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Second Democrat wants to challenge Del. LaRock in 33rd House District

Mavis Taintor
A Waterford resident and long-time investment banker, Democrat Mavis Taintor, has announced her intent to challenge incumbent state Del. Dave LaRock (R) in the House of Delegates 33rd District.

Taintor’s run makes her the second Democrat in less than a month to announce plans to challenge Del. LaRock.

In February, Round Hill resident Tia Walbridge, a small business owner and farmer, said she plans to seek the Democratic nomination.

Taintor’s daughter Dorna announced her mother’s 33rd District campaign at a Loudoun County Democratic Committee meeting in western Loudoun Thursday night. The daughter also said she would also serve as Mavis Taintor's interim campaign manager.

“Mavis is not new to leadership. She understands big business and its effects on our communities and, I would say, she knows how to make a good deal that serves all parties, maximizing gain and minimizing pain,” Dorna Taintor said in a prepared statement.

Taintor’s daughter said they anticipate they can raise enough money to “make this a real race.”

Taintor spent 35 years in investment banking and worked for major companies, including Citibank, Salomon Smith Barney and JP Morgan. She was also the co-founder of a $4 billion asset management firm, Callidus Capital Management. For the past decade, the candidate and her family have owned and operated Bel Mont Farm, a horse farm in Waterford.

The Republican-leaning 33rd District covers western Loudoun County and portions of Frederick and Clarke counties. LaRock won his 2015 contest by 23 percent of the vote.

The local Democratic Committee’s Catoctin District Chair John Flannery told the Times-Mirror former LaRock challenger Mary Daniel has been advising Taintor. In 2013, LaRock defeated Daniel by nearly 10 percent of the vote.


“Waterford Virginia, the Whitest, upper class town in all of Northern Va. ...”

How do you square this bit of nonsense with the fact that the Waterford precinct went for Trump and in an election before that, Dick Black?

Hey Rude Loudoun ... can you read?  Try reading my post again.  I was referring to the 4th chapter of the book.  Look it up for yourself and read it ...if you can!

Warning:  It is some of the craziest, whacked out material I’ve ever seen in print!

I suppose one’s asking way to much of a Trumpeter to actually read a book before they pass judgment. Sad!!

Though hearing a google search referred to as a “nice bit of research”.... freakin’ priceless.

At the end of the day, one must try to enjoy the little things.

“It may come as a surprise to some that studying international political history does not mean one affiliates with a particular system.”

The issue with Ms. Taintor is not merely “studying” revolutions & communism, it involves her actually co-editing a book on revolutionary thinking ... Revolution & Political Change.
Chapter 4 of this book can found in pdf copy online. Much of Chapter 4 is centered around the teachings of a really strange man named J . Krishnamurti, an Indian spiritual philosopher, now deceased, who, during his life was

groomed to be the new “World Teacher” by a group called the Theosophy organization. 

This guy’s teachings are REALLY strange.  Does Ms. Taintor believe this stuff?  If not, why did she co-edit this book?

Waterford Virginia, the Whitest, upper class town in all of Northern Va. Another rich Elite trying to dictate to the throngs of us common people.

It may come as a surprise to some that studying international political history does not mean one affiliates with a particular system. Diplomats, intelligence officials, and military thinkers study the history of communist and other political movements. This level of academic accomplishment starkly contrasts with that of Dave LaRock, who did not graduate from his high school, or any college. This of course did not stop the state GOP from placing him on both the House education and science and technology committees, thereby demonstrating the importance they place on education and science in the Commonwealth.

LaRock must be doing a good job to have so many leftists coming out of the woodwork…

The Democrats rail against the 1% incessantly, but then find a 1%-er who has spend a lifetime helping the 0.1% get even wealthier.

There is no end to the hypocrisy.

When you get a PhD in Political Science, you tend to write dissertations that focus on politics.  This shouldn’t be that surprising.

Suspect Dave LaRock hasn’t written much of anything save base-energizing bills that never seem to make it out of committee.

She also signed a MoveOn.org petition about illegal immigrants. 
Pretty much all I need to know.

nice bit of research JLS

Is this the same Mavis B. Taintor whose thesis/dissertation was entitled “An Ecological Model of Peasant Revolutions: the Indonesian Communist Experience” and co-edited a book called “Revolution and Political Change”?

If so, it appears Ms. Taintor has a fascination with revolutions and possibly communism ... maybe she can tell us a little more about these writings.

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