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School Board agrees to joint effort with BOS for safety grant

In an effort to make students safer when traveling to school everyday, the Loudoun County School Board passed a resolution Dec. 3 to provide funding and maintenance on nine different projects throughout the county.

The resolution is a joint effort between the School Board and Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

School Board Chairman Eric Hornberger explained why this resolution will be beneficial for both boards to support.

“The needed resolution of support needs to be done by both boards as part of and a condition of our application for a grant that will hopefully get a formal announcement by July of next year,” Hornberger said. “This is a formal grant application process for the federal safety program operated by VDOT that enables us to hopefully get 80 percent of the funding for hard construction projects to improve safer pathways to school – crosswalks, signalized crosswalks and things like that – to make existing walks safer for our students and or to enable us in the future to expand those walk zones.”

Nine projects will be funded to better keep students during their daily travels to and from school.

Four elementary schools would have new asphalt paths surrounding the respective schools. Mill Run will see improvements on the path along Ridgeway Drive, Newton-Lee will have a new path along Tall Pines Court and Sycolin Creek and Tolbert will have pathway improvements from the Red Ceder neighborhood and Potomac Station Drive respectively.

Blue Ridge and Mercer Middle Schools will have new asphalt paths along East A Street and and Destiny Drive respectively.

Broad Run High School will get two new flashing school zone signs and a signalized crosswalk.

Stone Bridge High will see improvements with a walking path from the neighborhood and a much needed signalized crosswalk along Hay Road.

There will also be a new asphalt pathway along River Creek Parkway.

“This is an opportunity for the School Board and the Board of Supervisors to obtain federally funded – funds are already available – support to help make routes to school safer and to enhance walkability of those routes.” Hornberger said. “It makes sense for both boards to be supporting this because it gives us the opportunity to get 80 percent to the support of these projects through another source outside of the Loudoun taxpayers.”


Whoops! The Loudoun Boards must have forgotten that the child who was struck by a vehicle this fall was leaving Belmont Ridge Middle School. There are a number of safety amendments needed on Upper Belmont Place to prevent more pedestrian accidents. Orm did you forget that a high school will be opening there shortly and that will generate even MORE vehicle usage?

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