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Sen. Dick Black rips ‘global warming theology’ and EPA’s ‘Bolshevik communists’

State Sen. Dick Black (R), left, and former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli spoke at an Americans for Prosperity rally at the Dulles Marriott Aug. 11. Facebook/Dick Black for State Senate
State Sen. Dick Black railed against the Environmental Protection Agency and “global warming theology” at an Americans for Prosperity grassroots event in Dulles earlier this week. Along with former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R), Black pilloried the EPA, likening its employees to “Bolshevik communists.”

“I’m going to tell you, the folks in the EPA -- and I hope I don’t offend anybody whose had association -- but I’m going to tell you they are as close to Bolshevik communists as anybody you will ever meet,” Black (R-13th) told a crowd of about 18 people. “They are extreme to the Nth degree.”

One of the most fervently conservative senators in Richmond, Black went on to label the EPA “corrupt” and “incompetent.”

The Tuesday night forum focused on EPA regulations and President Barack Obama's proposed Clean Power Plan. Announced earlier this month, the CPP aims to reduce carbon emissions by shutting down more than 60 power plants across the country and forcing states to cut their emissions over the next two decades. States must submit their plans by 2018, although several coal-heavy states and industries have pledged to fight the EPA strategy.

Americans for Prosperity, a political advocacy group backed by billionaire brothers and oil magnates Charles and David Koch, sharply opposes the plan.

Black and an Americans for Prosperity official pledged to fight the administration through state legislation in the General Assembly's 2016 session. While the new regulations may ever-so-minimally improve the environment, the economic cost and lost jobs will be devastating, they said.

Under the proposal, Black said, electric bills for individuals and businesses will go up 20 percent, while global temperatures will only be reduced by “two one-hundredths of one degree.”

“We're going to impose this massive increase for this minuscule, almost immeasurable difference in temperature,” Black said. " ... They say that they're going to stop the sea from rising one-one hundredth of an inch. That's the thickness of three sheets of paper."

Black believes the Clean Power Plan is part of a government scheme to send billions in taxpayer funds to "wind and solar scams" and "billionaire liberals."

The Loudoun-based senator and Cuccinelli mocked “global warming theology” and the CPP's aim, belittling widespread scientific consensus that Earth's climate system is warming and that man is likely contributing.

Black said global warming is “kind of hokey” and was “silly from the outset.” Global temperatures have not risen in the past 17 years, he said.

“I think God is just having fun with the globalists. He really is,” Black said. “For nine straight years we have not had a major hurricane strike the United States mainland.”

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Choose Black over the baby killers!

Vote. Please, people: vote. November 3rd.

18 the abortionists did not get.

I get the impression Black sits at home all day and does nothing but listens to conservative talk radio. 

Not much substance or cognitive thinking comes out of his mind.

cooch & black - sensational scare tactics

Given the fact that the EPA just caused an environmental catastrophe in Colorado and Mexico by poisoning a river with heavy metals, I am surprised to find people defending them.

We’re all still waiting for the Times-Mirror reporters to actually ask Jill McCabe a serious policy question, instead of just trying to sensationalize and demonize everything Senator Black says or does.

OMG, it is another immediate catastrophe. let’s raise taxes, scare the world and pander to those who will profit, which is no different from president to president. the left has been pandering to the end of civilization since I was in elementary school 40+ years ago and nothing has changed. I don’t buy into left or right rhetoric.

Why was this an article?

If Jill McCabe (Black’s opponent) spoke at a “rally” and denounced the NRA would it have made it to print?

This is one of many recent articles to sensationalize some conservative aspect.  I hope LTM does the same with the Left.  Given all the Planned Parenthood stuff, I would expect to see articles of Democrats saying how they fully embrace Planned Parenthood…but I haven’t.

How come nobody addressed Black’s point about the benefits of the regulations amounting to two one-hundredths of a degree and sea levels rising one-hundredth of an inch?  Is that worth the increased cost of energy for Americans?  Could those wasted dollars be used to save lives from cancer or heart disease research?  How are 0.02 and 0.01 going to help anyone?

For those discussing pollution in LA, CO2 is an odorless, colorless gas vital to life on earth.  While excess CO2 somewhat contributes to climate change the forecasted slope of the increase has already been halved and is continuing to plunge.  Both the “if” and the “how fast” are relevant when considering policy.  Many of the environmental laws are written with zero consideration of cost.  That is looney.  Money is fungible.  If money is saved in one area (energy), it can be used in others (medical research) to save lives.

I guess all you are big fans of Hillary Clinton who is onboard with a $100B/yr transfer to poor nations to combat climate change.  Where do you think that $100B/yr is going to come from?

Dick Black speaks at a rally(?) against the EPA…at a time when the EPA is taking it on the chin over the waste spill out west.  Gee Dick…exploit much?  18 people does not a rally make.  I’ve seen more folks in a drive-thru line.

“Bolshevik communists”? The EPA? This guy is off the rails. Just today the Post reports record amounts of seaweed piling up on the resort beaches of the Caribbean which scientists attribute to global warming.

Let’s get somebody in Richmond who knows a thing or two about science with more moderate views, Dr. Jill McCabe, a pediatrician.

This is not an extreme view.  This a mainstream Republican position.  Article in Huffington Post, 4000 people a day die in China from pollution.  I mean here you have hard working people with degrees and sophisticated computer models that show the impact of these pollutants and this piece of garbage, all because some friends of his might lose a dollar or two he is going to impinge hard working American’s concerns about other people’s public health as communist.  People need to wake up and think about think about voting for people like this.  There is no room, excuse or need for an elected public official to libel hard working tax paying Americans just because you don’t like the conclusion they reached on a serious public health matter.  if you disagree, you disagree.  If you think pollution control should be more market based and have cost benefit analysis and factor in job lose then say that.  All I can tell you is look at the LA Basin in the late 1960’s and 1970’s from an air pollution standpoint and look at it today.  Senator Black with his mentality would not have done anything, so could you imagine how it would look today, go to China and see.

“crowd of 18 people…”

That’s really funny.  And knowing Dick Black, I’m sure several in the audience were relatives. 

Who votes for these people?  That is what is really scary.

18 people - “kind of hokey” rally

Are they scientists? Wow… wow… wow… BTW Mr. Black, EPA was started by Republicans.  And you must have real issues with data driven information that today’s world is operating by. Climate Change is real and human activity is contributing to it making it worse than it would be.  And I bet you know it too but you rather deny it… unless you are from another world.

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