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UPDATE: Route 9 westbound expected to be shut down until mid-afternoon Tuesday

Update: Route 9 has re-opened in both directions.


Original story:

Westbound Route 9 is expected to be shut down in the area of Sagle Road until approximately 3 p.m. due to a crash involving a pole, according to Loudoun County officials. Traffic is being diverted onto Route 671.

Traffic in both directions was shut down for a couple hours earlier Tuesday morning.

According to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, a driver left the roadway around 7:20 a.m. and struck a utility pole holding power lines to a residence. The lines were across the roadway.

The driver has non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to Jefferson Hospital in West Virginia.

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More Cowbell-

per your post “I’m sure person was traveling too fast and/or texting or on cell phone”.

Were you in the passenger seat to witness this? Were you driving behind this person to witness this? Why don’t you stick with the facts
rather than make up useless nonsense.

You propose a toll to commuters for a road they already pay through income taxes assuming they are VA residents? You should move to the other side of the river (MD) they have lots of tolls, and even a bag tax, and a rain tax.

They may have been texting, very true, but very reckless decision if so.  I doubt anyone who travels that road regularly takes their eyes off of it much, particularly in that stretch.

They may also have been trying to avoid someone else’s mistake, and that road leaves no room for much in the way of that.

25 and a toll?  yes, that will make as big a difference as the stoplight at Harper’s Ferry Rd did when various groups tried to sue West VA for improving rte 9 on their side (after which accidents decreased dramatically on the WV side of the line).

No, I don’t expect it will become 4 lanes;  I expect it will stay unsafe, and people will continue to blame victims and say “just don’t drive there!  problem solved!”

(I read somewhere that Hillsboro is discussing sidewalks, raised crosswalks and bike lanes?  If that comes to pass, maybe the poor benighted yokels who try to drive from where they can afford to live to where they work will get the message and just drive completely around Loudoun.
If they can afford the gas.  but, oh!  think of the environment, with all the extra vehicle miles!  Maybe they should just move to where they work!...back to square one.  Carry on.)

@Barbara, original story only mentioned crash involving a pole. I’m sure person was traveling too fast and/or texting or on cell phone. Blame the driver, not the road. They should make the speed limit 25 and add a toll, that will make all commuters happy. I don’t see that road ever becoming 4 lanes.

We should send them Poles back to Poland where they belong!!!!

Was the Pole a legal immigrant?

Chris McHale, you mean like some of the hikers at the top of that mountain?  I’ve seen people swerve into oncoming traffic when someone pops out of the brush on the Appalachian Trail and into the road.

Sagle is at the bottom of a very steep grade, that also has a curve—if someone was coming down the mountain fast, maybe they lost it, or overcorrected?  Maybe that forced someone headed up to run off the road?  The poles are right there, just like the trees, cowbell.

Like many other heavily travelled “roads”—this one an interstate commuter route—in Loudoun, 2 lanes, no shoulders, high speed limit, gullies and mature trees up to the edges.  Add in mountains and badly banked curves, I’m surprised it isn’t shut down more often than it already is.

‘What is texting and driving?’

Too bad for all the WV people transiting Loudoun….

Perhaps the pole did not look both ways before crossing.

A crash involving a pole…. Was the pole in the road?

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