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School Board adopts new alternative education policy

With a 7-2-0 vote, with Joseph Guzman (Sugarland Run) and Bob Ohneiser (Broad Run) opposed, the Loudoun County School Board adopted a new policy Tuesday night in compliance with state law to allow them to place a student who has committed an offense relating to Virginia law into an alternative education program.

Policy 8-40 allows the School Board to place a student who has committed a crime according to Subsection G of Section 16.1-260 of the Code of Virginia, into a “Alternative Education Program.

According to the drafted policy an “alternative education program” includes, but isn’t limited to, night school, adult education or any other education designed to offer instruction to students for whom the regular program of instruction may be inappropriate. A disciplinary assignment to the Substance Abuse Education Program or other short-term assignment is not a placement under this policy.

LCPS Deputy Superintendent Ned Waterhouse noted that in the past, alternative education programs were not used for violence or criminal offenses.

“We have not used the alternative education program in the past for discipline reasons other than the Substance Abuse Education Program, which is very narrowly defined and temporary,” Waterhouse said. “Historically, we have used two programs if we place students: one is ‘Young Adults,’ which is a co-administered program and we have paid tuition or paid support towards the EdAnywhere program.”

Such offenses include a firearm offense, homicide, felonious assault, association with drugs or controlled substances, criminal sexual assault, arson, burglary, robbery, street gang activity or mob violence.

The policy was drafted by the Board staff and discussed at great length by the Discipline Hearing Committee.

Chairman of the School Board John Stevens offered his opinion of the policy during the comment period.

“In reading over this policy, it seems to me that it is consistent with the need to offer education to students, with a presumption of innocence to students charged with a crime,” Stevens said. “But it also allows for the protection of the general population when there has been a crime of some kind.

“It certainly gives a lot of latitude, it puts an option before us and it gives us some procedures to follow that option and I think that’s a good thing,” Stevens said.


Though in the past the Loudoun Public School has placed many students at ED Anywhere, it appears that currently only a small handful of students are place at ED Anywhere.  ED Anywhere has done what some have said was short of a miracle.  Not only do they provide online middle school and high school education but also with one-to-one care have changed their lives.  They have provided expelled students with a chance to get an accredited high school diploma.  Last year when Loudoun County Public School

Who needs to look at the big picture?  Do you really think that someone who has committed one of the following:
“Such offenses include a firearm offense, homicide, felonious assault, association with drugs or controlled substances, criminal sexual assault, arson, burglary, robbery, street gang activity or mob violence.”
is going to care that you force them to go to some alternative education program?  Really?  No one learns a thing unless they choose to do so.  That isn’t going to happen here.  It’s back to the old “lead a horse to water” concept.

A great post electronics

Seriously? You think this is a punishment to taxpayers?? If anything, this will help the community to be safer because it gives kids who have committed a crime a place to BE during the day, and also provides them with an education so that they can one day also become an upstanding taxpayer. You need to take a step back and look at the big picture. The school system is FINALLY acknowledging that they need to educate kids, even those that have behavioral and criminal behaviors.

Castrate these savages rather than punish taxpayers

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