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UPDATE: Rep. Comstock remains opposed to Obamacare repeal bill

Update: May 5, 8:45 a.m.

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock was one of 20 House Republicans to oppose the American Health Care Act Thursday.

Comstock had indicated on Wednesday she would not support the measure. The second-term congresswoman issued the following statement after the bill passed 217-213-1 with no Democratic support.

“Healthcare is a very personal life and death issue," said the congresswoman. "My goals on healthcare reform are to provide patient-centered reforms that provide better access to high quality, affordable care and covers preexisting conditions without lifetime limits.  I did not support the AHCA today because the many uncertainties in achieving those goals.  As the process moves forward I hope that we can continue to work together to fix our broken healthcare system. We have seen over the past year more bad news of skyrocketing premiums, rising deductibles, and fewer choices for millions of American families. The status quo is unsustainable and we need to find real solutions for the American people.”   

Read more from the Associated Press.

Original story: May 3, 9:49 p.m.

Republican Congresswoman Barbara Comstock remains opposed to her party's most recent efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

With news quickly spreading Wednesday night that the House will take up the latest Obamacare repeal effort on Thursday, Comstock spokesman Jeff Marschner said the congresswoman remains a no vote against the replacement proposal.

“Her position has not changed from before, she is a no,” Marschner said.

In March, as the previous repeal measure backed by President Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was being considered, Comstock was one of a few Republicans from moderate districts who said she intended to vote no.

“While this bill addressed important principles like covering pre-existing conditions and not having lifetime limits imposed on the sick, and reducing costs and increasing choices for many working families, the uncertainties in the current version of the bill caused me not to be able to support it today,” Comstock said at the time.

That bill never made it to the floor for a vote, dealing a blow to Trump and Ryan in the third month of the new administration.

The looming vote was sparked by an amendment that would provide $8 billion over five years to help people with pre-existing conditions afford premiums in states that are granted a waiver from Obamacare protections, according to The Hill.

The House vote is expected to come down to the wire.


She didn’t vote for a bill that would cut millions off from healthcare so that the rich can get a tax cut…and the right wingers on this comment thread are complaining! 

Tells you what they value, doesn’t it?

Comstock is just another slippery political operative with no courage who loves to pose for photos and kiss babies.

I swallowed my pride and voted for Comstock the last 2 times. To learn that she was one of the 22 to vote against the Obamacare Replacement makes me sick. I cannot bring myself to vote for a Demo Rat so I will just not vote. We need to really get her sorry behind out of the Republican Party. And to think that I voted for her protege, Frank Wolf for 30 years sickens me.

Her positioning with the Freedom Caucus tells me she thinks this Obama Care Lite from Republicans is still a problem. The plan was to repeal it, not replace it. I think she is sticking to the reason I voted for her…removing Obama Care first.

So in her confused mind, what we have in place(ACA) is better. She reminds me of her predecessor who did nothing for 30+ years except collect a nice paycheck/benefits/pension. I can Northern va isn’t represented well, again…...

Comstock is a do nothing and a total zero.  what has she done to make the bill better? Nothing, where are her amendments to the plan to make it better, no where…all talk, no action, and very weak representation for us in the 10th.  ABC - Anyone But Comstock…

Congratulations to Rep Comstock her courage to take on a principled stand on healthcare to take care of the needs of those who cannot afford to pay for healthcare, and to oppose giving a break to the rich. It is not a matter of being a Republican or Democrat. It is about being American and caring for the people of this country. This horrible bill takes care of the rich people by giving them a break and increasing the cost of healthcare for those who cannot afford it.

So many silly comments - no wonder we ended up with Comstock! Dems are not going to vote for her no matter what she does not do, how she chooses to not lead in anything or do anything of substance to help her constituents such as return Dulles Airport parking lot land back to Virginia or provide Loudoun some well deserved federal relief for the traffic caused by interstate demand on the roads!
Bob O__ Esq.

As I eat crow.. Thank you Ms Comstock for voting NO.. Today, you were a leader representing your District’s expectations.


I wish I’d have known she wouldn’t support OUR PRESIDENT when I voted for her. Hopefully a Republican with guts will run against her for a chance to represent us. If not I won’t vote in ‘18 .

She needs to be voted out. She’s a coward. She didn’t vote for it because she terrified of all the Dems in her district. It’s all about keeping hr cushy job. I won’t vote for her again.

Wouldn’t it be great if Rep. Comstock actually realized what Trump and Ryan’s mission is (and goals are), and decided for the good of the country she needs to switch parties?

I have it on good authority that she is planning a webcast to campaign against this bill.

She’s opposed to it because she’s in a democratic district and terrified she will lose her seat.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Representative Comstock got out there and campaigned against this horrible bill? 

Don’t hold your breath.

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