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Sketch released of man suspected to be robbing women in Sterling

The LCSO has released a sketch of a man suspected to be involved in four armed robberies.  —Photo courtesy LCSO
Detectives from the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office are on the lookout for a man believed to be involved in four armed robberies in Sterling.

The LCSO has released a composite sketch of the suspect, who is believed to have first struck in December and was most recently active on Valentine's Day. Thus far, the suspect has attacked only women, and in addition to taking their money, he is also forcing them to remove articles of clothing.

The most recent attack occurred at the Remington apartment complex on Stanford Square, near the Dulles Town Center mall. Deputies responded to a call from a woman who said she was walking to her apartment when she was approached by a man with a gun. The suspect demanded her wallet and instructed the victim to remove her jacket. She screamed, and the man fled the area.

The case is similar to one the previous week, on Feb. 9, when a woman was approached by a man near her apartment door in the same complex. In that incident, a ground and aerial search was conducted, but police were unable to locate a suspect.

The two incidents are possibly related to two earlier events. On Dec. 29, police responded to the 46500 block of Lynnhaven Square in Sterling at around 6 a.m. A woman was approached by a man who brandished a gun, demanded the woman drop several items and take off some clothing. Her purse was taken in the incident.

Shortly thereafter, police were called to the 10200 block of Mckean Court, where a man brandished a gun at a woman unloading groceries. When she screamed, the suspect fled.

The suspect is described to be a black man of medium complexion with a medium build. He's around 5'8" tall and is believed to be in his mid-to-late 20s. In the first two incidents, he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. He may be driving a small burgundy or red car.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is currently working with agencies in neighboring jurisdictions to determine if they had recent similar cases.

If you were a witness to any of these incidents and have not spoken to authorities, or if you have any information regarding the possible identity of the suspect, you are asked to immediately call the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office at 703-777-0475.


I have told the police the same thing lilly..I have seen this guy at the Cascades shopping center and the 7-11 across from Costco. He is very creepy..please call the police and tell them your thoughts as well. I was told to call 703-777-1021 if I see him again but do not approach him.

Have you shared your observation with the LCSO? They may be interested in your story . Please refer to the last paragraph of this article.

I was thinking they (meaning undercovers) may stake out that MCD and wait for this guy, and confront him.

Looks like the guy who hangs out at the McDonald’s,  20961 Southbank St,  Sterling, VA 20165 in the evening and stands at the right hand corner of the front counter, looking at people’s wallets when they order, and then asking for money. Catches people by surprise. He’s slick. Tall, thin, lighter skin black male, always with the dark hoodie on. He never takes the hood off inside. Dresses well, clean nice jeans and sneakers, not poor looking, hangs out with other young people, but always looking for a mark. I see him at it all he time. Creepy. The low brows do look accurate, but I think I’ve seen some thin wispy facial hair. No joke.

Maybe, if we are lucky, some armed female will smoke the Gortons Fisherman.

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