rots your brains.

Can’t wait till all the anti-Comstock activists complain that she is removing Dreamers (aka future Democrat voters) from the area. Let’s here it “Indivisibles”.

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