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WITH VIDEO: Rubio hits the campaign trail for Gillespie

Sen. Marco Rubio (R) joins Ed Gillespie and Gillespie’s wife, Kathy, at a rally in Sterling. Times-Mirror/Chantalle Edmunds
Former presidential hopeful and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio led a rally in Sterling Monday supporting Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie.

The "get out the vote" rally drew Republican candidates from across northern Virginia.

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R), a strong Gillespie ally -- and also an early supporter of Rubio in 2016 -- said she couldn't wait “until we have the best governor on the east coast.”

“This is a good man. This is a family man. He came from working-class roots … he is passionate about the American dream,” Comstock added.

Gillespie started his speech by telling his supporters he truly appreciated them and that the governor's race “is the most important election in our lifetimes.”

“The stakes could not be higher,” he added. He went on to talk about the economic growth rate, citing the statistic that Virginia was 39th out of 50 states for economic growth last year, with a growth rate of 0.6 percent. “We should be first,” Gillespie said.

“There's nothing going to change unless we change it,” he added. “I will be a governor for all Virginians.”

John Adams, the Republican nominee for attorney general in Virginia, also spoke in the lead-up to Gillespie's remarks.

Gillespie introduced Rubio, the night's main speaker. But before the Florida senator could take the stage, a female protester interrupted. She took Gillespie's microphone and held up a sign with the words, “no more.”

Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman (R), also in attendance, escorted the protester off stage.

WATCH: A protester takes the stage around the 1:45 mark.

The woman was not the only protester. Others gathered outside in the build-up to the rally, carrying signs and chanting. They included members of CASA in Action, an organization that says it facilitates greater electoral and campaign engagement by Latinos and immigrants in Virginia.

“We are here fighting for basic human dignity,” said Luis Aguilar, community organizer for CASA in Action. “Ed Gillespie has produced a vicious and disgusting campaign using immigrants as scapegoats.”

Rubio, who won Loudoun County in the GOP primary last year, appeared unfazed by the protesters.

“It's great to be here for Ed Gillespie, who I've known for so long,” Rubio said. “I've been hearing your future governor speak … I started thinking about all the jobs he's going to steal from Florida, but I'm still going to help him.”

“This election is about you, and it's about future and your children's future,” Rubio said.

He added he was proud to be associated with the campaign because of the 20 policies on matters of taxes, public safety and workforce development Gillespie had put forward. Rubio said the core of the campaign is to keep Virginians safe.
Law enforcement and public safety has been a central theme of the gubernatorial campaign in recent weeks. Gillespie's campaign has released a controversial ad about illegal immigration and gangs, attempting to link Democratic candidate Ralph Northam to the MS-13 gang violence in northern Virginia.

Rubio went on to talk about how Gillespie was aiming to keep jobs in the state and the importance of creating new jobs that pay more and provide training in the right skills.

Rubio also spoke about his own Republican roots ,saying he became a Republican because of Ronald Reagan.

Rubio's endorsement comes hot off the back of Vice President Mike Pence's high-profile appearance alongside Gillespie earlier this month. It remains unknown whether Trump, who has endorsed Gillespie, will appear on the campaign trail in the commonwealth.

WATCH: Protesters march outside an Ed Gillespie campaign event featuring Sen. Marco Rubio (R).


Am I the only one who thought we were going to see a Gillespie/Rubio video instead of the protest garbage?

Lobbyist Ed and Little Marco together—what a cast of characters…

Northam refused to ask for the removal of the truck minority kid hate ad, no room for him in Governor’s mansion.

The LTM so happy to show the handful of protestors.  Wonder if they’re address the pickup Confederate flag racist ad.  Just awesome, LTM.

Keep increasing the lead, Ed!

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