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Updated: Vehicle involved in Leesburg school bus crash charged

photoTimes-Mirror Photo/Joey Darley A Loudoun County School bus was hit at 4 p.m. in Leesburg by a Ford Mustang on Plaza Street. The driver of the Mustang was airlifted to a local hospital, however no children were injured in the crash.

A Leesburg woman has been charged in a crash that occurred Jan. 29 involving a Loudoun County school bus.

At approximately 3:44 p.m., a school bus crashed into the driver’s side of Crystal Shield’s blue Ford Mustang.

According to sources on scene, the bus was one of two traveling east on Battlefield Parkway. As the first bus turned right on Plaza Street, the Mustang continued to turn out of Plaza Street and was hit by the second bus.

The Leesburg Police Department reported that neither the 33 children on the bus nor the bus driver were injured. Shields was airlifted to Fairfax Inova Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

After an investigation by the Leesburg Police Department’s Traffic Management Unit, Shield was charged with failure to lead the right of way. Her court date is set for March 11.


Spark - the 4-star side crash rating is for a Mustang vs. a car of a similar size —a Mustang and a school bus obviously does not match here

One thing we have learned is that size matters and Mustangs should not tangle with School Busses.

oranges869…the way I read this is that the Mustang turned out from Plaza onto Battlefield without clear view of traffic traveling east on Battlefield (the turning bus blocked his view of the second bus traveling straight on Battlefield).  Drivers need to wait to be sure the way is clear before proceeding—-driver of the Mustang did not wait.


You’re likely correct looking at the image it looks like a single impact as if the bus was going straight vs a side swipe if the bus involved was also turning right.

Spark and fedupdude—if you will look at the whole picture here you will most likely see the school buses were traveling in separate lanes. Meaning the bus that turned right off of Battlefield Parkway was in the right travel lane of Battlefield Parkway, there for the bus that was continuing straight was in the left lane of Battlefield Parkway.  The drive of the Mustang most likely did not see and/or was not paying attention and their view was most likely blocked from seeing the second bus because the first bus making the right turn(considering the size of a bus)and from the look of collision the driver of the Mustang proceed to make a left turn onto Battlefield Parkway which resulted the in the second bus “T-Boning” the Mustang clearly making the driver of the Mustang at fault for failing to yield the right away(fedupdude).  That would answer (Spark) your two questions first the first bus being right there and it clearly shows that the other bus was not traveling to close to the first bus and two if I’m not mistaken and please correct me if I’m wrong the speed limit is 45 on Battlefield Parkway, and vehicle of that size and weight can and will do some major damage and considering that the impact was done at the door which does not have the greatest support reinforcement it’s going to crumple like that. And no, I am not a school bus driver, just a driver on these roads.  Bottom line, driver’s in this area need to pay attention and be aware of your surrounds you are not the only person on the road. My wishes to the driver of the Mustang for speedy recovery.

Battle Field Parkway is 4 lanes and there is no light at Plaza street. It says the Mustang was turning left but it seems from the Plaza St side. If the Mustang went past the white line it could be at fault that line is set to give room to buses to make wide turns and you have to yield to the traffic even if turning right before you can turn left.

However was the car stopped behind the line the bus is at fault.

Without the details its impossible to say.

It’s impossible to tell for sure by looking at one photo, but how fast were the buses traveling?  The reason I ask is, the 2nd bus is not that far behind the front bus.  I have noticed, especially around schools, where buses seem to be traveling too close together.  While I’m not laying blame in this accident, it’s just something that I have witnessed.  Also, that Mustang has a 4-star side impact crash rating; since he/she was airlifted out, it makes me think this wasn’t a slow-speed crash.  Hope the driver is okay.

I certainly hope the driver of the Mustang will be ok and I’m relieved no one on the bus was injured.  BUT WE NEED A TRAFFIC LIGHT AT THIS INTERSECTION!!! There have been numerous accidents here and the majority of people speed on Battlefield Parkway.  We also need police to ticket the speeders!!! Getting out of my neighborhood and crossing Battlefield has been getting more and more dangerous.  Town of Leesburg - Please do something before someone gets killed!

Dittos, tcklocfour92 - well said.

It does appear that the Mustang was hit not the other way around.

I am glad no one was seriously injured.  But this comes to showed some people are in a hurry to get around one of the safest method of transportation a child (I consider Precious Cargo) on.  School buses are moving targets each day to commuters because we are big and do not move fast enough.  Sorry!  I have been driving a Loudoun County School bus for 17 years. Commuters in the area are getting worse and worse through the Leesburg area East.  I am now grateful to be driving in the West end of the county not to be dealing with the hustle and bustle.  If you do not like the Yellow School Bus, then apply, spend 4 weeks getting your CDL permit (if you pass) and the training involved.  Otherwise, be NICE to the yellow school buses.  Thanks!

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