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Sheriffs’ group: Gov. McAuliffe canceled meeting over endorsements

The head of the Virginia Sheriffs' Association says Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe has canceled a meeting to talk about budget issues because a majority of sheriffs have endorsed the Republican candidate for governor.

VSA Executive Director John W. Jones told his group's members of the canceled meeting in a letter sent Friday, which McAuliffe spokesman Brian Coy declined to comment on.

Coy said the sheriffs' group is welcome to submit its budget concerns to the governor's office and noted that McAuliffe has been active in seeking pay increases for sheriff deputies.

A majority of sheriffs have endorsed Republican Ed Gillespie over Democrat Ralph Northam, an ally of the governor. McAuliffe is not allowed to seek a consecutive term.


Rude Loudoun proves we live in a constant “1984” state.

This article talks about how the Governor of Virginia only pretended to care about the concerns of sheriffs so Democrats could get their endorsement.  Once a majority of the sheriffs endorsed the other party, the Governor felt no need to continue the charade and told them to get bent.  This reminds of us of the tactics of Chris Christie in NJ in blocking rush hour lanes.

Yet a Democratic activist (Rude Loudoun) tells us it is the sheriffs that are “thin” skinned.  And dirk states that our sheriffs act too much like “politicians” while ignoring the fact that public servant groups from teacher unions to firefighters always issue endorsements.  As long as they campaign for Liberals, they are “sincere” and looking out for the “public good”.  If not, they are not worthy of a meeting with the Governor and are too political.

Can’t we just officially change the name of the blue party to Hypocrats right now?

Sad that we have to have politicians as sheriffs.

This fits into a pattern we’ve seen over the last couple of years. Police groups feel slighted by anyone attempting to hold these public servants accountable,  so they lash out at anyone who dares utter a phrase beyond “thank you for your service”.

Who knew Blue skin was so thin?

No Comment = “Yeah I/we did that.” 

Not a stellar move to try to win any of the Sheriffs over there Mr. Governor. Makes you sound like a second grader - “If you don’t play with my friend, I’m not going to play with you, and I won’t talk to you either. Nanny nanny boo boo.”

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