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Sacked: After bankruptcy, Redskins-themed restaurant Hail & Hog closes for good

Facebook/Hail&Hog Kitchen and Tap
After filing for bankruptcy in January, the Washington Redskins-themed Hail & Hog Kitchen and Tap in One Loudoun has closed its doors.

A source at Hail & Hog confirmed the closure to the Times Mirror on Wednesday.

Hail & Hog launched in May 2016. The 12,000-square-foot, two-level restaurant included a radio and TV studio for Redskins broadcasts and a rooftop bar.

The bankruptcy filing was a result of unpaid contractor bills dating back to the restaurant’s construction, according to reports.

Houston-based operator G.R.E.A.T. Grille Group (G3), which owns Hail & Hog, also runs restaurants in several other states, including Ohio and Pittsburgh, along with sports-themed restaurants for the NFL's Colts and Texans.

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Leesburg appears to be populated solely by the people of Walmart.  We do everything in our power to avoid getting anywhere near this armpit of Loudoun. 

As for the Hog, who didn’t see this coming from the get go?

Apple Store

Everyone’s talking about “Downtown Frederick” like Leesburg doesn’t exist, lol.  Newsflash!  Leesburg also has historic buildings, restaurants, bars, shopping, museums, and local businesses. We have the Leesburg Diner, Palio, King Street Oyster Bar, Fireworks, Shoe’s C&C, The Protein Bar and The Wine Kitchen to name a few.  There is also a new Mexican restaurant coming to the 7 W. Market St. building which will have rooftop seating!

We have BREWERIES ya’ll: Black Hoof, Black Walnut, Crooked Run, Delirium!

We have a tattoo parlor, antique stores, a hobby shop, and a vintage record spot.  For all you history buffs I would recommend downloading the “Tour Leesburg” app and you can take a self-guided tour of Historic Leesburg!  (Frederick is pretty cool though, I’ll give you that.) 

“The steak at Eddie Merlot’s is not $100”

Well, Eddie’s Dry Aged Prime Tomahawk Ribeye is $99.95. And their prices are comparable to The Palm and DC Prime. The latter is excellent, by the way. Fantastic steaks. I’ll have to try Eddie’s and compare.

I think everyone agrees that a quaint downtown area with historic buildings and tons of character would be better than One Loudoun.  But you can’t just go and build something like that.  It usually happens organically over the course of several decades.

Comparing One Loudoun to downtown Frederick or Old Town Alexandria isn’t really fair.

I agree with the comment about Frederick, MD. That is really the epitome of what a small city downtown should be. Historic buildings, restaurants,bars, tons of shopping, museums, local businesses etc. They have a beautiful creek walk with restaurants alongside, concerts in the summer. Leesburg seems to be getting there, but something is just off about it. It’s not as bustling or vibrant, almost sleepy and the one museum is open 5 minutes a week. One Loudoun really is as another poster stated just like every other plaza in the US, and just like dozens of other plazas in nova. I’m interested to see how they design the Leegate development on the corner of battlefield and 7.

I agree with John M - If it has to be another chain restaurant (and it probably does) then a Jackson’s or Coastal Flats would be great. 

And One Loudoun was supposed to be an “urban environment”?  LOL…they nailed it.

‘hey let’s put a $17 jalapeño margarita on the menu.  That should bring in the crowds.’

Always hate to see stories like this when I think about folks losing their jobs.  But losing this place is in fact no loss.  How about a little retail over there and a reason to go to One Loudoun that doesn’t involve eating, drinking or seeing a movie.

AWFUL PLACE! menu was terrible! wait staff should wear Skins jerseys or waitress in cheerleader outfits, It looked more like the Saints colors on the bottom level of the restaurant,boring atomosphere. If i ran the restaurant it woukd be like this: fedex field shaped menus, padt and present players on the menu ex: riggins ribeye steak, Theismann’s leg of lamb, fun bunch trio platter, Cousins calamari, etc. Have the Skins Super bowls videos playing,paint the place burgundy and gold, have it where im walking thru a huge helmet in the entrance,etc.etc.

Nosurprise there…One Loudoun has no class or character. It just looks like all the other “shake and bake” shopping centers…boring…and looks just like every other place in the US. I would never go back to One Loudoun after one visit…to plastic and fake looking…yuck. Give me a good strong downtown…like Frederick…real places, not places where the paint is still wet when you sit down. Good riddance to another yuppie inspired place!

One Loudoun is a national treasure as a food court…as an urban environment, new city, whatever…not so much.  But paving the way for outdoor food courts…awesome

Not surprised…worse design of a bar by far. The TV’s were blocked by the annoying liquor bottles and the food menu must have been put together by a person that has no clue what should be served in a sports bar.

The steak at Eddie Merlot’s is not $100.  About half that and they are good.  They seem to be doing well. ????

Where’s John Taffer when you need him…

I’d like to see Jackson’s or another one of the Great American Restaurant franchises fill that spot. Coastal Flats would be nice too.

They should open a Popeyes Chicken there. I never go to One Loudon but would if Popeyes Chicken opened up.

With much less fan fair Famous Dave’s BBQ in Sterling closed last night for good.  That place was open for more than 20 years I believe.

“Lets hope it isn’t a restaurant with $100 steak.”

Too late, they already have one of those.

With this location being a prime spot in One Loudoun, it won’t be long until a new establishment shows up.

Lets hope it isn’t a restaurant with $100 steak.

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