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School Board member Turgeon to seek GOP nod for Loudoun County chairwoman

Facebook/Jill Turgeon, Virginia Education and Politics
Loudoun County School Board member Jill Turgeon will seek the Republican nomination for Loudoun County chairwoman in the 2019 elections, according to local Republicans.

Turgeon represents the western Loudoun-based Blue Ridge District on the School Board.

She'll likely have to defeat longtime Loudoun County Treasurer Roger Zurn to secure the GOP nomination. Zurn is widely expected to run for chairman, and several other local Republicans are also considering campaigns for chairman.

“Mrs. Turgeon is a reliable conservative, one who has worked tirelessly for all of our Republican candidates,” wrote Republican activist Jeanine Martin on her blog, The BullElephant.com.

First-term Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D), who will seek re-election, won her seat in a four-way race in 2015 with 37 percent of the vote. She defeated incumbent Scott York, who was running as an independent and claimed 30 percent; Charlie King, the Republican nominee who secured 29 percent of the vote; and independent Tom Bellanca, who took 3 percent.

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”...and several other local Republicans are also considering campaigns for chairman.”

Come on LTM, if you know them, name them. It’s all speculation at this point, but still interesting.

Roger Zurn has already spoken on the record about this, so his name doesn’t count. Although the smart money is on him, based on his name recognition, track record and ability to keep his foot out of his mouth.

Assuming that Zurn in fact runs for BOS chairman, the more interesting race could be that for the vacant treasurer’s job, which hasn’t seen a competitive battle in a while.

“People look in the mirror and think they are real.”

Lawman has an all-time great comment. Btw, remember when big-spending Billy Fox thought he could get the Republican nomination for Congress? Or win the seat for that matter?

This is what you get when you have Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. People look in the mirror and actually think they are real.

Is this a joke? She stated at one of the board meetings about how she was overwhelmed looking at the huge LCPS budget book (I will take that video and run ads on Facebook against her). The LCPS budget is small (in terms of line items and complexity since it is mostly salaries of a set number of teachers) compared to the county budget and debt instruments. Yet she wants to be chair? We have tried that experiment with Randall and it doesn’t work.

As to being a “conservative”, how can one who supported funding increases of 3x or 4x enrollment growth ever be considered a fiscally conservative politician? Anyone who thought Turgeon was notably unhelpful in restraining growth on the LCSB would have to oppose her on the BOS where the the checks are cut. Who knows, she may try to inflate the LCPS budget even more on the BOS. Her LCSB votes have been consistent with Randall, Umstaddt, and Raines who always sought to “fully fund” the budget that Turgeon PASSED!  That claim about her being conservative was made based on personal allegiance and not out of any type of objective behavior.

She is part of the swamp.

“Mrs. Turgeon is a reliable conservative, one who has worked tirelessly for all of our Republican candidates,”

Right. She seems to have a lot of free time to participate in photo ops with Black, LaRock and Comstock. But oddly, has never had the time to respond to any of my emails to her as her constituent.

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