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Schools return $9 million surplus to Loudoun County

The Loudoun County School Board voted to return $9,119,207 to the county at its Oct. 23 meeting after the following school construction projects finished under budget:

• Buffalo Trail Elementary School, $2,409,377
• Creighton’s Corner Elementary School, $69,960
• Stuart W. Weller Elementary School, $930,253
• Stone Hill Middle School, $4,984
• Sycolin Creek Elementary School and road improvements, $9,388
• Trailer relocation, $32,240
• Tuscarora High School, $1,260,469
• Woodgrove High School, $4,350,552
• Woodgrove High School road improvements, $51,974

The money comes from the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) between the School Board and the Board of Supervisors, meaning it cannot be spent by the School Board on other projects.

“This is bond money,” school board member Kevin Kuesters (Broad Run) said. “It’s restricted as to use.”

The money will have to be reapproved by the Board of Supervisors before being spent by the school system again.

The surplus was result of changes in real estate values and market fluctuations between the CIP’s approval and actual purchases and work, according to Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance E. Leigh Burden.

“There’s such a lengthy time period between the time we begin budgeting for a project . . . that the market conditions may be more favorable to us,” Burden said. “And when that happens you’ll see a surplus of a couple million dollars for a project.”


We here about wanting full day kindergarten yet our school are overcrowded as is so where are you going to put the extra pupils? Who is going to pay for doubling our children in kindergarten?

LoCo still doesn’t get it…..probably no use it trying to explain it again to them.  Anyway, it should be used to pay down debt.  And I also agree we should be glad that the projects were completed under the budgeted amount instead of coming up short.

I agree with you LoCo, Hatrick does scream loud when he doesn’t get his money. It gets old and wonder why LCPS wastes money sending out some marketing brochure to show we’re 2nd worst county to pay teachers or per pupil. Yet they never put in how well the kids are doing or all the scholarships they’ve received. Hopefully, this year will be different, but highly doubt it. by the way, all the smartboards are not needed in every classroom. During back to school, 3 out of 6 rooms I visited, the smart boards weren’t working.

Money is money whether or not it comes from the operating budget or the capital budget.  (Intersting that LoCo Schools don’t include interest expense in the operating budget…hmmmm..  I wonder why?) Any, yes that was hyperbole when I was referring to Dr. Hatrick’s howls around budget time every year.  Mark my words…his message is the same every year.  And every year, LoCo Schools do just fine!

Too bad it couldn’t be spent on other projects. It seems like we’re the only county around here without full day kindergarten.

pay off some of the County’s massive debt load…

If this is Bond Money, then maybe it should be used to Call in $9m worth of bonds and alleviate the tax burden on the public who has to pay the debt bill. Don’t spend that money when it is debt money that carries interest.

Wasting the money just to prevent uninformed comments like LoCo isn’t good for the taxpayers.  The school administration should get thanks for coming in under budget, not criticized.  (BTW, capital budget and operating budget are two different money pots that are not mingled so commentors shouldn’t pretend they are.)

Oh LoCo… If only your schools were fully funded…because you missed all of the important points of this story. 
This was construction money, that the citizens of Loudoun voted for in. 
This was not money in the school budget, that was approved by the school board or the board of supervisors.  But even if your mis-directed point on this blog was correct, you are talking about lest than 1% of the overall budget.

Or maybe he’s managed the projects responsibly?

What’s with the instant ‘blame Hatrick’ mentality?  I’m willing to bet you don’t go to school board meetings and participate in the process. I never heard him say that “all kids in LoCo would be stupid, they would all drop out of college, the teachers would al quit, we couldn’t hire another employee”.  Please do tell when he said that?

But Dr. Hatrick said last year (an the year before and the year before and the year before…) that if LoCo Shcools weren’t “fuly funded” that all the kids in LoCo would be stupid, they would all drop out of college, the teachers would all quit, we couldn’t hire another employee, etc. etc. etc.  Gee, may the sky ISN’T FALLING????

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