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Sheriff’s candidate announces part of “Step Up” action plan

Loudoun County Sheriff’s candidate Mike Chapman on Jan. 17 laid out the first segment of his proposed action plan for the future of local law enforcement.

The “Step Up” action plan focuses on improved service, technology, efficiency and professionalism.

“It’s time for Loudoun to step up to the 21st century in law enforcement,” Chapman, a Republican, said in a statement.

The service portion of Chapman’s plan will follow the candidate’s listening tour.

Chapman said, if elected, he plans to get more citizens actively involved as the “eyes and ears of Loudoun County” by developing a community action program and assigning communities to grids. He also wants to allow residents to receive more focused text messages about crimes in their neighborhoods through the county alert system.

By targeting specific areas, Chapman said he believes he can reduce costs and improve services.


knowbeforeyouspeak-it sure is not tied into Loudoun Alerts, like it should be. I am talking about REAL TIME crime information should be pushed out to citizens for assistance. The current sheriff Homer Simpson is too busy with creeps like El-Atari to bring this issue forward. Actually he would have to show up at the LC budget meetings to speak and attempt to obtain funding.

Cop4Ever, the LCSO already has a system that alerts people to crime in their own neighborhoods…its called CrimeReports.com. I believe Leesburg Police uses the same thing.

hey Alby,if you know anything about advanced police technology you would know that the LCSO office is in the dark ages. You are right-not the 50’s, I would say the 70’s.They can’t even figure out a way to leverage loudoun alert to warn citizens of recent crimes in their neighborhoods. And the watch programs are a joke. As a former LE officer I offered to assist and lend expertise-I got the cold shoulder from the watch program and the LCS who was in attendance. How about some real outreach-and the most important quality Chapman brings-Integrity and Honesty-HE IS NOT AN IMMORAL, GREEDY,DICTATOR, PUPPET LIKE THE CURRENT SHERIFF-GIVE ALL THE MONEY BACK YOU RECEIVED FROM ALATARI-I am sure there is more to come regarding Alatari and the sheriff.

“service, technology, efficiency and professionalism.”

Sounds more like marketing spin to me. Technology? Really?  What, is the LCSO using motorola radios from the 1950s?  Professionalism? Cmon, I don’t see the LCSO hanging out at dunkin donuts pal’ing around.

Chapman is just trying to manufacture problems and then proclaim he’s our salvation.

Hmmm… A Community “Action” Program.  Sounds like a new name for an old idea called the Community Watch Program, which we ALREADY HAVE.  Assigning communities to grids… Something else already in place, currently called “sectors.”

Do you have anything new?

It looks like one of the candidates actually has a plan and some real good ideas. I checked Chapman’s webiste-wow-some very good credentials and ideas that are surely better than any candidate, including the current shady sheriff-GIVE THE MONEY TO CHARITY THAT YOU TOOK FROM THE CROOK ALATARI.

It will be nice to have a Sheriff who does not take large sums of money from persons later convicted of felonies.
Come on Sheriff, man up and donate it to a charitable organization

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