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Six Northern Va. Republicans file for nomination to replace Wolf

With the filing deadline now passed, six Republicans will vie for the nomination to replace Virginia's 10th Congressional District congressman, Frank Wolf, who is stepping down after more than three decades in Washington.

The six candidates, according to 10th Congressional District Republican Committee Chairman John Whitbeck, are state Del. Barbara Comstock, who is viewed as the frontrunner by many party officials; well-known veteran state Del. Bob Marshall; Stephen Hollingshead, a former advisor in the Bush administration and former chief operating officer for Americans for Prosperity; Marc Savitt, a mortgage broker and president of the National Association of Independent Housing Professionals ; Rob Wasinger, a former chief of staff for U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback; and Howie Lind, a former chairman of the 10th Congressional District GOP Committee.

"We are very excited about the quality of these candidates and feel like we are in an excellent position to hold the 10th District Congressional seat in November regardless of who the Democrats nominate,” Whitbeck said in a prepared statement.

The Republican nominee will be decided through a party canvass, also known as a firehouse primary, on April 26. The GOP will hold its voting at 10 different locations around the district. More details on the party canvass can be found at VaGOP10.com.

Seeking the Democratic nomination are Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust and attorney Richard Bolger, also of Fairfax. Democrats will hold a convention April 26 rather than a firehouse primary or state-run primary.

-Trevor Baratko


The main thing now is who supports limited government and cutting the federal budget. Rob Wasinger is a member of the Tea Party, he worked for Tea Party champion US Rep Bentivolio. Comstock worked for Wolf and lined her pockets as a DC lobbyist securing wasteful contracts. Bob Marshall is 71 years old, is a bit of a crackpot who’s missed over 1,000 votes in the past few years.

Plenty of fiscal conservative, 2A supporters do not care one bit about two men or two women getting married.  Enough already.  Stop losing elections because the party insiders bow to people who think this is a big issue and then moderates can’t stomach voting for a bigot.

The 10th district is too big and moderate to run someone like Bob Marshall.  Too many areas that went D in the last two elections.  With that said, without an extremist like Cuccinelli or Jackson on the ballot, maybe they wouldn’t have gone D.  Don’t make the choice easy with another religious culture warrior who turns people off.

And since Comstock is apparently the right person to attack the debt, I’m guessing she will condemn Frank Wolf’s decades of support for deficit spending?  How many of those years was she on staff?  You can’t vote for debt under Reagan and Bush I and II and then suddenly become a deficit hawk with Obama.  Smart voters won’t buy it.   

FredSanford - So you think the only “electable” Republican is Comstock, a former lobbyist who secured dubious federal contracts?

Comstock is the ticket to keeping the 10th Red. Homosexuality might be an issue, but it’s a minor issue that has about 0 legislation coming down from the Federal level. The homosexual culture war will be decided in the courts, not the House of Representatives. So unless Comstock is being nominated for the Supreme Court, who cares?  We need an electable Republican who will make sure Democrats stop spending America into bankruptcy. With a Debt to GDP at 100%, America needs China just to pay the bills. That problem needs to be fixed first, else we won’t have a country to fight over social issues in.

If Comstock openly admitted she supports same sex marriage, she’d never win the primary. So, she’s being less than honest.

Wasinger is a good candidate. He tells you where he stands and means what he says.

Mike Lee - It’s 2014 and who cares if someone is gay and wants to marry their partner. As a Republican, I don’t care about it. We will keep losing ground with the thought process you have.

Isn’t it fun to watch these people claw over one another trying to get that government job…so they can get a regular paycheck telling you how all our problems come from too much government. 

No crime to be irony-challenged I guess…

More then anything we need to win. That being said Bob Marshall would have a rough time against almost anyone the democrats ran if they had any experience but they don’t. Bob is the smartest candidate if you can overlook the burrs.

Barbara Comstock supports things most Republican women and men do not support, and she is not open or honest with voters. She supports homosexual marriage. She took $60k in campaign gifts from the homosexual lobby; in exchange, she voted for a homosexual marriage activist judge who is working to overturn traditional marriage in Virginia. She supports chemical abortion, in violation of Church teaching, then launched a website to tout her Church affiliation to get votes. She was a lobbyist who lined her pockets with wasteful contracts at taxpayer expense, according to congressional reports. She is running a deceitful campaign. More than anything, the people need honest candidates.

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