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UPDATE: Route 9 crash in western Loudoun claims one life


A two-vehicle crash on Charles Town Pike (Route 9) near Hillsboro Tuesday claimed the life of a 49-year-old Gainesville woman, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

The crash was reported shortly after 12:30 p.m. in the area of Route 9 and Manor View Lane. The crash involved a 2009 Ford F250 and a 2003 Honda Civic. The driver of the Ford was taken to the Lansdowne Campus of Inova Loudoun Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the Honda, whose name has not been released, succumbed to her injuries at the scene.

Sheriff's office officials say a preliminary investigation has determined that, for unknown reasons, the driver of the Honda left the roadway before over-correcting into the path of the oncoming Ford.

Any witnesses to the crash who have not talked with law enforcement are asked to contact Investigator S. Allen of the LCSO Crash Reconstruction Unit at 703-737-8308.

Original story:

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office has confirmed a fatality in this afternoon's crash at Hillsboro Road and Route 9.

LCSO is not yet releasing information about the victim because next of kin has yet to be notified.

The two-vehicle crash shut down Route 9 around 12:41 p.m., and the county sent out an alert at 2:04 p.m. warning drivers the roadway would be closed for an extended period of time. Traffic is being diverted onto Cider Mill Road and Stony Point Road.

The LCSO investigation into what caused the crash is ongoing.


Won’t jump to conclusions here and may the family of this woman find closure during what is to be a difficult time.

The penalties for distracted and drunk driving need to be so much more severe.  There should not be any lenience for first time offenders, they should automatically have their license suspended for at least 5 years and have to complete annual training forever after to keep their license.  Driving is a privilege, not a right. 

Anyways, back to pointing fingers at VDOT and builders and all that.

I don’t know this stretch of road, but I do know Evergreen Mills and one of the problems their is that parts of the road are missing.  The edges are ragged and the full road is not present.  Therefore, if you aren’t familiar with the road and hit one of those areas you very well could think you are fine and within the boundaries of the road when you are suddenly pulled off into the ditch and a surprised driver could easily overcorrect.

Road improvements are not the solution. Putting cell phones down and keeping both hands on the steering wheel is. One day I recently observed just to see how bad it really is from the passenger seat 6 out of every 10 cars someone was using their phone.

Developers running wild in Loudoun, after having bought a board of supervisors.  Covering as much open land with particle-board/plastic sided ‘town homes’ and ‘town centers’, selling them & then moving on.

VDOT incapable of planning & building modern roads or limited access highways.  Instead doing one $20M overpass at a time.

Road funding for northern VA blocked by the state legislature.

Traffic & accidents are not unexpected….

Roads in Loudoun have always been undersized for the load. Developers build and the road improvements follow decades afterward, far too late. VDOT is incapable of planning for traffic. The failure to complete the Rt7/9 interchange project is a good example, eastbound is fixed but westbound is still only two lanes, resulting in massive jams every morning. The VDOT excuse is that they ran out of money.

The residents within the vicinity of Hillsboro prevented a Route 9 bypass from being established. WV built a nice highway all the way up to the VA line. The VA portion is obsolete. Loudoun has always been a barrier to transit infrastructure. A good example is Route 50, which drops from a 4 lane highway to a 2 lane rural road as soon as you cross from Clarke into Loudoun. Clarke has no problem controlling growth along 50. Why can’t Loudoun have rural 4 lane highways? Loudoun’s somewhat-highway eastern portion of 50 is being overdeveloped.

One can argue that there is no reason Loudoun should support better roads to WV. With living expenses going through the roof in Loudoun you will see more death as the undersized roads claim lives due to incompetent distracted drivers. There is no room for error on a rural road.

NIMBY = Death. The NIMBY’s will ultimately fail to contain growth. Might as well obtain drivable roads rather than getting completely ripped off!



Skyprince, you are absolutely correct with this statement “Most places, especially in the West, would not approve one shack unless the roads were in place.” We lived in rapidly growing Utah County, UT (south of Salt Lake) through 2014. Wide, multi-lane roads always went in ahead of housing developments - always!

Skyprince:  There are few homes out RT.9 in the Hillsboro area. This is all the West Virginia commuters not using RT340 to RT7 and instead jaming up a 2-lane road so they can save 20mins on their drive into Loudoun/Fairfax.

Put a tollbooth at the VA/WV line and keep raising the price until people start using RT.340 which can handle the traffic.

Another point for Rt 9 in the deadly race with Rt 15 and Evergreen Mills Rd.

We probably need another study….

we need to start knowing the “why” of each accident.  VDOT should be reporting this info to Loudoun Times-Mirror.

I don’t think the design of the roads are at fault; operator error is most likely the cause, and “distracted driving” the culprit.  Barring mechanical failure, the operator is ALWAYS responsible for the operation of the vehicle.

For example, the recent crash at Watson Rd/Evergreen Mills resulted in specific charges, BUT what caused the driver to “ignore” the stop sign? 

For all fatal accidents, if cel use or texting is involved, then criminal penalties should be doubled and licenses suspended for 20 yr min.


Shame on the BOS for constantly approving more houses in this corridor. Round Hill should never be supporting the number of houses out there which has made Route 7 dangerous too. Place blame where it is due…square on the BOS and the slimy developers. Look at what they did to Purcellville and now up 287 near Wheatland. You cannot just plop down houses in rural areas and expect the roads to handle it. No one else in the country does it backwards like VA. Most places, especially in the West, would not approve one shack unless the roads were in place. Here our lilly livered BOS bows to the NVBIA and developers like the scared chickens they are. Maybe they all work for Chik fil a?

Another fatality on a road long ignored for improvements.  This road is heavily used and needs to be widened substantially or replaced with a four lane route around these small towns.  Shame on VDOT and the County for ignoring this important artery.

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