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Sen. Tim Kaine says Hillary Clinton is the underdog for 2016

Democrat Hillary Clinton headlined the Virginia Democrats Jefferson-Jackson event in Northern Virginia in June. Courtesy Photo/Facebook/Robert Pierce
Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia says Hillary Clinton is the underdog in the 2016 presidential contest.

Kaine, a former Democratic National Committee chairman who last year became one of Clinton's earliest high-profile supporters, made the comment Wednesday during an interview with the Times-Mirror.

“She's trying to do something that no one has ever done in the history of the United States, which is be a woman and be elected president,” Kaine said at his Senate office in Washington. “I don't care what the polls say, she is the underdog until the last vote is counted. Because if this had been easy to do, somebody would've done it.”

Kaine continued, “And I think she's very aware of it -- that no matter what the polls say, if you are trying to do something that no one has ever done, then by definition it's hard and you ought to consider yourself the underdog.”

Kaine's remarks may cause some head-scratching given Clinton's widely accepted front-runner status. The former secretary of state is several percentage points ahead of the top Republican contenders in virtually all mainstream polls.

The most recent polling average from Real Clear Politics.com of Democratic presidential contenders shows Clinton with a nearly 45-percent advantage over her closest challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Virginia's Jim Webb, whom Kaine succeeded in the Senate, is among several Democrats vying for the party's nomination. Webb garnered only 2 percent in the Real Clear Politics average.

Though Kaine is an unwavering Clinton ally, he spoke fondly of the Democrats challenging her.

“I think very highly of [former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Davenport Chafee], his public service record,” Kaine, who is also a former Virginia governor, said. “I love Jim Webb. Martin O'Malley is a dear friend. Bernie Sanders is my committee chair on the budget committee. These are all very serious public servants who have pretty extensive public service backgrounds. And I like the fact that none them are saying things that are alienating huge swaths of the American public, as you see with the [Republican] side.”

In recent weeks, the Sanders campaign has welcomed a robust, loyal following. The independent senator drew nearly 10,000 people at events in Maine and Wisconsin, the largest crowds in the early stage of election 2016.

Kaine acknowledged Sanders' upswing in Wednesday's interview, but said he's been pleased with the Clinton camp's roll-out.

“I think the way she's run the campaign – emphasizing the dialogue in the smaller settings – is exactly the right way for her to start the campaign,” Kaine said.

Kaine announced his support for Clinton in spring 2014 at a South Carolina Democrats event.

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Tim Kaine is quoted on the following “These are all very serious public servants who have pretty extensive public service backgrounds”. That’s like saying the Looney Tune Characters are serious actors that should be considered for the Academy Awards. Give me a break!!

She is soooo boring!!!!  Nothing new and fresh about Hillary.

Why isn’t Kaine talking about her successes?
Russia Reset – after which we lost pro-western gov’t of Georgia and Ukraine, Crimea annexed

Pulled out US troops from Iraq – gives us ISIS (the so-called JV team)




But then again, she’s racked up the most airline miles…

Someone tell Kaine that being a woman is not a qualification for the oval office. Anyone bringing up gender or voting for a person because of gender should be slapped. It silly to even consider it and I am not surprised that this comes from this horrible senator.

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