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Silver District West would add 3,700 residences across 160 acres near Dulles

Shot of a Silver District West zoning map amendment plan
Detroit-based investment company Soave Enterprises wants to rezone about 160 acres off the Dulles Greenway and Loudoun County Parkway to build a 3,700-unit mixed-use development known as Silver District West.

Marketing Director Kim Adams for the Brambleton Group, the local developer overseeing the project, told the Times-Mirror they hope the application will be approved by the summer.

The county is still reviewing the proposal, and county staff say the Silver District West application is tentatively scheduled for a Planning Commission meeting on July 25.

As of April the applicant has asked for 903,000 square feet of office, retail, restaurants a library and school. According to county documents, the application also includes a rezoning for a special exception to allow a convenience store with a gas station, a pharmacy drive-through, a dog park and a public school.

If approved, the development would include single-family attached and multifamily units and even some units with elevators.

Adams said the company began the application process in 2013 on one parcel of land, but later combined that parcel and another to its current proposal.


A key problem now is the that BoS has to find revenue to pay the BIG Metro bill.  Since housing in the Metro tax district pays a premium, you can bet that the BoS will be much more likely to approve housing from which they can extract additional funds to pay for their Metro mistake.

the problem with simply adding schools or transportation is not the initial cost.  It’s the staffing and ongoing costs of maintaining that’s the real burden (ref: Metro).  I don’t want developers to just build infrastructure; I want them to contribute to staffing and maintenance by requiring permanent HOA contributions to schools and transportation above and beyond regular taxes.

That is about 23 residences per acre, yikes!

pacerguy—Well, for openers if we didn’t have thousands of new kids pouring into developments because of Metro we wouldn’t need the new schools in the first place.  And, for all of the mass transit benefit we’re likely to get from having a train line out here, a fleet of shiny new buses would provide the same benefit at a fraction of the cost…and, without the massive maintenance bill we’ve just been handed.  Is that maintenance bill, accumulated over decades of mismanagement we had nothing to do with, ok with you?

So, now anyone who opposes Metro is labeled a troll…just like anyone who opposes Trump is labeled a liberal and anyone who opposes anyone is labeled something.  My opposition to Metro is based on fact, reason and analysis.  I could just as easily label you a developer mouthpiece shilling for a bunch of millionaires, but I won’t do that.

I will say this—if you held a referendum today, based on what we’ve learned, do you think Metro would pass?  C’mon, honest answer.  If the answer is yes, let’s have the vote and find out.  If it’s no, then you acknowledge you’re forcing something on the taxpayers and citizens of the county that we no longer want.

Hold the vote.


Anyone interested in buying a condo?

I’m starting to wonder what the saturation point of all this housing is.  There’s several other projects in the area which are also planning to build thousands of houses.  Is there really the demand for all of them?  Are there really that many people who want to move to the area and buy a place in one of these claustrophobic communities?  Are they going to overbuild this area and depress home values?

Phew…thank god the trolls are here to comment and save us from improving transit options and negotiating the construction of a school on a developers dime.

Where would LoCo be without ye mighty hero’s of the keyboard. You’re not the SJW this county needs, you’re what we deserve….

Bob, that would mean they have to do some real work…3700 would mean they need to build at least 1 HS, 2 MS and 3 ES. Just what Loudoun needs, another Pharmacy, convenience gas station, more empty office space…. In the end they will ask for double the residence. And our corrupt BOS will approve.

Buffacuse3, yep that’s the ticket.

The reporter should really mention Moorefield Station as a surrounding development comparison. It was the original Metro-focused rezoning project, going back now 12-15 years ago. A good chunk of the supporting, outlying and less dense residential has already been built(plus a proffered ES), but the dense mixed-use portion is not yet in place, and I/we can only assume it will occur (unless all these newer comparable projects push it out market-wise). Moorefield and Loudoun Station were the first TOD type projects envisioned. What is built at Loudoun Station is just the skeleton of what it will become. Rezoning approval becomes poker chips to these developers. It inflates the values of their properties, and changes the dynamics of an entire area relative to financing of other projects, which is largely speculative based on the perceived risk factor of loaning a project money. The banks/funds really control development.

HoneyCrispApples, I guess the BOS figures if they keep pumping more and more people into the area, the law of averages says SOMEONE will use Metro.

This is why we’ve been handed the Metro lemon—the developers who own Loudoun, Inc., bought all this property in anticipation of Metro and now they’re cashing in.  Our spineless BoS will support it to avoid being sued, and no one will say how high our taxes will go to pay for the decades of Metro neglect we’re now on the hook for…let alone the schools, services, secondary roads, and all the rest.


Why can’t Loudoun be like the “West?” There they don’t just cave to any developer who wants to plop down cheap houses just so they can make money. They revere their quality of life much more than the morons in Loudoun who just approve more and more houses. In the West, just because there is a housing demand doesn’t mean they feel compelled to supply housing. They appreciate what it means to not live in crowded suburbs, or exurbs just so another builder can reap profits. What is wrong with Loudoun? Why can’t the BOS year in and year out vote to allow more and more houses. 3700 here, 2500 there…who is going to educate all these kids? Where is the water coming from? Grow a set of cajones and say no for a change…

Well, that’ll certainly help traffic.

3700 units are going to pump out a good 6,000 kids over the coming years. Somebody better get those schools factored into the county budget now and not wait until it’s a last minute issue forcing a rezoning fight between neighborhoods.

Csn one of the BOS members please do a financial analysis of what the “REAL” school costs are over infinity for such a high density approval? Perhaps engage in the novel approach of doing an audit on one of the completed neighborhoods with a similar residential componentand see how many students were actually generated and what that costs (operating AND capital)!
Bob O__ Esq.

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