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UPDATE: Ashburn woman dies after Friday night collision

Courtesy Photo/Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office
Update: Sept. 9, 9:17 a.m.

The victim in Friday night's collision has been identified as 39-year-old Erin T. Kaplan of Ashburn.

Around 4:50 p.m., the driver of a 2000 Thomas bus converted into a food truck was traveling east on Watson Road when they ran a stop sign and struck a 2014 Audi Station wagon traveling northbound on Evergreen Mills Road.

The driver of the bus and two juvenile passengers were taken to the StoneSprings Hospital Center emergency room for treatment of minor injuries. They have since been released.

Kaplan, the driver of the Audi, lost her life at the scene. Additionally, an adult passenger and three juvenile passengers were airlifted to Inova Fairfax Hospital. All four remain hospitalized, and one of the juveniles is in critical condition.

The crash remains under investigation and charges are pending after review by the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Update: Sept. 8, 10:38 p.m.

One person has died and several more are critically injured following the collision at Evergreen Mills road Friday. Four people were airlifted to a local trauma center with injuries, according to Loudoun County Fire and Rescue. A total of eight people were involved in the crash.

The name of the deceased has not been released.

Original story:

A section of Evergreen Mills Road and Watson Road remains closed following a severe car crash Friday.

At 4:50 p.m., according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, the driver of a food truck was traveling east on Watson Road when they struck a passenger vehicle traveling northbound on Evergreen Mills Road.

Eight people were involved in the crash and five people were trapped in a car, according to ABC 7 in Washington. Those who were trapped are now believed to be free.

The area remained an active crash investigation around 8 p.m. Sheriff's office officials details will be released as they become available.

There are believed to be several injuries.

Evergreen Mills Road will be closed between Black Branch Parkway and Red Cedar Drive for several hours. Watson Road is currently closed at Waxwing Drive. Motorists are advised to avoid the area or expect significant delays.


Very sad news.

Evergreen Mills Rd is an typical example of Loudoun development out of control with no consideration of road improvement.  Once a scenic rural road, Evergreen Mills is now the center of major development and home building, yet has had no safety improvements.  And it has just begun, and will get a lot worse as development in the area is just getting going.

Typical Loudoun planning - build like crazy - drive traffic way over road capacity - start minor band-aid road improvements years later.

Some areas of the country plan properly and make road improvements BEFORE allowing major development….

To quote Sheriff Chapman from the July 31 deaths:

Loudoun Sheriff Mike Chapman (R) said. “This is a notoriously tough road when it comes to weather conditions: the rain, the winding road and so forth. One lane each direction. So it’s not a great road to navigate in normal times, let alone during very bad weather.”

Evergreen Mills is dangerous, dangerous, dangerous and this intersection is the most dangerous of all as its mangled guardrails will attest to.

Just a few weeks ago 3 people lost their lives a mile north of this location and previously a young man lost his life about 500 ft north of this intersection.

1. People need to slow down.  VDOT needs to LOWER THE SPEED LIMIT from 55mph to 45.
2. LCSO needs to get serious about traffic enforcement.  I’m sure I’ll see a deputy for a day or two after this accident and then they will be gone.
3. This intersection needs to be completely replaced with urgency.

Once again, a major accident on Evergreen Mills. I reiterate once again. Evergreen Mills is Death Alley. Evergreen Mills is not a safe road. For those who don’t live on this road PLEASE do not drive on this road. Those of us who DO live on this road would like to stay as safe as possible. Watson Rd. is THE WORST road that turns into Evergreen Mills. I can easily see how this accident could have happened. Evergreen Mills is not marked for safety. A common country road, great when you only the hundred people who live on it drive on it, is not safe for the thousands of people who now use it as a cut through to get to other areas. I have never understood why trees and bushes are NOT cut back around roads that turn onto Evergreen. Evergreen is 55 and rightfully so for us who live on this two lane, winding road. Watson Road ends at Evergreen Mills. Evergreen comes up around a blind spot exactly at Watson Rd. The blind spot, like all the other blind spots on Evergreen, is filled with trees. One has to literally guess whether it is safe to turn onto Evergreen or not. One can not also see the traffic speeding down the hill on the opposite side. I have never understood why roads turning onto Evergreen have not been cleared of trees and foliage. I don’t understand why owners of properties are not required to keep trees and the like from growing in these areas. If the trees were cleared at this blind spot the accident very likely could be avoided. Thru traffic needs to either be stopped from entering Evergreen or the road needs to be widened and made safe for the thousands who are choosing to take this road anyhow. Please, please people- if you don’t know how to drive well on a windy two lane road DO NOT take this road. If you drive slow, pull over so others can pass behind you. Do not drive bicycles on this road. You are endangering the cars which are following traffic rules. And please drive safely on this road. I have to drive my children back and forth to their classes on this road every day. Please think of the families you will be affecting, including your own if you don’t use caution on this road. And to the county officials who are elected to keep people on this road safe- please do your job. Stop pretending this area is rural. I am living on “rural” land and I need my family to be safe on this road. I just wrote a few weeks ago when a woman and two children flipped over into the creek here on Evergreen. Is your conscience starting to speak to you?

This was just horrific. Prayers for all involved, including the first responders; three passengers in the car were juveniles.

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