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Romney: ‘We live for something bigger than ourselves’

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Mitt Romney waves to a crowd of about 7,000 supporters at a rally at Ida Lee Park in Leesburg Oct. 17.

As he plans to do with a white Palladian mansion in Washington, D.C. in January, Republican Mitt Romney took over Ida Lee Park in Leesburg Wednesday, telling a crowd estimated at 7,000 he’s the presidential candidate that will “get this country right again.”

“Twenty days, we have 20 days,” Romney shouted as a chilly fall night fell . “We have 20 days. We need to take back America – it’s up to you guys in Virginia, you can make the difference. You’re going to make the difference. We’re taking back America, we’re going to remain the powerhouse of the Earth.”

Republicans and Democrats alike have stated Virginia, and Northern Virginia specifically, may very well determine the winner of the 2012 election.

Fresh off his second debate Tuesday against President Barack Obama, Romney said he wished the president would talk about his own policies and plan rather than focusing on the Republicans’ proposal.

“I love these debates we’ve been having, you know that, those have been a lot of fun,” Romney said. “I think it’s interesting, with two presidential debates gone, the president still hasn’t found an agenda for a second term. We have an agenda for our term, and our agenda’s going to get this country working again.

“He seems to spend most of his time in these debates talking about why my plans aren’t going to work. I wish he’d spend a little more time explaining why his plans have not worked,” the former Massachusetts governor said.

Speaking for 22 minutes, Romney criticized Obama’s budget proposals, notably a cut to military spending, and his failure to push for immigration reform during his first year in office. The ailing national economy and a debate comment the president made – saying gas prices are high because the economy is stronger than it was when he took office – were also targets for Romney.

“The president’s policies are running on fumes. It’s time to finally get a president that’ll get this country working again,” Romney said.

If Obama is re-elected, Romney said the nation’s federal debt, currently tabbed at approximately $16 trillion, will hit $20 trillion. The “American dream” will be crushed,”he added.

The GOP candidate touched on his “five-point plan,” which includes utilizing and unleashing all of America’s energy sources; expanding trade; focusing on education and training skills; balancing the budget; and championing small business.

Romney said he doesn’t want to drastically transform America into “something we wouldn’t recognize.”

“I don’t want to make America like Europe … I want to restore to America the freedoms that drive our economy – our economy is driven by freedom, by personal freedom, by people pursuing their dreams.”

The American strength, Romney noted, can be seen through single moms who save up cash each day to feed their kids; by the dad who works two job to buy his son new clothes; by parents who won’t exchange gifts over the holidays so their children have a happy Christmas; and young men or women who put their careers aside to serve in the U.S. armed forces.

“This is the nature of our American spirit. We live for something bigger than ourselves,” Romney said.

On foreign policy, there are too many potential threats to the U.S. to reduce military spending, Romney believes. Whether it’s North Korea, the Middle East, Pakistan, North Africa, Romney doesn’t “think the world is a safe place,” he said.

The Democratic president hasn’t exactly hidden from his first-term record. Obama and his surrogates often note that the private sector has added jobs for more than 30 consecutive months. When speaking on the economy, spokesmen for the left are quick to remind voters the economy was losing approximately 700,000 jobs a month when Obama took office. In recent months, the U.S. economy has been adding around 100,000 jobs per month.

Obama often references ending the war in Iraq and killing Osama bin Laden as two important foreign policy and national security achievments, as well.

Late in his 2008 campaign, Obama himself addressed a crowd of more than 10,000 people at Ida Lee Park. Four years ago, the president was the first Democrat to win Virginia in 44 years.

Before the speech, Democrats held a small event outside the park to respond to the Romney campaign. Brian Moran, chairman of the Virginia Democratic Party, and Leesburg Town Council Member Kelly Burk spoke to reporters with a batch of high school students campaigning for Obama serving as the backdrop.

The Democrats said a Romney-Ryan administration would try to raise taxes on the middle class, turn Medicare into a voucher system and cut investments in education and services for veterans. It’s the Republican plan, an Obama spokesman said, that will raise taxes on the middle-class.

“Mitt Romney tried tonight to move on from his debate defeat by paying lip service to middle class families and small businesses,” Danny Kamer, an Obama campaign spokesman, said in a prepared statement. “But the problem for Romney is that he’s still selling them the same sketchy deal that he has been for months: $5 trillion in tax cuts skewed toward the wealthiest and $2 trillion in new military spending the Pentagon’s not asking for with no plan to pay for it without raising middle class taxes.”

Middle-class taxes and entitlements continue to be key focuses for both campaigns, with each claiming the other side will slash Medicare and raise taxes on the average American.

photoTimes-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny A crowd of about 7,000 supporters listen during a rally for Mitt Romney at Ida Lee Park in Leesburg Oct. 17.


Raise the voting age to 30. The reason all those people are at GMU is cause they do not know enough yet to vote sensibly.

It must have been easy to bus Romney fans in from Prince William and Winchester on Wednesday to Ida Lee.

10,000 at GMU on Friday for Obama - what say ye now? Gotta love real math.

“Won’t it be interesting to see how the right behaves after Obama wins the electoral college and Mitt racks up a slight win in the popular vote… “
This is the best sign that you’re off the mark, and that you have no clue what you speak of.
Romney is on target to win the Electoral vote count. Obama has the best chance of winning the popular vote. Even that comes to a screeching halt after Monday’s debate. The State Dept. communiques have come to light, and the Obama Administration doesn’t have the plausible deniability that it did yesterday. Romney is going to drive a Mack truck thru the holes in their stories after the timeline is put together.

“If Obama doesn’t have to collect a bunch of binders, why have women been earning less and holding down fewer jobs under his royal arrogance?  Time Obama took his chin down from the clouds and started digging in to help women.  Criticizing Romney will not help women put food on the table.  Neither will giving them free contraception.

“Obama speaks with a forked tongue.  I suppose that’s so he can dig it into the taxpayers’ pie and eat our lunch.  And as for
“Obama’s saying that he doesn’t “have to collect a bunch of binders,” then how does he plan to get them employed?  Whatever he is doing now isn’t working.  Throwing stones at Romney won’t feed the hungry.

“Rhetoric is not pizza.  Don’t fill us up with Obama’s speeches.  Feed our women.”

- David Lawrence

Has anyone noticed that all the W A R signs are white?

joe said it best, the middle class is being buried.

My wife and I voted for Obama in 2008 for change. he failed so we’re voting for Romney. Obama fails the leadership test because he consistently blames others. He had no clue what went down in Benghazi. It’s a shame because I really thought he was an outsider willing to change DC….

You guys accepted Obamas win in 2008? Really? I seem to remember his win giving rise to the “birther” movement, then there was his swearing in oath, tea party, etc.
Strange that we remember that so differently.

@spark, Obama is going to cut military big time. Last time I checked there are a lot of federal workers involved with the dept of defense. Looks like you lack common sense and logic in your choice for Obama….

mephisto, we will accept the result and not whine about it like the lefties did with Gore. It’s how the process is suppose to work, it’s the law, and we wll accept the law, unlike the lefties in 2000.

Well, Spark, at least you’re honest—and we finally get to the heart of the matter.  Just because a job exists doesn’t mean it should.  The waste and size of the federal government is appalling.  No, it won’t be easy for so many folks to lose their jobs.  I would eliminate the entire Department of Education for starters.  But if those employees truly provide value, they will find other jobs.  I remember when I was graduating from college and my mother telling me, “Get a job with the federal government.  You will always have job security.”  Even then as young as I was I remember thinking, “that’s not why our government exists—to provide me a job.”  Jobs should exist because there’s something that needs to be done—and a person willing to pay for it.  I challenge one person in the Dept. of Education to tell me why their job needs to be done… and why I should pay for it.

Won’t it be interesting to see how the right behaves after Obama wins the electoral college and Mitt racks up a slight win in the popular vote…

Jeanne T., what year do you and Romney think this is, 1960? Obama and his administration use computers. No one “collates” and files things in binders anymore.

And besides, you missed the point of the problem with that phrase anyway. Romney’s gaffe played right into the fears of many women, that in a Republican administration, they’ll be viewed as interchangeable, amorphous units, such as pieces of paper in a binder, rather than individuals.

You didnt comment on all the people doing great under Obama (like all of Northern Virginia).  And if companies do drop people from insurance, it will be cheaper to buy in the market bc of Obama.  Win!
Unemployment is lower than when he took office- you know when we were losing 700k a month bc of Bush.
I think the GOP people have to come back to reality, stop watching FOX, and see what the real world has to offer.  Yes, its tough, but Bush policies done by Romney wont change things for the better.
Romney says he will create 12 million jobs (the current projection under Obama policies) and yet Romney say Government doesnt create jobs.

At least we can trust Obama (when we arent obsessing about Obamaphones and Solyndra).

Obama needs to win just to break the fever of the GOP, maybe a beat down by Obama will bring them back to the center.

And those who think Romney is crushing Obama in the polls arent lookin at the states polling numbers where it matters.

Whether Obama wins the popular vote doesnt matter.  He just needs to win Ohio.

Don’t we just love tweeking conservatives (or are they moderates today)… Romney’s lack of a consistent record and fairness speaks for itself.  Gotta love his pronouncement on NFIB to employers about the legality of intimidating workers to vote for him.

I just love tweeking Liberals… Obama’s record speaks for itself. Higher unemployment, fed quantitative easing artificially pumping up market, today’s unemployment numbers up over last week, welfare spending up 32% in four years, Steve Winn (a Big Dem) telling Obama to not lecture him about business last week, yaddah yaddah yaddah. Just wait until your employers dump your healthcare, let’s see how “wonderful” life will be. 
BTW, @waya, I’m happy for you, seriously.  We used to be happy when people made money, now it’s treated as being evil.  Good for you.  But please don’t kid yourself that it’s due Obama’s policies.

Romney talks about war like he is going to the store.  I’ve had enough war.  No more of our youth coming home in boxes. No more spending trillions that needs to be spent HERE.  Israel has nukes and everyone knows it. Let them take care of themselves for a change!

Lots of Federal Workers in the area, self included.  There is no way I can vote for Romney - even if I wanted to.  He’s about downsizing.  And while people will whoop and holler about how great that is, and how good it looks on paper, the fact is, those job cuts could be your neighbors or they could be mine.  I can’t vote for a job-cut.  Would you ?

“Obamaphones?  What about Binders Full of Women - Women as objects, got an image of paper-dolls?”

How, exactly, did and does Obama decide who to appoint to over 3,000 non-career positions in his administration, including his senior positions?  How does his Office of Presidential Personnel recruit candidates?  How does it process and collate resumes and present options to the president for selecting candidates for top posts?

And if President Obama is not presented with a binder of qualified candidates, exactly how does he make his decisions?

Someone should wake up the Obama zombies, it’s not 2008 anymore….we’ve had 4 years of American decline under Obama…welfare up, unemployment up, gas prices up, food prices up, al-queda on the move, mideast burning, bows for all, fast and furious, cash for clunkers, stimulus, OBAMACARE taxes on the way to hit the middle class hard….yea, I can see why Obama numbers went from 15k to 3k in 4 years….

Look at the Demokrats harking about 2008 turn out for Obama, never mind it is 2012. They are still living in the past because they cannot accept the new reality that Obama is losing support in waves every day.

Obama won’t win Virginia or North Carolina in 2012. Any Democrat who wants to be in a state that supports Obama, I’d suggest they relocate to Maryland with the rest of the socialist. Plenty of new homes just across the river in Frederick County.

Town of Leesburg reports from Obama’s 2008 Ida Lee crowd estimated 15,000 to as many as 30,000. These still dwarf Mitt’s numbers of 6000.  GOP fuzzy math returns. . .

BTW - 2012 rallies limited numbers for all of Obama events because of the campaign concerns about security, purposefully selecting the smaller LCHS and Fairgrounds venues and providing limited time to access the tickets in person. The only buses were for shuttling people from the parking lot or for handicapped.  If you believe otherwise, you’ll believe any Faux Snooze talking point.

Obamaphones?  What about Binders Full of Women - Women as objects, got an image of paper-dolls?

Mendacious Mitt supposedly hasn’t even been active in the business world for years. He is only interested in resume-building or bullying his way to power.  He has been actively campaigning for President for at least 6 years and riding that sketchy back-and-forth between conservative and moderate, trying in desperation to convince people that he cares for anyone but his family and church. 

47%    ;-)

What’s the purpose of those stiff balloons in people’s hands anyway?

Obama better not be counting on Loudoun to win Virginia. Such a Romney turn out does not look good.

Who knew there were that many angry white people in Leesburg?

I hope each of them remembers to take down those gigantic Romney signs that are illegally polluting Loudoun vistas once this election is over. 

Not wanting to show they backed a loser in the election, I’m thinking they’ll come down pretty fast.

What is with all these women commenting? And what is with all the women in the photos accompanying this article? We’ll all supposed to be home, preparing delicious dinners for our men.

I suggest, if we truly support Mr. Romney, that we do what he requests. A little less commenting, a little more cooking!!

“Obama drew almost 10,000 to Ida Lee 4 years ago.”  That was 4 years ago.

Recently I asked a Democrat neighbor if she knew what type of government we have (she’s 70+, so she should have known the answer).  She answered, “A democracy.”  I replied, “We have a Constitutional Republic, not a pure democracy”.  She said, “I don’t believe that”.  I then asked her if she knew what is the supreme law of the land?  She answered, “The Judiciary”.  I said, “No, that’s a branch of the government.  The highest law of the land is the Constitution.”  She said, again, “I don’t believe that.”

Finally, I asked her if she knew who the Senate Majority Leader is.  She did not know, and I told her it is Harry Reid, a Democrat.  She replied, “I’ve never heard of him.”  She then walked away and said, “Well, I’m a Democrat”.

Obama drew less than 3,000 at a Loudoun HS a few weeks back….Romney gets 7-8,000 last night…you do the math, not a good sign for obama…

SWSWSW: I’m another who is definitely better off than four years ago.  Climbed into another tax bracket, more spending money. Enjoying life as a Democrat!

Vince in Leesburg

The exceptions not the norm? If you are better off today then in 2008 it is spite of Obamas policys. Prices for everything is much higher then it should be wages are lower, fewer people are working, 1.7 illegals are now elgible for employment in the USA, we have stirred up a hornets nest in Africa and the middle east with the Arab spring malarkey, AQ is going stronger then before, muslim brotherhoodsters are killing our people then we are being lied to about it the reason for political purposes. Threw the Hilary under the bus at least she has a pair Sad it is that this is Obamas legacy

“Obama drew almost 10,000 to Ida Lee 4 years ago. Romney…7,000.Oh, and I AM BETTER OFF.  Higher income, my house is worth more, my retirement accounts are better off, my stocks are higher. ”
You do realize that you live in a bubble known as the DC Metro area, that as a result of federal spending, won’t be affected by economic cycles, like the rest of the nation?? But I can see through the delusion, that you are only looking at for yourself…perfect microcosm of entitlement class the Democrats have built up.

Good for you who are thriving.  However, my middle class family is suffering under Obama.  Obamacare has caused my health insurance to skyrocket.  Gas costs more, heating my home costs more, everything is going up while Obama hands out Obamaphones like candy.  I can’t take another 4 years - so good for you who are thriving, but most of us are suffering and we can’t take anymore of his job-killing policies.

10k to 7k…. OBAMA IS THE VICTOR!!!!

And I will demonstrate how I am better off than 4 years ago.

I live in Norther Virginia.  I have been promoted twice.  I bought a house in Leesburg with a the housing credit help in 2009.  I have bought a car and welcomed my daughter to this world.  Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive.  No terrorist attacks on US soil.  30 months of job growth.  700k jobs losing when Obama took office.  100k a month at end of first term. 

Other than that, my life is AWFUL.  Darn Obama.

Thru this flip-floping, not going to be run by fact checkers debacle Romney and republicans are calling a campaign, his 47% comment made me think of the all the hypocrites in western Loudoun I see with Romney/Ryan, Allen, and Wolf signs.
Collecting land-use credits on their tax assessments for hay, wine, Christmas trees, sod, horses, goats, open space and other malarkey. 

If you can buy a 5 or more acre lot in Loudoun and build a house on it, you don’t need any assistance from the rest of us.  We don’t need any of it. 

Follow your own business philosophy’s: Let the free market decide what is successful and what the prices will be.

That land should be taxed like all of the rest of the lots and tax payers who are not scamming the local government and the rest of the tax base.  Oh, but this is the kind of tax policy you have stayed true to…“let everyone else pay for it, I am ENTITLED to all of the perks money in our government has brought the people like us”

Notice R’s examples of American strength -

“single moms who save up cash each day to feed their kids; by the dad who works two job to buy his son new clothes; by parents who won’t exchange gifts over the holidays so their children have a happy Christmas; and young men or women who put their careers aside to serve in the U.S. armed forces.”

None of which R knows anything about nor cares anything about.

As a result of the decisions made in 2008 under a Republican president, we bailed out banks and insurance companies and the economy took a dive. My 401k savings lost 50% of it’s value, the equity in my home dove by 40% and my company decided to (after being in business since 1917) lay off 20% of it’s staff. Then Obama took office in Jan 2009. Today—I sold my home in 3 days at its almost peak 2006 price, am making 30% more than I was then and my 401k has almost nearly recovered. We are out of Iraq as promised. We have the closest thing to health care reform that any president has ever been able to get, new homes are being built faster than you can put your socks on, and restaurants and movie theaters are jam packed with people spending money. YES I am better off today with Obama then I was with our last President!! The one thing that’s worse…. people don’t bother to get the facts, they live and vote by sound clips controlled by the media and like lemmings pass along inaccurate emails like spam. YES-I-AM-BETTER-OFF TODAY@OBAMA.com

Obama drew almost 10,000 to Ida Lee 4 years ago. Romney…7,000.
Oh, and I AM BETTER OFF.  Higher income, my house is worth more, my retirement accounts are better off, my stocks are higher. 

SWSWSW.. .two years ago, this single mother had $35 in the bank, a child in high school, and no job.  My son is now a sophomore in college, I have a decent job, and I close on a new home next week.  Yes, this woman IS better off, and it is thanks to policies instituted by Obama.  If Romney’s plan was in place, I would still be in that hole, my son would not be in college, nor would he have health insurance.  Yes, I want four more years!

I challenge anyone to demonstrate they are better off now than they were 4 years ago.  Obama has a failing record. Period.
It’s time to move Forward with Romney/Ryan.

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