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Richmond man to serve 10 years for brutal attack on woman in Ashburn pub

Paradise Carter

A Richmond man was sentenced Nov. 30 to 10 years in prison on charges stemming from a 2011 attack in Ashburn where he brutally assaulted a patron at Finnegan’s Pub.

In addition to 10 years in prison, Loudoun County Judge Burke F. McCahill sentenced Paradise Ron Boy Bryan Carter, 38, to 10 years of suspended time in prison, which can be revoked should he violate the terms of his supervised probation upon his release.

Virginia is a no parole state, meaning Carter must serve at least 85 percent of his sentence.

Carter was charged Dec. 26, 2011, with assaulting a woman who took exception with statements he made, according to reports from the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office.

During the incident, Carter punched the victim in the face causing her to fall backward, hit her head on the bar and fall to the floor. Carter then jumped on the victim and began to strangle her despite her lying unconscious on the ground. Bar staff and other patrons physically removed Carter from the victim to prevent further injury.

The victim suffered multiple contusions, lacerations and a fractured orbital bone. She continues to deal with severe chronic migraines and partial vision loss. Carter was further ordered to pay restitution in excess of $16,000 to the victim for medical expenses. The total amount of her medical bills was in excess of $47,000, however, the balance was forgiven by the hospital.

According to the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, Carter’s criminal history dates back to 1993 when, at age 19, and a member of the criminal street gang “Asian Gangster Disciples,” he was prosecuted in Arlington County for 10 felonies resulting in convictions for: two counts of malicious wounding, three counts each of robbery, abduction and burglary and one count of use of a firearm in commission of a felony.

Carter was sentenced to serve 17 years and was ultimately released at age 33. He also had significant contacts with the court system as a juvenile.



Charged with 4 charges that can carry a life sentence, plus the others that would add up to about another 120 years and spends a whopping 14 years in prison. Is it any wonder why recidivism is such a problem. Throw away the key.

And the reps get bent when felons aren’t allowed to own guns

And the dems get bent when felons are not allowed to vote.

In jail until Age 33, out for 5 years, back in until age 48.  A real piece of work. A lifetime spent in jail. What a waste. Maybe he’ll get some of his medicine in prison.

This pos should be the recipient of a lobotomy from Nurse Ratchet.  Only 10 years…So, when he’s 48 years old and out on the streets again, we’ll have to deal with him all over again.  I pray for the recovery of the victim.

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