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UPDATED: Bus driver in Route 15 crash charged

A school bus driver involved in a crash on the evening of Dec. 7 was charged with failure to yield the right of a way, a traffic violation.

Raina Hood, 33, was driving a bus carrying 41 high school students that turned onto Route 15 from Masons Lane and collided with a 1997 Ford F-250 truck going north.

Five Loudoun County students, the bus driver and one other adult were sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and have since been released, Mills said.

The remaining passengers were transported in a second bus.

Route 15 was closed for about two hours following the crash, and reopened at about 7:30 p.m. Dec. 7.


Thanks for the link, RH.  I’m a little surprised it’s estimated to a whole year to complete; perhaps there’s a fudge-factor built into that timeline.  One of the best things I read on there, is that there will be turn lanes installed on 15/King St.  That should knock down some of the back up that occurs on 15 now.

I never try to turn left onto southbound 15 there…I am amazed the school district allows their buses to do so.  All the buses should be using the traffic light at 15 and Evergreen instead of this crazy intersection.  If you don’t have folks speeding, folks turning toward Mason’s lane who use the shoulder as a right turn lane and in the process block the view of the left turning car of other cars continuing north on 15 or the folks heading south on 15 who randomly decide to stop at the intersection to let cars turn left out of that intersection on to southbound 15.  Word is that after the current widening of 15, Leesburg will start working on widening that section and there will be a signal there (of course, it’s Leesburg….we HAVE to have MORE traffic lights).  In the meantime, be careful people.

We need way more roundabouts in this area, and people need to learn how to properly use them. It is one of the few solutions to the traffic problem that is both cost effective, and efficient in terms of easing traffic. I personally love them. If you’re confused by how to properly use roundabouts, you should not have a drivers license.

Actually found something, looks like a light is going in.


Yes, in having to deal with that intersection on a daily basis it is horrible.  From what I can remember they are going to build a round about there, they are going to make Gleedsville go into Masons, then Masons feeds into the round about.  I personally hate the round abouts and think it will cause even more confusion and accidents.  Not sure when that is suppose to occur.

Does anyone know when this rotten intersection is going to be closed ? I know eventually, Masons Lane will no longer be accessible from Route 15 at that point.

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