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Senate approves measure condemning white nationalists

The Senate has approved a resolution condemning white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other hate groups following a white-nationalist rally in Virginia that descended into deadly violence.

Democratic Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine of Virginia introduced the measure along with four colleagues from both parties. The resolution, approved unanimously Monday night, recognizes a woman who was killed Aug. 12 and 19 other people who were injured after a car allegedly driven by a neo-Nazi slammed into a crowd of demonstrators protesting the rally in Charlottesville.

The resolution describes Heather Heyer's death as a "domestic terrorist attack" and acknowledges two Virginia state troopers who died in a helicopter crash while monitoring the protests.

The resolution urges President Donald Trump and his administration to speak out against hate groups that espouse racism, extremism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and white supremacy. It also calls on the Justice Department and other federal agencies to "use all resources available" to improve data collection on hate crimes and "address the growing prevalence of those hate groups in the United States."

The joint resolution now goes to the House, where identical language has been introduced by Virginia Reps. Tom Garrett and Gerry Connolly with support from the entire Virginia House delegation. If adopted by both chambers, the resolution would go to the president.

Trump has been criticized for his response following the violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville over the city's planned removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. Trump asserted there were good people on "both sides" of the Charlottesville rally and bemoaned rising efforts to remove Confederate monuments as an attack on America's "history and culture."

The joint resolution is supported by a range of civil rights groups, including the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the Anti-Defamation League and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.


That does make me feel better, thanks.  There’s no sense in focusing on any one particular side until we can get everybody to agree on just one skin color.  Our church had a fundraiser for the KKK because we know that they are more of a benevolent group than the mainstream (FAKE!!!) media portrays them as and they need the help and support in their righteous ventures to make this country great again!  Hail!

Yes we do need unbiased truthful articles on blm, antifa, world workers party, etc. they are funded in part by George Soros and are bused in to otherwise peaceful, legal rallys to disrupt and create violence and chaos.

“Yeah, but what about [insert name of analagous left-wing group here]”?

Can anyone translate loudouncommonsense’s non sequitur diatribe below for me?  If I must ... I do drive a SUV, have a flag or three, always stand for the anthem, tell troops thank you for their service, respect police officers and the rule of law, would never fail to extend a hand to a person in need, value freedom, am fiercely politically independent, and most importantly, have accepted Jesus as my lord and savior. 

Is that what you were trolling for LCS?  I realize my values are looked down upon in your echo chambers, but yes, I am a proud American.  And to your insinuation ... I view others simply through the content of their character and race, ethnicity, sex, sexual preference, height, weight, and whatever else our “identity politicians” come up with these days NEVER enters the equation ... again, like 99.999% of this GREAT country’s citizens!

The senate has also spent time and expense on the following proclamation of equal importance, Water is still wet.

For ChocolateDinosaur -

Thomas Jefferson statue at U-Va. shrouded in black

With some sporting “Black Lives Matter” signs and many others chanting, the crowd cheered as three protesters climbed the Jefferson statue, adorning it with signs that dubbed the former president a “racist” and “rapist.”

While chanting mantras that have become routine in anti-racist protests, the common chant “No Trump, No KKK no fascist USA” was tweaked, swapping “fascist USA” with “racist UVa.”

Hey we need articles on BLM and antifa.  These groups justify my hatred of anybody from another country, or with another point of view, or with a different skin color, or is friends with any minority, or who shops at Aldi’s.  Please report on the liberal hate groups so that I can lay my racist and backwards head down peacefully at night.

“Our senator’s (sic) spent time condemning something so blatantly obvious to 99.999% of the country when time could have been spent on reducing my taxes?!”

OH…head hurts again….because I remember a time when folks like this commentator couldn’t fly the American flag enough to satisfy them.  If you didn’t have a flag on you car, didn’t have one flying on your home or 2 on your pickup truck, you weren’t a true American.

They never tired of having legislators et al spend gobs of time on patriotic displays, which yes, took time away from legislating.

Why didn’t the resolution have the anarcho-communist antifa and black lives matter groups included? They’re hate groups. Ol’Terry the Governor created the problem (or I should say directed it) to cause the mayhem in Charlottesville, despite what he says , I know several LEOs that were there and have said they were told to stand down which created the confrontations.
I don’t agree with most of the protesters there on either side, but they still have a right to free speech whether you like it or not. The debate over statues is just ginned up over a false narrative anyway, only 3% of the south owned slaves. The statues are dedicated to the 100,000s of C.S.A soldiers that fought and died in the civil war.
They were not traitors, they were fighting for the C.S.A., formed after secession. Like it or not it’s our history. We should honor our soldiers always.

There WERE good people on both sides, the happy darkies sang when they worked, and the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery and putting monuments in front of courthouses was only because that way everybody could enjoy them.

Our senator’s spent time condemning something so blatantly obvious to 99.999% of the country when time could have been spent on reducing my taxes?!

What next Warner and Kaine, a resolution condemning hurricanes or maybe cancer?!

So tired of all these $%#*ing politicians (I would throw all the parties into my basket of deplorables btw).

SRBX: Pleas, stop with the moral equivalence. It’s getting old.

So, you’re argument is there are good nazi skinheads. Sure, in a warped mind maybe.

This is all well and good, but where is the ‘outrage’ and ‘condemnation’ of the liberal half of this who chose to come in and make this more than what it was intended, also? While someone’s death may not be directly attributed to one of the liberal persons directly as it was for the conservatives, what about indirectly due to their gathering and their own violence that could have led to the deaths whereas otherwise that might not have happened. Yes, there were good people on both sides, but so were there not-good people on both sides. IMO, BOTH sides need to be condemned with outrage at the actions of those on each side that made this whole gathering to become not as intended.

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