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Republicans blast Democratic candidate’s ‘sexist’ comment directed at Rep. Comstock

Virginia Republicans are condemning a social media comment from 10th Congressional District Democrat Michael Pomerleano directed at Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R).

Pomerleano is among a slate of northern Virginia Democrats vying for his party's nomination for next year's midterm election.

On a Facebook post that features Congresswoman Comstock visiting a cattle farm in Aldie on Friday, Pomerleano commented: “Which one is Comstock and who is the bovine?”

Republicans quickly panned Pomerleano and his remark, calling him a “disgrace” and his comment sexist.

“Pomerleano has taken politics to a new low,” said Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck. “For the second time in four years, a Virginia Democrat has made a sexist insult against Barbara Comstock, and no Democrat elected officials or candidates have denounced him. Mr. Pomerleano should apologize to our Congresswoman and drop out of the race.”

“Really sad that politics is sinking so low,” said Loudoun County Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run).

A screenshot of Michael Pomerleano's comment on Congresswoman Barbara Comstock's Facebook page.

Pomerleano told the Times-Mirror his comment was “a joke” and “nothing more.” He did not directly answer whether he would apologize to Comstock.

“I joke the same way about myself,” Pomerleano said. “My website has a picture of me with a donkey that says, 'Michael is on left.'”

Whitbeck, in his statement, was referencing a comment from 2014 10th District Democratic nominee John Foust, who said the congresswoman has never had a “real job.” The statement dogged the Democrat's campaign for weeks if not months.

Pomerleano also repeated the "real job" suggestion in a Twitter exchange with Whitbeck.

“She didn't have a real job and she still doesn't,” Pomerleano wrote. “She was always a political grifter – it's true.”

Comstock secured a second term in 2016 by six percentage points over LuAnn Bennett. Virginia's 10th Congressional District, which has not been represented by a Democrat since 1980, is becoming increasingly competitive due to cultural and demographic shifts.

Pomerleano, a Chantilly economist, is one of eight Democrats campaigning for his party's nomination for the 2018 contest. Other Dems include State Sen. Jennifer Wexton, former Obama administration official Lindsey Davis Stover, Army veteran Dan Helmer, ex-Fairfax teacher's union official Kimberly Adams, Loudoun educator and entrepreneur Deep Sran, retired Naval intelligence officer David Hanson and former State Department official Alison Kiehl Friedman.

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lol, Mr. Osborn, thank you for at least denouncing the misogyny of the D candidate (when strongly pressed).

The rules are not my rules, they are progressive Democrat rules.  I am demanding they be enforced equally (or bug off).  Not holding my breath, though.

If you do not want to be accused of hypocrisy, perhaps you shouldn’t play by those rules?

have a nice day.

Here’s the thing Barbara. I don’t have to follow your rules. Or “Democrat” rules. Or any Party rules. I like to think for myself.

What THIS candidate implied about THIS candidate was stupid. But in the grand scheme of things John Witbeck and the RPV has said and done, pretty meh.

You can suggest that I’m a hypocrite when you find evidence that I’ve behaved similarly. Until then, I’ll whatabout whatever I’d like.

Only Democrats are permitted to engage in and approve of name calling. I can’t believe there people who still don’t know this.

This is the liberal way. It’s okay with them because they are liberals. It’s not okay if a republican says it. With all the hate and violence we see on tv…it’s not from republicans. The liberal media pushes their agenda and the sheep follow. Nothing new to see here. Just another liberal bigot running his mouth.

again, Mr. Osborn, by the rules established by Democrats, no whataboutism.  What THIS candidate did to THIS woman is wrong.

We are constantly told that Democrats are better, more moral, non -ist or -phobic paragons of what lesser being should ascribe to be.

Prove it.

Live up to your own rules.

Call him out for his misogyny and declare it to be beneath anyone who seeks to hold the mantle of your party, or, by your own rules, you and every other Democrat who does not denounce it then wholeheartedly supports misogyny.

I didn’t make the rules.  Just expecting them to be equally enforced.

Or they aren’t rules.

In which case, the next time I’m called a nazi for not demanding the removal of memorials to confederate war dead, or some other demand that otherizes me as a member of an out-group by association, as previously stated, bug off.

“Pomerleano has taken politics to a new low,” said Republican Party of Virginia Chairman and maker of anti-Semitic jokes John Whitbeck, literally just weeks after the RVP shared on social a completely fictional story about Rosa Parks’ daughter praising Trump, AND then attacked Northam on social media for being anti-slavery (??). And just a few months removed from the latest attacks by yer president on the physical appearance of his female opponents, and the wives of his male opponents.

Sure buddy.

Did Barbera condemn herself for having a planted and scripted caller on her tele-town hall meetings, taking away valuable time from constituents who had real questions for her? (a trick she learned from her dear friend Sean Hannity).  The planted caller was the first to ask a question on the second tele-town hall.  Hundred of questions from constituents were not answered by Congresswoman Comstock, but at least they took care of at least one question her office wrote.

Some want to say Trump is irrelevant to this discussion.  In the most narrow sense, it is true…he didn’t help this guy come up with the bovine comment.  In the larger sense, it is certainly worth speculating that his coarsening of the public debate has provided an environment where some think this sort of thing is the new normal.

Pomerleano’s comment says much more about his worthiness for office than it does Ms. Comstock. 

Let’s try to keep our focus on what politicians are doing and less on what they’re saying…

@ Dr Michael Palermo, Why would any republican hold a town hall? All of you Soros paid agitators will show up with your pre made signs and shout down the representative and no one will get a word in. We know your agenda. why show up for that? Also Barbara Comstock is a lovely woman and I’d be happy to defend her honor against the likes of you any day.

To summarize the brilliant comments supporting the candidate who called a potential competitor a bovine on social media:
I don’t like her work so it’s okay.
Trump is more rude so it’s okay.
And by the way, he’s telling his lawyer on you.
I need nothing more than to read the mess posted here by the candidate himself to know we deserve better.

Why in the world would someone vote for Pomerleano?  I have less concern about his stupid comment than the idea that:
- he feels a representative MUST hold a town hall meeting.  Personally I feel those accomplish nothing and are a true waste of time. 
- He wants to understand how she can vote 91.1% in support of Trump.  Really, if he can’t figure that out than perhaps he shouldn’t be running for office.
- He is raging about disrespect of “voters”. It seems that he is really just scorned because she won’t respond to him. 
As a registered democrat, I can assure you he will not be getting my vote because of his unprofessional manner.

I don’t approve. BUT, Republicans have no issue with all the nastiness Trump spews but now bovine comment is a horrendous outrage. I like Comstock so find this somewhat offensive, but not a huge outrage for false news lovers.

BTW LTM what is Chantilly economist?

Dr. Mike - Please stop inserting your foot in your mouth. What do any of your arguments have to do with what you called her?

The fact this Pomerleano guy feels he has to respond to anonymous comments here indicates he’s not ready to be in Congress.  That’s where the long knives really come at you, sir.

didn’t see anyone howling about this in 2016 -

luann bennett’s fb page still has picture of her cute dog with a t-shirt that says bennett & caption “Harry Truman Bennett wishes all canines in Virginia’s 10th District (and their families!) a Happy #NationalDogDay!”

with sexist comment underneath made by a female comstock supporter - “Great picture of LuAnn Bennett!” 
screenshots live forever

Equity, agree with you that we may need some new parties, but re “groper in chief”?

Um, under the rules of Democrat-cy, no whataboutism allowed, right?

Let’s stick to Dr. P and HIS misogyny.

Dr. P, how long have you been a democrat?

Where were you in 2012, when people like the inestimable Lena Dunham, a supposed Voice of a Generation, was urging me not to vote FOR body parts, but WITH my “lady parts”?  (I always wondered whether that meant I was supposed to request a paper ballot, and then bleed on it?  Ah well, then I could have sold it as performance art, right?  sheesh)

Yes, it is nuts, and anyone who practices identity politics along those lines is a bit nutty too.

Keep up the good work, though—doubling down on misogyny, passing it off as a “joke”, threatening legal action on a newspaper for reporting it, and calling me names for mocking it, that ought to get you beaucoup votes!  You go, Doc!

(sarcasm alert)

this political correctness is NUTS. 1. It was not meant to be sexist. I used the same bovine definition for Sam Clovis, that equally offends me.  Trump nominated a climate denier as USDA chief scientist — here’s ...
Salon-Aug 28, 2017
In all the Donald Trump-created chaos, it might seem a little odd at first ... Sam Clovis, Trump’s pick to be the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s chief scientist. .... right-winger in this office, but the decision to back an anti-science ..

2. and a second point, the fact that I am supposed to tread lightly around Comstock because she is a woman, is more sexist than my comment. In fact, it says vote for certain people because they have certain body parts. NUTS

look at # of likes on his fb page; he’s outta there ! 
NO less disrespectful than groper in chief is - both just misogynists & not good@ “something more than shrieky slogans” - maybe they can create a new political party instead of infesting Ds & Rs

all I see is someone from the party so opposed to misogyny that we were supposed to vote for Mrs. Clinton simply because she had lady parts (itself demeaning and noninclusive toward women who do not have vaginas, under the rules set by the same party), making an overtly misogynist “joke” and expecting to get a pass.
You all made the rules, and if they really are rules, they apply to you too.
If they are NOT rules, then bug off with the one-way enforcement.
(and yes to the poster pointing out the stupid virtue-signaling of the demands for an “anti Nazi” pledge—of course 99+% of people do not support Nazis. Get a life.  Or better yet, a platform that is something more than shrieky slogans)

Give me a break.  The comment is a non-issue.  Pomerleano’s “demands” (sign a pledge every time some crazy group does something stupid) are silly.  And Whitbeck and Meyer have no principles at all, only opportunism.

We still have:

  - entitlements that are going to bankrupt us. The D wants to expand them while the R refused to support any legislation that could have reined in the runaway subsidies that are Obamacare.

  - $T’s offshore that is penalized because of a tax-happy D party.  Why hasn’t a tax holiday (say 5% on return) been enacted so that money can be re-invested here.  BTW, no other country penalizes overseas earnings like the US.

  - a military that has been woefully underfunded for at least 8 years.  About 2/3 of the Navy’s F-18’s are not in ready status because of such underfunding and the latest headline is that our HF communications are not ready for battle (apparently GPS is easily jammed and would be useless in Eastern Europe).

The real question is not whether Loudoun is going to elect a disciple/follower of the ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi or a wishy-washy R who seeks maximum pork.  It’s can we get a candidate who supports free market economics and less regulation.  And no, Ron Meyer cannot be that guy given his hero of lore supported a “national bank” and high “protective tariffs”. 

She won’t respond to our question about the Potomac River bridge in eastern Loudoun or it could be the kids working in the Sterling office that don’t follow up on constituent questions?

OMG, Republicans saying he took it to a “new low”.  Are you kidding me?  The hypocrisy meter is off the charts.  Republicans keep saying deplorable things all the time.  Wait 12 hours and you’ll have a deplorable POTUS tweet as confirmation.  This is too rich.

I’d like to say I’m surprised, but after all his wildly inappropriate attacks on Indivisible activists, Democratic House of Delegates candidates, and Dem committee leaders, it was only a matter of time before Pomerleano said something wildly inappropriate about a Republican :-)

Probably because the GOP doesn’t have anything to say about her pathetic record….ABC - Anyone But Comstock…cant wait to vote for whoever ends up running against her…

Dr. Pomerleano, you cannot have it both ways. We live in the ultra sensitive PC world that your party has created, so you can’t go around, call people derogatory names and wash it off by saying it is “a joke”. That used to work, but you all started this ball rolling and you have to deal with it.
Frankly, why would Comstock have to sign a pledge condemning nazis? EVERYONE condemns them. Stop trying to convince people that half of the population walking around are nazis or KKK supporters. The people that marched at Charlottesville represent about .5% of the population and are considered a joke by everyone who reads or hears about them. If the counter protesters in Charlottesville had just ignored them, nothing would have happened- those nazis would have crawled back under their rocks, but it started when someone on the “peaceful” side threw urine at them and escalated the situation. The President says both sides were to blame and he was correct, but of course that wasn’t good enough for your side and now we all have to sign a pledge or buy a t-shirt that says we hate nazis.

Sorry, but this was pretty funny.  But the best was the statement by Loudoun County Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad (another sexist word) Run) “Really sad that politics is sinking so low.”  Ron, have you lived in a cave for the last 50 years?

Sadly is a 1/2 baked story.,
Let me ask you.
- Is it appropriate to ignore and offend constituents, like me, by
refusing to hold a town hall in 970 days in Congress and preventing us
from asking questions? NO.  I want to understand how she can vote
91.1% of the time with Trump and condone his actions.
- I am raging mad at this dismissive attitude to the obligations of a
Congressperson and disrespect for voters.
- Do I think that it is appropriate political dialogue for Comstock to
ignore constituents request for a meeting, and instead travel the
entire world , to see the pyramids, the pope etc. YES.
- Is it appropriate to refuse to reply to my email not to take a
position on the neo-nazis in Charlottesville and refuse sign a
pledge condemning them
-  Finally, the comment was a joke-  I joke the same way about myself.
My website has a picture of me with
a donkey that says ” Michael is on left”. Nothing more. If you or the
Republicans want to make it a fuss, do it.
However, I would expect that if you write a piece, you include my
reply ” verbatum” in it’s entirety and don’t pick and choose. I cc my
lawyer, Mark Snyder, just to make sure that we understand each other.


Dr. Michael Pomerleano

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